Tag: Havana Syndrome

The New York Times has now reported that US Intelligence finally admits Havana Syndrome is not caused by a foreign adversary or any weapon.
America’s spy agency is making compensation payments to agents who claim they suffer from “Havana Syndrome.” The alleged condition was first reported by government employees in Cuba who reported suffering various symptoms, including dizziness, headaches and memory loss. The CIA has studied over 1,000 potential cases of the mysterious ailment and has been unable to prove it exists.
Former national security advisor John Bolton stated a coworker encountered disorientation, ringing in his ears, and an inability to speak or think clearly. He is one among many US national security officials targeted with mysterious electromagnetic weapon who experienced unexplainable neurological symptoms in and around the White House.
Audio tape released by former US official reveals the association of mysterious sound with Havana syndrome. The audio recording was made by a former US official in Cuba.
According to a secret report by US scientists, the Havana Syndrome is caused by crickets and psychosis and not some microwave weapon.
It has been reported that a member of the CIA Chief's team suffered Havana Syndrome symptoms  during their trip to India. Some US officials have interpreted the new Havana-syndrome incident as a direct message to the CIA chief that no one is safe, including the people from his entourage.