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India seeks a probe after Apple sent an email warning of a state-sponsored attack to opposition MP Priyanka Chaturvedi, who wrote to PM Modi and Amit Shah on Tuesday, demanding action.
According to recent rumors surrounding a potential transaction, it seems that CEO Robert Iger is selling Disney to Apple. Is Robert Iger Selling Disney To Apple? In a surprising turn...
All the new updates of the iPhone, such as the AI-powered features in the Photos app, indicate that Apple is gradually transforming into an AI company now. Illustration by The Atlantic. Source: Getty.
The latest preview of the Apple iPhone showcased the next big update, which will allow users to create a digital voice that sounds like them. Ahead of its June WWDC event, Apple on Tuesday previewed a suite of...
According to a report by the Economic Times, Apple will pay over Rs 42 lakh in rent to the Ambani-owned mall for its first retail store in India. The lease agreement reportedly includes a clause that restricts entry for rivals of Apple.
The 100 largest public companies in the world have been revealed, with Apple topping the list, according to data from Companiesmarketcap. 
In a report last week, JPM analysts predicted that by 2025, Apple may produce one in every four iPhones in India. This move represents Apple's intention to manufacture iPhone 14 in India instead of China.
Apple reveals a security flaw that potentially gives hackers complete control of iPhones, iPads & Macs. Security professionals advise users of the iPhone 6S and subsequent versions, iPad models starting with the 5th generation and after, the iPad Pro product lines, the iPad Air 2, and Mac computers running MacOS Monterey to upgrade the affected devices. A number of iPod models are also affected.
Apple's latest approach has already drawn criticism because the business does not support suppliers that see Taiwan as an independent nation. The outrage was in reaction to Apple's demands that Taiwan suppliers use the 'Made in China' labels.
In an attempt to go passwordless, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have decided to kill the password using the Passkey standard, also called multi-device FIDO credential.