How Many Data Centers Do Major Big Tech Companies Have?

According to data from companies like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, the largest cloud players, Microsoft and Amazon, have hundreds of data centers to meet growing commercial needs.

How Many Data Centers Do Major Big Tech Companies Have? 1

The Big Tech firms are frequently pitted against one another in a variety of ways, including revenue, market capitalization, and the newest addition—generative AI capabilities.

However, Pallavi Rao of Visual Capitalist estimates how many massive data centers they’ll need for all of their services, analytics, and storage given their aggressive efforts to take over the digital space.

How Many Data Centers Do Major Big Tech Companies Have? 2

Obtaining data from third-party estimations for Apple and Amazon as well as Meta, Google, and Microsoft

Ranked: Big Tech’s Data Facilities

The largest players in cloud computing, Microsoft and Amazon, have triple-digit data centers to handle the growing commercial needs of their clients.

Quantity does not, however, always equate to more capacity because there is no set minimum or maximum size for a data center.

How Many Data Centers Do Major Big Tech Companies Have? 3

Statista reports that although Microsoft Azure is getting closer to AWS in terms of market share (25%) in the cloud computing space, AWS still holds the largest share (31%).

Indeed, over the next 15 years, Amazon plans to invest $150 billion in new facilities. There are reportedly 26 data centers being built right now. Of course, all of this is done to capitalize on the AI boom.

When it comes to data center stats, Big Tech isn’t the sole player, despite controlling our digital life. With more than 300 data centers, Digital Realty, a provider of colocation data centers, would be ranked alongside Microsoft.

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