Pasta Inflation Crisis In Rome

Adolfo Urso, the minister for enterprise in Italy, presided over a meeting in Rome where a commission consisting of lawmakers, pasta producers, and consumer rights groups gathered to address the pasta inflation crisis in the city. Italy’s government convened crisis talks Thursday to investigate the reasons behind a surge in prices for

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Ancient Underwater Temple Found Off Coast Of Naples – Report

According to a report by Ancient Origins, an ancient underwater temple dedicated to the god Dushara has been found off the coast of Naples. It is believed to date back to a time when Nabataean people lived in the Phlegrean Peninsula. Archaeologists from two universities in Naples, Italy found the

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How They Smuggle Bangladeshis, Africans Into Italy

According to intelligence seen by MaltaToday, criminal groups are smuggling Bangladeshis and Africans into Italy, charging migrants €1,500 each for the transfer between Damascus in Syria and Benghazi in Libya. Flights operated by Syrian airline Cham Wings are used for this purpose.

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There's A World War Going On For Bread Says Italy

There’s A World War Going On For Bread Says Italy

Ukraine generates 15% of worldwide corn exports, half of global sunflower oil exports, and roughly 10% of global wheat exports, rendering it a key link in the global food chain. Considering the situation, there was no exaggeration when Italy said that there’s a world war going on for bread.

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