US Intelligence Finally Admits Havana Syndrome Not Caused By Foreign Adversary Or Any Weapon

The New York Times has now reported that US Intelligence finally admits Havana Syndrome is not caused by a foreign adversary or any weapon.

Yet another major instance of a story that grabbed headlines for years, and was widely linked to Russian intelligence, entering the dustbin of history…

A joint US intelligence community assessment now says that ‘Havana Syndrome’ was not caused by a foreign adversary. This after endless and breathless media reporting which attempted to link the mysterious ailments allegedly experienced by American spies and diplomats at missions around the world since 2016 to some kind of Russian supersonic weapon or secret ‘directed energy’ device.

The new US intelligence report, announced Wednesday, determined that a foreign adversary is “very unlikely” to be responsible. Mass sicknesses, including unexplained nausea, headaches and possibly vomiting were first reported experienced among many staffers at the US Embassy in Cuba. 

As The New York Times now reports, “The assessment builds on interim findings from the C.I.A. last year that neither Russia nor another hostile power was responsible for a global campaign targeting intelligence officers and diplomats who reported a wide range of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and balance problems.”

Audio tape released by former US official reveals the association of mysterious sound with Havana syndrome. The audio recording was made by a former US official in Cuba.

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