Australia Transferring COVID-19 Patients To Quarantine Camps

According to a local official, Australian authorities are transferring COVID-19 positive patients and residents in the Northern Territory to a quarantine camp in Howard Springs after nine cases have been identified in the Binjari community.

Australia Transferring COVID-19 Patients To Quarantine Camps

According to the Prime Minister of the Northern Territory, severe closures were implemented in Binjari and nearby Rockhole on November 20.

“The residents of Binjari and Rockhole no longer have five reasons to leave their homes,” Chief Minister Michael Gunner said in a November 20 Facebook post.

The five reasons people in Australia are allowed to leave their homes for include going to work or school, buying food or supplies, exercising, caring for or getting vaccinated.

Officials “identified five other close contacts in Borroloola that we were not previously aware of. They all tested negative and are being moved to Howard Springs,” he said.

On Nov. 21, Gunner said that eight civilians had been taken into Howard Springs, insists the Guardian.

“It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts,” Gunner added. “We have already identified 38 close contacts from Binjari, but that number will go up. Those 38 are being transferred now.”

The Northern Territory government has stated that those who are taken to Howard Springs or Alice Springs quarantine facility “do not undergo a test, you will be required to remain in quarantine a further 10 days at your own expense.”

On Nov. 22, police chief and regional chief Jamie Chalker confirmed to the media that a 77-year-old man died at Howard Springs Detention Center over the weekend who was on an international return flight.

“He was an international repat. Obviously, he was a 77-year-old individual,” Chalker said, local media reported. “We’re just looking at whether they had any existing other issues, but certainly the initial advice is not indicating that it was a death relating to COVID.”

Last week, thousands of people demonstrated against the vaccine mandates in several Australian cities. As of November 19, about 85% of those eligible for vaccination were vaccinated.

Concerns were expressed by the Australian federal government and the state government over the closure and emergency restrictions related to COVID-19 last month. Melbourne, for example, suffered the longest shutdown in the world.

“There are concerns among parts of the community about some pandemic management legislation that the state government is currently trying to pass through the upper house of Parliament,” Melbourne-based journalist Dana Morse told Al Jazeera

“That bill has stalled, but people are concerned about the amount of power that the state government will have if the bill passes.”

The start of this month saw Australia reopen its borders to the vaccinated ones from New Zealand after 600 days of complete shutdown. Prime Minister Scott Morrison commented of Nov. 22 that foreign visa holders will be permitted to enter the country from December onwards.

The Australian government also tested an app to enforce its quarantine rules. The state texted people at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face and text the government. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person.

Even, New Zealand has announced it would put all COVID-19 patients into mandatory quarantine camps. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has said that your each and every activity will be monitored in these camps and those that refuse to be tested would be forced to stay in the camps for a longer duration.

Meanwhile, a legal group in Canada is planning to sue the federal Canadian government against the COVID-19 travel rule which is being used to quarantine citizens forcefully at secret locations.

Recently, the Hague Court ruled that the COVID-19 lockdown which was imposed by the Dutch Govt had no legal basis and that it was illegal. However, the Dutch appeals court oveturned the ruling within hours arguing that they wanted to avoid what they called a “yo-yo effect,” referring to public confusion around whether the curfew was still in force.

In a similar ruling, a German court declared that COVID19 lockdowns imposed by the government are unconstitutional.

It was also revealed that the German Interior Ministry hired scientists to develop fake coronavirus model in order to justify strict lockdown, according to extensive email exchanges obtained by a group of lawyers in a legal dispute.

A major lawsuit has also been filed against the PM of Denmark for strict COVID-19 restrictions and for killing almost 17 million minks.

Last year, an American federal judge ruled coronavirus restrictions in Pennsylvania as unconstitutional.

Even the Belgian health experts have demanded an investigation into the WHO for faking a pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Indian Supreme Court has blocked a move to send corona resisters to COVID camps.

The Supreme Court of India also rejected a plea to initiate a door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination, saying that such pleas were a consequence of ignorance about the complexity of governance and diversity of the country.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a three judge court in Peru has ruled that the COVID-19 pandemic was started by the billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller.

In the past in 2010, the WHO was caught faking a pandemic and was forced to admit that its methodology of measuring the virality or the spread of the disease, instead of its severity was incorrect.

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  1. The ruling elite have some nations like Australia running with the plan-demic football to score a total tyranny touchdown. (Or goal, depending on your definition of “football”.)

  2. Hi Sir, can you please cover the Sri Lanka bomb attacks in perspective of geo politics and its implications.

  3. At the slightest urging from the moguls, the politicians that Australians trusted to do a good job running the country have pounced upon the opportunity to become slavers. They are on a power trip to beat all power trips. It is disgusting to see the politicians destroying their own society so completely and then try to pass it off to the world as doing what is best for their people. When will we learn that we can not simultaneously save and destroy ourselves. Forced vaccination is pharmacological rape, there is no other way to see it. A vaccine that destroys the immune system in the vague distant hope of providing immunity to one type of virus, thereby leaving the patient extremely more susceptible to infection and serious consequences from all the other viruses, is absolutely insane. People need to be allowed to choose the keep their immune system intact by surviving their illnesses and having their body make antibodies. It has worked for eons, and the result is a stronger and healthier population overall.

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