US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups

The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Thursday that one of the objectives of the US funded biological research laboratories in Ukraine was the development of bioweapons having the capability of targeting specific ethnic groups.

US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups

EXCLUSIVE: US Biolabs in Ukraine

“The available documents confirm numerous cases of the transfer of biological samples of Ukrainian citizens abroad. With a high degree of probability, we can say that one of the tasks of the United States and its allies is the creation of bioagents that can selectively affect various ethnic groups of the population”, said Igor Kirillov, the head of the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces.

Kirillov stated that 350 cryocontainers containing blood serum specimens were sent from Ukraine’s Ministry of Health’s Public Health Centre to a reference laboratory for infectious illnesses at Australia’s Doherty Institute under the guise of evaluating antibody titers.

The Russian Defense Ministry procured files affirming that high-risk biological study in Ukraine is being led by US experts. The records also revealed that the US Defense Department bankrolled biological research in Ukraine, according to Kirillov.

He further claimed that Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland “indirectly” acknowledged American engagement in Ukrainian biological research as she stated that Washington was anxious about Russian seizure of Ukrainian biolabs.

According to Kirillov, the biological research supported by the US in Ukraine comprised the programs “UP-2, UP-9, UP-10, aimed at studying the pathogens of anthrax and African swine fever.” The UP-4 project, for instance, is reported to have been under construction in labs across Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa until 2020.

US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups 1
Studying the spectrum of pathogens spread by bats
© Photo : Russian Defence Ministry

According to Kirillov, the Pentagon was likewise intrigued about insect vectors that might transmit severe infectious diseases.

“The analysis of the received materials confirms the fact that more than 140 containers with ectoparasites of bats – fleas and ticks – were transferred from the biological laboratory in Kharkov abroad”, he elaborated.

US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups 2
Peculiarities of conducting military-biological research
© Photo : Russian Defence Ministry

The majority of the research paperwork has been already removed from Ukraine by the Americans, according to Kirillov.

“According to the available information, the Americans have already managed to evacuate most of the documentation from the laboratories in Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa, including databases, biomaterials, and equipment to the Lvov Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene and to the American Consulate in Lvov. It is possible that part of the collection will be moved to Poland”, he said.

Furthermore, biological labs in Ukraine and Georgia are collaborating on a project employing bats as biological weapon carriers, according to Kirillov.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, had expressed similar worries. He stated that US-funded biological facilities in Ukraine were doing trials with bat coronavirus specimens and researching the possibility of pathogen spread via wild birds moving between Russia, Ukraine, and other nations in the region.

US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups 3
Study of the possibility of spreading especially dangerous pathogens through migratory birds
© Photo : Russian Defence Ministry

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, has rejected that the US is developing biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine.

“This is preposterous. It’s the kind of disinformation operation we’ve seen repeatedly from the Russians over the years in Ukraine and in other countries, which have been debunked, and an example of the types of false pretexts we have been warning the Russians would invent”, she said.

According to Psaki, the United States is in “full compliance” with its commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention, and it has no intentions to create or acquire such weaponry elsewhere in the world.

On the contrary, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised Ukraine to destroy ‘high-threat pathogens‘ in the country’s public health laboratories in order to prevent “any potential spills” that might infect the population during the Russian invasion – the pathogens that the US government officially denies exist in the labs.

A network comprised of some 30 bioweapons laboratories was formed in Ukraine, with the activities conducted in these labs being commissioned by the US Ministry of Defense, Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced.

Over the years, Russia has expressed alarm over US military-funded biowarfare labs in several of its neighboring countries. But since all of these cautions fell upon deaf ears, Russia is calling for a mandatory international treaty to ban bioweapons.

Sensitive biolabs documents deleted by US Embassy and published by GreatGameIndia expose that it was former US President Barack Obama himself who authorized the construction of biolabs in Ukraine for creating dangerous pathogens.

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  3. “”US Biolabs In Ukraine Created Bioweapons To Target Certain Ethnic Groups””

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  5. Most interesting development yet,…Seems the genomic-type K26R (supposedly of Ukrainian, Khazarian bloodline) is shown resistant to spike protein poisoning of mRNA yabs. If true, would mean precisely the claim that ethnic weapons are really purpose of mass-shooting of experimental cocktail (of widely varying compounds, strengths) and have little relation to building health. Finally, some attention being given to Rothschild and Ashkenazi ambitions tying finance, military, medico, gov’t, and criminal cartel designs behind current “masquerade” concealing selected ‘depopulation’ under climate/health hoax. Khazarian history is laden with strife-profit-deceit tracking to Venetian Black Nobility, Swiss gnomes, Milner, Rhodes, House, Warburgs, Central Banks – Basel international settlement bank. Soetoro (Barry) grew in household of mass-murderer who oversaw genocide for Freeport Mining, Irian Jayah, Indonesia. Book: The Jakarta Method outlines the standard color revolution of Dulles/Sullivan & Cromwell that marked CIA efforts then and now.


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