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In an attempt to go passwordless, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have decided to kill the password using the Passkey standard, also called multi-device FIDO credential.
The world of mobile phones today is vastly different from that of three decades ago. This article visualizes how the mobile phone market has evolved over the last 30 years and what caused it.
In this article we will look at how the Big-Tech giants made their billions as well as how much they've grown in recent years.
India is looking to break the dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android by creating their own operating system. There have been several attempts to topple the two giants, but none have attained desirable results so far.
In a landmark move the US Govt has announced antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, ordering the social media platform to divest its Instagram and WhatsApp messaging services. In 2019, Facebook was fined $5 billion for privacy violations instituting new oversight...