Who Are America’s Most Popular CEOs?

CEO approval ratings, collected by the professional social network Blind, reveal who the most popular CEOs in America are

Who Are America's Most Popular CEOs? 1

What opinions do workers at the biggest American corporations have about the leadership?

Pallavi Rao and Marcus Lu of Visual Capitalist use CEO approval ratings collected by the professional social network Blind to illustrate their response.

The findings are based on a poll that was completed August 18–23, 2023, among 13,171 verified professionals in the United States. It was questioned of the respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the way their CEO was carrying out his duties.

Who Are America's Most Popular CEOs? 2

Top 10 Popular CEOs By Their Employees’ Approval Ratings

According to Blind’s responses, Jensen Huang of Nvidia is by far the most popular CEO at the moment, with an astounding 96% approval rating.

Huang’s figures indicate a pattern in the information. Blind observes that the performance of the company’s stock and the CEO’s approval rating are correlated. Because of Nvidia’s pivotal role in the artificial intelligence hype train, shares have increased by over three times annually. Their three-quarter financials indicate that profit has already increased by more than four times compared to the same period last year.

Importantly, Huang also managed to prevent the many layoffs that would usually occur in the tech sector, which contributed to his popularity with employees.

These are the top ten most well-liked CEOs as determined by Blind’s survey.

Who Are America's Most Popular CEOs? 3

Actually, according to the Blind poll, every one of the top 10 CEOs—aside from AutoDesk’s Andrew Anag—did not reduce employment in the previous year.

For some of the CEOs with the lowest ratings, the opposite is true.

The Least Popular CEOs By Employee Approval Ratings

David Goeckeler of Western Digital and Eric Nordstrom of Nordstrom both received the lowest possible approval rating in the survey, 0%. This indicates that, according to Blind’s methodology section, not a single employee who responded to the poll selected “strongly approve” or “somewhat approve.”

According to research conducted by The New York Times, Western companies suffered losses of more than $100 billion after leaving Russia.

In 2023, both corporations let off approximately 200 employees; Nordstrom was also held accountable for the layoffs of the wage workers who worked in the several retail locations the company closed.

These are the top ten CEOs who are least liked, per Blind’s survey.

Who Are America's Most Popular CEOs? 4

This list of least popular CEOs also includes Linda Yaccarino (4%), the CEO of X (previously Twitter), which has been in disarray since Elon Musk bought it in October 2022, and Evan Spiegel (3%), who cut Snap’s staff by a fifth.

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