Ancient Underwater Temple Found Off Coast Of Naples – Report

According to a report by Ancient Origins, an ancient underwater temple dedicated to the god Dushara has been found off the coast of Naples. It is believed to date back to a time when Nabataean people lived in the Phlegrean Peninsula.

Archaeologists from two universities in Naples, Italy found the remains of an ancient temple submerged in the western Mediterranean for 2,000 years, according to Ancient Origins.

The Nabatean temple was dedicated to the god Dushara and is believed to date back to a time when Nabataean people lived in the Phlegrean Peninsula.

The temple’s link to the Nabateans was confirmed by the discovery of two Roman marble altars that suggest the temple was built during a time when the Nabateans were living under the Roman Empire’s control. 

The discovery represents evidence of the Nabataean presence in the area, revealing the richness and vastness of commercial, cultural, and religious exchanges in the Mediterranean basin in the ancient world.

According to historians, during the Imperial era of Rome, the Nabataean Kingdom established a base of operations on the Italian coast, and Puteoli was the largest commercial port in the Roman Mediterranean, making it an attractive location for the trade-minded people.

Fish are seen swimming below the Mediterranean Sea, where climate change has forced many animals to swim to new depths. (credit: Dr. Shevy Rothman)

Archaeologists have now uncovered evidence that a thriving community of Nabataeans once lived in the ancient city of Puteoli, which is now submerged off the coast of Pozzuoli in central Italy. 

This complex helps to confirm the Nabataeans’ commitment to their religion and sheds light on their way of life during their time in Italy, according to Ancient Origins.

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