Emerald Green Venetian Canal Water Explained

The reason why the Venetian Canal water turned emerald green was discovered by environmental authorities after conducting tests. They found that the color was the result of Fluorescein, a non-toxic substance first invented by NASA.

The city’s famous canals were so jaw-droppingly green that they nearly resembled the Chicago River during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Authorities in Italy have officially narrowed down their investigation into why the canals in Italy turned green over the weekend.

The bright, emerald hue was first spotted on Sunday morning by the Rialto bridge before it began to spread, the Regional Agency for the Environment in Venice (ARPAV) said.

After environmental authorities conducted tests on the water they discovered its color was the result of Fluorescein, a non-toxic substance first invented by NASA, and most often used to test waterways. But it’s unclear to authorities how, or why, the tracer ended up in one of the world’s most famous waterway systems.

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The ARPAV has argued that due to the amount released, it was unlikely an accident. But whether the green canals were the result of a political act remains unknown.

Sebastian Strand, a marine biologist with the OneWhale organization, has said that the Russian “spy” whale, nicknamed Hvaldimir, has surfaced in Sweden at Hunnebostrand.

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