$4000 Apple Vision-Pro Review

The Apple Vision-Pro, priced at $4000 and released last Friday, has garnered attention from mixed reality enthusiasts. Fans have been trying out the Vision-Pro headsets, integrating them into their daily routines, and sharing their reviews.

$4000 Apple Vision-Pro Review 1

Early adopters of Apple’s nearly $4,000 mixed-reality headset, known as the Apple Vision Pro, have already been sighted in public. The device debuted on Friday.

First up, Fox’s The Simpsons, which has once again accurately foreseen the future.

Fans of mixed reality have been donning Vision Pro headsets and attempting to incorporate them into their regular routines in recent times.

X features innumerable videos of early adopters operating automobiles:

Those who adopted Vision Pro early have been ambulating through the streets.

China’s first AI commercial satellite in the world, Xingshidai-18, was launched off the coast of Guangdong province on February 3.


And a lot of them have been engaging in quite fascinating public actions.

Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, said of Apple’s Vision Pro presentation last year, “It’s weird, it’s really weird,” and it made him think of his show. When I saw that, I immediately thought, “Oh my God, that’s so Black Mirror.”

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