Mysterious Sound Associated With Havana Syndrome Revealed

Audio tape released by former US official reveals the association of mysterious sound with Havana syndrome. The audio recording was made by a former US official in Cuba.

Mysterious Sound Associated With Havana Syndrome Revealed

On Sunday, a former US official released an audio tape with CBS News that purports to demonstrate a sound linked to Havana Syndrome, a strange sickness with unknown origins that has sickened US officials, warriors, and intelligence professionals.

The former official, who did not want to be identified, said he became sick at his house in Havana, Cuba, and informed CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ about it. He reported the sound as “just loud sound” which “just absolutely filled my room.”

Since it was initially reported in 2016, the illness has purportedly impacted almost 200 US officials, but the reason has yet to be discovered by American intelligence.

The sound in the video below does not create Havana Syndrome, but it is a by-product of it, according to CBS. The noise is a high-pitched tone that can be really annoying.

In China, South America, and Europe, US officials have developed an unknown disease. According to certain claims in the media, half of the victims were CIA workers.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in November that the Biden administration was “intently focused” on solving the problem. It’s been labelled a “anomalous health incident” by the administration.

Symptoms of the illness were originally reported by diplomats working at the US Embassy in Havana, and included headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and vertigo, as well as visual, hearing, and balance problems. Some people are said to have experienced long-term brain injury.

The most likely culprit, according to a report commissioned by the State Department, is a pulse of radio frequency radiation “directed” at US sites. According to American media reports, Russia or China may be behind the development and deployment of a top-secret microwave weapon.

However, according to a report acquired by BuzzFeed News and ordered by the State Department, the disease was caused by the short-tailed cricket, not a foreign power.

Cuban experts refuted reports that the sickness was caused by secret sonic weapons in September. They said the symptoms were linked to widespread neurosis among US agents and that there was “no scientific evidence of attacks.”

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  1. We have our own sonic weapon system.
    AOC lecturing us on how smart and pretty she is would make fingernails scratching a blackboard sound like fine music.

  2. It was always a weapon used by CIA; but as is typical, CIA and the Pentagon love to blame other governments for crimes they are committing. It is a direct energy weapon, which they have used on American citizens, as well as citizens in New Brunswick. The program The Fifth Estate has an episode on this available free on Youtube. More and more cases of targeted individuals are appearing across social media in both the US and Canada. Other CIA programs related to MKUltra, sexual abuse/pedophilia, etc., have also been conducted in Canada and are covered in additional episodes. Interestingly, Canadians have been successful in obtaining a settlement after filing a suit against CIA; which of course, isn’t covered by media in the US. Claims have been accepted by SSDI for individuals who have been victims of electronic harassment, gang stalking, and other forms of intimidation by the US government.

  3. Hahaha….Ich finde das lustig! Ich hatte mal ein ähnliches Erlebnis in meiner Wohnung. Doch im Unterschied zu den US Beamten habe ich mich auf die Suche nach dem Verursacher dieser wirklich ätzenden Geräusche gemacht. Ich habe sie auch gefunden. Unter meiner Spüle hatte sie sich eingenistet. Es war wirklich eine Grille. ich habe sie in die Freiheit entlassen und hat fortan wieder meine Ruhe.. Aber wer nicht suchen oder noch besser auch nicht finden will, wird lieber neurotisch und baut sich ein Feindbild auf. Das ist so einfach und kann sogar kriege vom Zaum brechen. Und da bleibt dann nur noch die Frage welchen Vorwand es eigentlich nicht gibt um einen Krieg loszutreten? Die armen Grillen ahnen nichts von ihrer magischen kraft auf die Menschen. english Version: Hahaha…. I think that’s funny! I once had a similar experience in my apartment. But unlike the US officials, I went in search of the cause of these really caustic noises. I found them too. It had settled under my sink. It was really a cricket. I released her into freedom and from then on I have my peace again. But those who do not want to search or even better do not want to find, prefer to become neurotic and build up an enemy image. It’s so easy and can even start wars. And then the only question that remains is what pretext does not actually exist to start a war? The poor crickets have no idea of their magical power on people.

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