Did Mass Vaccination Cause Second Mutant COVID-19 Wave In India?

India saw nearly 750% increase in COVID-19 cases in less than a month. Was this spike logical? Did the state or the city of Mumbai do something different to invite this sudden surge? The next stop for this mutant was Delhi, the national capital. Is this new double mutant very particular and choosy on where it strikes? It does appear it is; otherwise, why should it jump from Mumbai to Delhi and then Bengaluru bypassing many other states and cities en route? Did the mass vaccination drive in these metro cities cause the second COVID-19 wave in India? Or is there something else?

Did Mass Vaccination Cause Second Mutant COVID-19 Wave In India?

India is hit by the new double mutant virus christened as the ‘Indian Double Mutant’. Where did this new mutant begin its attack on the Indian nation – in the state of Maharashtra, but to be more precise it was in Mumbai, the financial capital of the nation.

Let us look at how we arrived here with respect to the growth in terms of cumulative numbers as provided by Saroj Chadha.

On last day of 2020, the state (of Maharashtra) had only 1,754 cases. On 10 March the figure rose to 13,659 and by 6 April it reported 102,754 cases – a nearly 750% increase in less than a month.

Was this spike logical? Did the state or the city of Mumbai do something different to invite this sudden surge?

The restrictions that were in force were being relaxed in a graded manner over many months. The state did not do anything drastic or different that led to this rise in number of cases.

In no time, this sudden rise was being attributed to a new double mutant that was spreading faster than any earlier avatar of the coronavirus.

The next stop for this mutant was Delhi, the national capital. On 31 December 2020, Delhi had just 287 cases. On 10 March 2021 it was 370 and then on 20 April the figure jumped to 28,395, a whopping 7674% increase in about 40 days.

After Delhi it was the turn of Karnataka and the city of Bengaluru, the soft power capital of India. The state had only 476 cases at the end of last year. The figure rose to 760 on 10 March and on 5 May 2021 it was 50,112, a staggering increase by 6594% in just two months.

Is this new double mutant very particular and choosy on where it strikes? It does appear it is; otherwise, why should it jump from Mumbai to Delhi and then Bengaluru bypassing many other states and cities en route?

Does this not suggest a pattern where the new mutant first strikes the nation’s financial capital, then the political capital and next the soft power capital?

The only thing different that these capitals of India did different was mass vaccination.

Look at this below chart by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (data to 13th May). The chart clearly shows how COVID-19 vaccination drive is followed closely by the increase in cases.

Did Mass Vaccination Cause Second Mutant COVID-19 Wave In India

The question of how closely the wave of infections was following the mass vaccination drive has been irritating many, including Prof. Shamika Ravi, the former member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council.

Meanwhile, scientists are coming forward warning that the increasing and excessive use of plasma and Remdesivir for treatment is helping the Covid virus to mutate.

Dr Raman Gangakhedkar, ex-ICMR scientist said during Covid briefings that if India does not follow evidence-based treatment, it can soon become the breeding ground for many variants of Coronavirus.

One of the side-effects which is being observed is Black Fungus. COVID-19 recovered patients are suffering from post viral symptoms of Mucormycosis (MM) also known as Black Fungus which is making them blind.

Heath experts say the Black Fungus is caused by the use of steroids during Covid-19 infection.

Moreover, it was revealed recently during the Texas Senate Committee hearing that COVID-19 vaccine trials in animals were stopped because they kept dying.

As reported by GreatGameIndia, more than 100 patients have died after taking the first or even the second shot of COVID-19 vaccine in one a single hospital in India.

This was the case of a single hospital in India. Even the news of this cases came out because it was reported by a regional newspaper. No national mainstream media has dared to touch the story.

There is no mechanism to report adverse effects reactions from vaccines in India. Even if it is being tracked, the data is kept secret.

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of India seeking public disclosure of the secret vaccine clinical trials data and post vaccination adverse events data, as is required by International medical norms.

However, there is another aspect to this theory. Mass vaccinations were carried out in other countries as well. Why then, no deadly mutant as was observed in India were not seen in those countries?

As Saroj Chadha puts it:

The new mutant has conveniently not hit any of India’s neighbors like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, part of the Indian sub-continent. The story is same for other South Eastern and Middle East nations. USA and Brazil, the nations that held the top two positions in number of daily cases for many months, have not reported any mutants worth their salt. 

(Even,) China where the coronavirus originated, has no mutants to report for almost a year and a half. But India, that seemed to have effectively controlled the virus by the end of 2020, suddenly finds a new double mutant in its midst, that is more deadly and spreads much faster.

It is really fascinating to see how an entire nation is led to believe in a wave where a virus was capable to selectively hit the nation where it hurts the most.

Yes, there is a correlation between mass vaccination and the wave of infections and side-effects that are being observed. The sooner the Indian government acknowledge this fact the better will be our mitigating response.

However, the fact that such mutations were not observed in other countries which also carried out mass vaccination leads to another set of uncomfortable questions.

Were these mutations also engineered in a lab, as was the COVID virus? Were these mutated viruses let loose in selective Indian capital cities by foreign actors? Are there more viruses than one, contrary to what we are led to believe?

Anyway you see it, India is in the midst of an active Biological war; and the sooner we realize it, the better we can combat it.

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  1. I think it’s strange that this new strain that affected India didn’t spread throughout the world like the original covid seemed to do with ease. Surely there were people traveling to and from India with the new strain before it was discovered. If it takes 2 weeks for symptoms to arise , than thousands of people would have been passing it on prior to it being discovered, and it certainly would have spread to other countries , especially nearby. Unless the whole country was 100% quarantined, which I highly doubt. I’d be looking at the political and economic atmosphere at the time to see what would have been altered by creating more pandemic fear, and who would benefit from it.

  2. I’m waiting for a next proof of mass murder regime by a high level experts such as Dr. Yeadon (ex-Pfizer) that the current vaccination will generate binding antibodies instead of necessary neutralizing antiboy, as I have been convinced of since long time. People think only about “antibody”, but not about the fact that there are two kinds of antibodies. The mass depopulation plan by the world eocnomic elite must be creashed by any means asap!!

  3. Your government and media is complacent with the pharma companies and they are using fear marketing to force people into taking dangerous vaccines.
    Your country has the 2nd highest population in the world but not the highest number of ‘infections’ or ‘deaths’, it’s all being used as a marketing tool.
    People dying from vaccines will never be reported by any media as they are all bought and paid for.
    Shutdowns and lockdowns are just a way to force people into following orders, like prisoners.
    The same thing is happening in other places too.

  4. Usually, virus mutations are carried by a person or persons unknown, from one place to another, probably without realizing they had Coronavirus, or having any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.
    Each new Variant, potentially, will take over from the last Variant and will spread like wildfire, because that is what it does, so as an infected person moves around, everyone who he/she has contact with, will spread the disease to others who come into that contact and with cities as crowded as those in India, spread of a Coronavirus infection, will be very rapid.
    You can try to combat Coronavirus and Covid with “Test Vaccines”, but “we” don’t know how effective they are in the longer term, because they have only been available since 8th December (though not to everyone) which is roughly 6 months and we have no forward predictions that they work at stopping Covid, because there simply are not any, for at least 1 year forward, from after the 2 doses, to discover if test vaccines actually work, or not.
    The test vaccines were for Covid-19, which was about 2 years ago and they are still being injected into anyone willing to have them, bearing in mind that a number of progressive Variants have replaced Covid-19 since and there is no proof, one way or the other, that Covid-19 vaccinations will stop Variants from spreading.
    The purpose of Variants, is to overcome the test vaccines, so that each person the new Variant infects, comes down with Covid and passes that on to those around them, because this is a fight for survival, land based animals vs Coronavirus and Coronavirus is winning at the moment – if not here, there and if not there, somewhere else, bearing in mind this is not just about Humans, but ever other air breathing animal, or insect, on the planet, which is why I don’t understand the term “Herd Immunity” when a large proportion of the air breathing “all” won’t be vaccinated, ever
    We know for a fact that this Coronavirus originated in an animal and jumped across to us Humans and has been with both us and them ever since, so that, because it can jump either way at will, it does not mean that “test vaccines” for Humans only, is ever going to get rid of the problem, because, basically, we are all air breathing animals on this planet and Coronavirus does not care about which species any of us are, it just wants to survive as much as any of us want to do, too.
    Each time a new “test vaccine” comes out and is delivered into a Human, it potentially puts up a form of resistance to the Coronavirus/Covid, so that it is stopped from infecting that person, but obviously, that is not going to stop it and mutations are designed to find ways around the “test vaccine” temporary stop, so that it can continue to infect more and more animals on this planet.
    In answer to your question, in my opinion, “Test Vaccines” strengthen the Coronavirus/Covid infection, by providing it with the means to overcome everything with Variants, which eventually find a way to do that.
    A fine example of this in practice is the double and treble virus packages, you are faced with in India.
    My understanding of those new infections is, that with the double virus package, you have 2 different viruses in the one package and in the treble virus package you have 3 different viruses, each trying to find a way around the “Test Vaccine” so that Coronavirus can continue to infect and as a result, yes, “Test Vaccines” will continue to cause the Coronavirus/Covid to evolve and become more infectious and deadly, because that is what it does best, in this game of survival of the fittest
    A fine example of this is we started off with Covid-19 and in the last 2 years, roughly, Coronavirus/Covid has evolved through Variants to wherever we are now, but so far as I am aware there have been 4 or 5 new variants, since Covid-19 originally occurred, which have taken over from where Covid-19 left off and are now the dominant Coronavirus/Covid infection – caused by the “Test Vaccines”, forcing the virus to become stronger and more deadly through each new transformation, which is what “Test Vaccines” do.
    Another example of “Test Vaccines” was the yearly Flu shot (which I never had). Each year, you had to get a new Flu shot because the last year’s shots did not work, on this year’s, new Flu Variants and the Flu shots were correspondingly stronger.
    So there are two arguments to be considered here:
    1) Virologists are not interested in the head, they are only interested in the body and “Test Vaccines” are to cure disease and a Pandemic in the body, without reference to the head and what is happening there and this is illustrated by the current rules, that everyone must self isolate for 10 to 14 days, if they have Flu like symptoms, to establish if they (then) have Covid or not.
    Theoretically, Covid patients will end up in hospital where they are put on ventilators (Oxygen) and given “Test Vaccines” to help them survive the disease that has taken control of their body and cure it – however, curing the body, does not cure the head and the Covid which still resides in there.
    2) My free, simple, salt water cure (which I gather your Yogi’s used) murders the Coronavirus in the head, when it is at its most vulnerable, before it is ever allowed to become Covid in the body.
    I theorize that it is a fact that we each produce 1 Liter of Snot or Mucus daily (Wiki), which flows down the back of our neck unnoticed, into our lungs and as Coronavirus becomes Covid in the head, it uses this means, to flow down into a person’s lungs and continue the infection there. QED.
    My theory would also explain why some people have a “long version” of Covid, where their brain bulb and brain stem is also affected, because Covid remains in the head, if a person is given a “Test Vaccine” in their arm, to infect the head and wherever it can go up there, as it pleases.
    My simple salt water cure, flushes out the inner head with a strong salt water flush, which removes all traces of Coronavirus or potentially Covid, so that a Covid infection in the body, simply cannot occur.
    because my salt water sniffle or snort, does not compete with the virus in the body as Covid, it does not cause the virus to manufacture Variants, if the disease is not allowed to reach that stage, by killing Coronavirus off in the head first.
    You may wonder why I have been unable to get my salt water cure published. I have tried everywhere, but the bottom line is, I feel, that there is no money to be made doing this, after all I get absolutely nothing out of it, apart from feeling good about myself – and therein is the problem, our culture is all about making money and anything which does not do that, can’t be any good, so why would anyone want to do that free, salt water treatment?
    At days end it comes down to just you and me.
    I say, do this and Virologists and the Medical Profession say do that “Test Vaccines”.
    I have been doing this treatment to myself for over 26.5 years and I am never ill. I have shared my salt water cure, over the years, with many people and none of them ever got sick or died from my simple salt water treatment, which cleared up their colds easily.
    The great Scientists, tried their experimental tests on themselves in the belief that their “cure” was safe as I have done with mine and that I am still here after 26.5 years, is proof to me of how efficient my salt water cure is – which is currently 26 years longer than the 6 months that “test Vaccines” have been around and look how many people have reportedly died, or had adverse reactions so far, that we know about and how many more don’t we know about?
    I read somewhere that VAERS is still recording input from January and we are in mid May now, the CDC have lifted the bar, so that anyone who dies from a Test Vaccine, after 19 days, is not recorded as having died from “Test Vaccines”, but that is my take on things and I am probably wrong about that.
    I gather that to date, roughly 500,000 people in England and America have died from “Test Vaccines”, (no idea what the numbers are in India) at the time of injection, or soon afterwards, with many more unpleasant side effects, blindness, strokes, blood clots and the loss of limbs and goodness knows what else, against my salt water cure, where, not even I (one person) have died from it, thus far.
    The Geneva Convention (1945) apparently says that “Test Vaccines” must always be tested on animals first and never directly into Humans, but here is an obvious breach of that policy, alone.
    Your life, your choice and as the old saying goes “Those who are about to die” (from Test Vaccines) “We Salute You” and “Thank you for your (wasted) life’s contribution”.
    As I have said elsewhere, I am 74 and well, male. I have probably another 10 years (?) all said and done and then hopefully I will die from natural causes – I am financially secure and happy with my life and lot in life and it seems to me, I only have this life and I won’t ever be coming back again, so I have no motivations to better my lot and all I am left to do, is save as many of you as I can, who want to listen to my advice.
    1 more life saved, is 100% improvement on my life and what I have achieved in my life, thus far.
    I hope the above explains and answers your questions, however, if you have any other queries, I am happy to respond, if I can.
    As you will have noted, I am not afraid to call myself by my name, because I feel that gives you more reliability to trust what I have said and which I totally believe in, through self example.


  5. Saw this comment on another Blurb: “In crowded spaces, where you can’t be sure if the people around you are vaccinated, it may still be prudent to wear a mask. This is especially true for people who are immunocompromised. At least until rates decrease further.”

    Why is that? Because the virus can still be transmitted from the unvaccinated to the vaccinated, and if you are immunocompromised, your body may have trouble fighting the virus off fully. “Think of it this way,” said Rahimian, “the vaccine is not a shield around you. The virus can still get in. The vaccine just gives your body instructions on how to fight it.”

    With that caveat, Rahimian acknowledged that this is a major milestone in the fight against COVID-19. “Overall I am happy to see that people are getting vaccinated and that this allows us to move forward as a country. Hopefully the remaining people that are hesitant to get vaccinated will come to their senses, so that we can continue the process of getting back to some normalcy in our lives. We should be thankful for all the people who went and got vaccinated. That allowed us to get to this point.”

    Me: The sales pitch I heard is that when you have Test Vaccines you are 95% protected from getting Covid, ever again, did you hear something different?

    However, I read an interesting article about how that 95% effective rate was achieved and while I can’t vouch for the information I provide here, it went something like this:

    The first 2 tests, with small numbers of test subjects went very well with a 95% success rate, but the 3rd test, with a lot more test subjects, did not go very well at all and with those numbers added in, the efficiency rate of the test vaccines was 19%.

    19% do not sell test vaccines, so the last test results were conveniently not included, after all 95% is just statistics and manipulating numbers to get the result wanted, that is all.

    Would you have had test vaccines if they were only 19% effective – not counting the very strong possibility your insurance policies, taken out in the years before Covid, no longer cover you for any insurance, after you have your Test Vaccine shots, because the risk factors of you dying, having after test vaccines complications, or suddenly dying from blood clots, or something else, were never factored in, in the first place and all insurance companies will now void (cancel) your policies when you make any claim against them.
    Of course – that might not be true, but you really need to check with your insurance providers and make sure you remain covered, because if you are not, then you are probably up sh*t creek, without a paddle.

    Added to the above, “If” the virus can be transmitted from the unvaccinated to the vaccinated, then surely, it can be transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated too, bearing in mind that we humans are only a small proportion of all of the air breathing animals and insects living on this planet, from whom the Coronavirus originated, in the first place (not humans) – so test vaccines do what exactly, when those bugs and other animals are factored in too?.

    If the test vaccines are not a shield around you (95%, as has been sold) and the virus can still get in, (irrespective of bugs and other non human animals) what is the point of test vaccines then?

    “Test Vaccines just gives “your body” instructions on how to fight the virus” (in “the body” – as above, not “the head”)….. by putting in, in just one shot, millions of mRNA particles wrapped in Lipids which pass through the Blood Brain Barrier into the side of your body that you really don’t want them to go, to do whatever the particles do, once they are in there, about which, nobody knows, but the particles DO affect your DNA as has been verified, but nobody knows what happens then, about anything – or if test vaccines actually save “your body” from Covid, or Covid Variants, or not, given what Rahimian has said above!!

    But we don’t have Covid-19 anymore, we have Covid something else, at least 5 Variants since then and those double and triple Variants too, bearing in mind that if Covid can produce double and treble virus package Variants already, it can also produce multiple viruses in one Variant package too, it is just trying out the basics, before it does something else, totally unexpected “to the body”, but not “the head”.


  6. The Blurb also had this in it: The new CDC guidance states, “(1) If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic. (2) Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.”

    I got the chance to speak today with one of New York’s leading infectious disease experts, Dr. Joseph Rahimian, who was happy to hear the news but cautioned against a full return to normal. “The risk for people who are vaccinated is certainly low,” he said, “But it isn’t zero. We have seen some rare cases of people who have gotten sick despite vaccination. Those are predominantly people with various medical conditions that impair the immune system.”

    Sorry it is a bit disjointed.


  7. The Truth About COVID
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

    May 16, 2021Download PDF

    Story at-a-glance

    I was a guest on Mikhaila Peterson’s “Opposing Views” on the topic of COVID-19, which provides two opposing viewpoints on controversial issues
    Important topics are covered, including Event 201, The Great Reset, manipulation of case numbers, risks of lockdowns and more
    The other guest featured was Jeremy Kamil, Ph.D., an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at LSU Health Shreveport; I respond to some of Kamil’s statements, which I didn’t get to do during the interview
    I also shared how best to stay healthy; one key strategy is to be metabolically flexible, and my primary recommendation is to remove linoleic acid from your diet; get plenty of sunshine to optimize vitamin D and nebulized hydrogen peroxide can help against viral illness

    I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Mikhaila Peterson’s “Opposing Views” on the topic of COVID-19. Open debate and sharing of information from all sides is so important, especially now that censorship of certain groups, organizations and individuals — in direct violation of Constitutional law — is rampant.

    The other guest featured was Jeremy Kamil, Ph.D., an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at LSU Health Shreveport, who has studied the herpes virus for two decades and has a passion for studying how viruses work. Peterson said she emailed 20 doctors to get views from the conventional medical community on COVID-19 — and Kamil was the only one who agreed to be on the show.

    I encourage you to watch the video in full and make up your own mind about what you hear, but as I didn’t get a chance to respond to Kamil’s statements directly, I’d like to do that now, as well as provide a recap of some of the most important take-away points from the interview.
    A Trial Run for COVID-19, a Lab-Engineered Virus

    When talking about COVID-19, it’s important to start at the beginning — not the start of the pandemic but Event 201, which took place in October 2019.

    Representatives from the World Economic Forum, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johns Hopkins University Population Center, the World Bank, the Chinese government and vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson were among those at the event, which was organized by Bill Gates and, too coincidentally, simulated a worldwide pandemic triggered by a novel coronavirus.1,2

    Mirroring what is now occurring, social media censorship was a prominent strategy used at the event to protect the dissemination of vaccine propaganda and the narrative surrounding the global event. If you are considering brushing this off as “conspiracy theory,” you can read about Event 201 for yourself at its official site.3

    Peterson and I discussed a bit about Gates, and you may be wondering why I’m bringing him up. It’s part of understanding the immense power and control being wielded by private individuals and the ultimate goal of technocratic tyranny. When the U.S. withdrew funding from the World Health Organization in 2020, Gates became the biggest funder of the WHO.

    The two — Gates and the WHO — have been instrumental in pushing for a global vaccination campaign, and Gates has a great deal of money invested in these vaccines. The WHO is the tool that was used to implement a global shutdown — a catastrophe — in 2020, with the end goal being wealth transfer, economic destruction and societal reformation.

    It is also interesting that Gates and company have restricted access to this highly profitable vaccine only to countries that can afford it. The patents have not been shared with other countries so they could get this “lifesaving” vaccine, which clearly emphasizes that the primary purpose of this vaccine is not to save lives but to make large profits.

    Gates isn’t the only player — there are many others, including Google and founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab, who first started circulating the idea of The Great Reset. Kamil said he wasn’t familiar with the term, which is something I’d urge him to read up on as he formulates his opinions.

    I also touched briefly on the overwhelming evidence suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 is an engineered virus that leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which was conducting gain-of-function research on coronaviruses, funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci.4 It’s a lot to take in, I know, especially if this is the first you’re hearing about it, but as the pieces of the puzzle come together, it becomes obvious what is really going on.
    Click here to learn more
    No Flu Cases Because ‘Masks Are Really Effective’?

    When asked about the mysterious disappearance of flu during the 2020-2021 season, Kamil stated it’s because “masks are really effective [at] suppressing viral transmission.” If that’s the case, then why didn’t COVID-19 cases similarly disappear? The next rational question is, were flu cases and deaths simply reallocated as COVID-19 deaths?

    Up until around July 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) counted flu and pneumonia deaths separately, but then began reporting a combination of pneumonia, flu and COVID deaths, under a new category listed as “PIC” (Pneumonia, Influenza, COVID), via their COVIDView webpage.5

    February 12, 2021 — toward the end of peak flu season in the U.S. — COVIDView was replaced with the COVID Data Tracker Weekly Review, which no longer appears to mention flu and pneumonia.6

    As for the effectiveness of masks — and the absurdities surrounding their use during activities like swimming — there’s a wealth of evidence that masks are ineffective. Only one randomized controlled trial has been conducted on mask usage and COVID-19 transmission, and it found masks did not statistically significantly reduce the incidence of infection.7

    A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research8 found that nonpharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns, quarantines and mask mandates, have not significantly affected overall virus transmission rates.9
    Proper Response ‘Must Be Driven by Case Numbers’

    When asked what the “proper” response to the pandemic would be, Kamil said, “It has to be driven by case numbers.” This sounds good in theory, provided the case numbers you’re basing recommendations on are accurate — and the resulting recommendations are in line with the severity of the disease and individual risk assessments. But, in the case of COVID-19, they most often were not.

    What evidence is there that the case numbers were manipulated? PCR tests recommended by the WHO used to be set to 45 cycle thresholds (CTs),10 yet the scientific consensus has long been that anything over 35 CTs renders the test useless,11 as the accuracy will be a measly 3%, with the other 97% being false positives and artificially driving up case numbers.

    Then, one hour after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, January 20, 2021, the WHO — suddenly and out of the blue — lowered the recommended PCR CT,12 which automatically guaranteed that the number of “cases,” i.e., positive PCR test results, would plummet.

    And this isn’t even getting into how the CDC changed how COVID-19 is recorded on death certificates in March 2020, de-emphasizing preexisting conditions and comorbidities, and basically calling all deaths in which the patient had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test a COVID-19 death.
    ‘Look to People Who Aren’t Making a Buck Off It’

    Another one of Kamil’s points was to avoid getting data from “someone trying to sell you something.” I would agree, only Kamil used the example of someone “selling a health supplement online,” ignoring the fact that the real profiteers in this pandemic are not people selling supplements online but billionaires who are only getting richer.

    Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, now has a net worth of $5.3 billion,13 to give one example. He joined the billionaires club April 2, 2020, when news that phase 2 trials of Moderna’s COVID vaccine were set to begin, driving up its stock.14

    Meanwhile, Pfizer’s COVID vaccine has already generated $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of 2021,15 and the company said it expects “durable demand” for the vaccine to continue in coming years, similar to flu vaccines. Estimates suggest revenue will reach $26 billion for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine by the end of 2021.16

    So, following Kamil’s own advice, Pfizer and Moderna would be among those to not trust, based on their making billions, which is exponentially more than any supplement manufacturer is making. But even putting profits aside, as I told Peterson, one point that should give anyone pause before trusting a company would be if it has a criminal history of fraud and selling dangerous products — of which both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson can attest to.
    Myth: It’s ‘Impossible to Die From COVID’ After Vaccination

    Kamil made some statements that I strongly disagree with, one of them being that if you get a COVID-19 vaccine “it’s almost 100% impossible for you to die from COVID — even if you caught like the scariest variants we know of.” This is simply not true. As of April 26, 2021, there have been 9,245 reported cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals, including 132 deaths.17 This is from the CDC’s own data.

    There’s also a risk of death from the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of April 23, 2021, there have been 3,544 deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccination.18 Past investigations have shown only between 1%19 and 10%20 of adverse reactions are ever reported to VAERS, which is a passive, voluntary reporting system, so the actual number could be much higher.

    Kamil also suggested that if you’re healthy, it makes no difference in terms of getting sick from COVID-19 because “viruses like healthy cells” and “they love a healthy [cell] just like a person might, if you’re a carnivore, might like a juicy steak.”

    This seriously undermines the power that you have to take control of your health, because, in reality, it’s well known that people who are unhealthy, with underlying conditions, are far more likely to contract and die from COVID-19. Your state of health absolutely matters.

    Kamil also seems to be seriously misguided about health organizations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, stating that it doesn’t “make a dollar more” by approving a vaccine and describing it as “one of the best organizations, like, as far as protecting your health and watching out for, like, Americans.”

    While the FDA itself does not accept corporate money, it does receive money funneled via a nonprofit foundation, which in turn receives money from other nonprofits funded by private interests. It’s really all a façade because the end result is the same. Those donating the money ultimately end up with the ability to pull strings, when needed. The FDA’s conflicts of interest and failures to act on behalf of Americans’ best interests are also well noted.
    Fear Is the Most Powerful Emotion to Drive Human Behavior

    The pandemic has succeeded in generating fear and controlling human behavior, and anything that counters its final solution of vaccination is being censored — this is a clue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Vaccine passports are also being offered as part of this solution, as a tool to get your freedom back, but it’s at the price of — your freedom.

    Imagine a world in which you cannot travel, go to a sports event, enter your workplace or even a grocery store unless you have the proper credentials. If it sounds like history repeating itself in the most horrific way, you’re not far off. Even open debate is being silenced, and it’s impossible to give informed consent to vaccination if you only know one side. When you only have one side to the story, then that’s propaganda, not real information.









  9. Our media has been highly successful in propagating fear of the virus such that at 60% of the population is willing to take the prescribed antidote. If it means losing from freedom or losing my health I will always choose my health. Pfizer and Moderna can go stuff their elixirs as well as AZ and J&J.

  10. It is unnecessary to print in CAPITALS because that is the same as shouting and we are all perfectly capable of reading normal print like this, here.
    Anyone who wants to shout, has lost my interest, because that is totally rude and I won’t be party to it.
    Whether any of you read my blurb, is entirely up to you – shouting is totally unnecessary.

  11. Thank you Richard for your very informative postings. I have read many of the “facts” elsewhere but you have been organized enough to pull it all together in your series. My spouse has taken the first shot but she is not politically savvy enough to understand what the rich politicians are pulling off. It doesn’t seem to occur to many that no flu or pneumonia deaths have been reported anywhere in the world. Also most are not aware of the loosy, goosy criteria that the CDC has allowed the medical community to report deaths. Anyone who tested positive for Covid and died were included as a Covid casualty even if they died in a vehicle accident (PIC+). By this methodology they have inflated Covid deaths by as much as 1600% (only 6% of Covid deaths are from the virus alone). While we know that this was done in the US to slander Trump, other countries followed suit because it allowed liberal central governments to control the population and mandate masks, physical distancing, lockdowns, quarantines and now scaring everyone into voluntarily taking their experimental treatment. They have shut down cheap solutions like HCQ and Ivermectin in favor of designer treatments made by Big Pharma which has made them all rich and the general population poorer as many of them have had their livelihood shut down by the scandemic.The medical community is even shutting down any dissent in their ranks by threats to remove medical licenses from any physician who dares to speak out against these experimental shots. Big tech has already down this by removing any posts that question the efficacy of the treatments and locking down any prominent person who questions the party line that “vaccines” are the way back to normalcy. The Michigan Governor has dangled the carrot that the state will reopen once certain levels of vaccinations are achieved (70% comes to mind). On the other side Texas, Florida and a few others have no use for mask mandates or vaccine passports and have opened up without significant rises in infections or hospitalizations proving that masking is just a placebo. I call myself vaccine hesitant but very high on the skeptical scale. I refuse to put my health in the hands of manipulators with financial and ulterior motives (Gates, Fauci, CDC, FDA). Gates hasn’t make enough from M$ yet so he is branching out into world dominance. Would lave to have been a fly on the wall when he and Melinda were talking splitting up. She was right to be pissed that Bill was a friend of Epstein. As I said earlier when it comes to vaccine passports no amount of pressure will get me to overcome my reluctance until many years down the line. If it means no travel then I won’t travel. If it means no attending concerts or pro-sports games then I won’t attend them. Even if it means I can’t cross state or provincial boundaries then I will stay home. I have to have a medical procedure in 3 months and asked if I need a “vaccination” to get it. My doc says no for now and since it is not a life or death procedure I will just wait. The biggest wall to my hesitancy is that even though these are Emergency Authorized Use (experimental) Big Pharma are off the hook to have to compensate for any accidental deaths. They got governments to agree because they were desperate for any treatments. Also Big Pharma have always been shielded from lawsuits so the general population can be coerced into vaccinations for their kids. But MMR vaccines have been in existence for decades whereas Covid “vaccines” are brand new. In fact Texas as told that animal trials were ended because too many animals were dying in the trials. Quite the indictment of Big Pharma. I my area I don’t think we will get much above 65% of the population to take the treatment. When demand was decreasing from the older folks in the 60+ age groups they opened up to anyone over 11 which saw a huge uptake this past week as youngsters came to the provinces rescue to take delivered shots off the government’s stores. No way I am volunteering to be a voluntary guinea pig without full disclosure. No matter how many government health officers stand up and say the chances are remote for an adverse reaction I will not gamble no matter how small the odds. If they won’t stand behind the product then I am not buying and I will avoid the virus on my own instead of an artificial shield, thank you very much

  12. I watched as the mutation first came out and lots of people left India very quickly. And it is now tracked across Canada. B1.617 and now there is a B1.627.2

  13. Neat trick. We have mutations and variants of a virus that has never been isolated (purified), sequenced (not fabricated by a computer program), or proven contagious (impossible if never isolated).

    And now we have a “wave” of “cases” identified using the so-called PCR test that has been thoroughly debunked of having anything to do with disease.

    Are people getting sick? Sure. (toxins, emf, nocebo, etc.) Are the vaccinations making people sick? Of course. But how about we quit all the virus and PCR test statistics talk, shall we?

  14. Stop spreading this rumors you just take two charts and write all these nonsense you should have talked about the wave in US, UK and Canada. You just take some data and use that data to support your biased opinion.

    This article describes the inadequacy of statistical methods at making statements about causal relationships between variables.

    It’s feel good article for people who like conspiracies and frightening for common man.


  16. Finally…… GGI published it… But it’s too late.
    Been stressing that this double varient is engineered and targeted by external forces.

    Black fungus is another side of same coin.

    Double varient which is now tagged as varient of concern is very careful custom designed they also added black fungus with the only intention of targetting masses. Transmission rate is much higer when compared to what fauci and team developed in WIV.

    National media and state bodies has been sold out. They are hiding fatalities, and playing with numbers while virus spread to all corners.

    Its one of biggest ops running in country, hidden in plain sight.

    Vaccine mafia is the one who is making billions.
    They are not selling cure but fear.
    Enforcing new policies and stopping medicine which actually cures this phnumonia virus.

    In media, all we see is oxygen, beds, how resources getting utilised while no one is focusing on studing this double varient. What’s different than the we had in 2020. How many new pores or strains were added , where and how.

    I also suspect that oxygen given to patient will also be contaminated.

    Media clearly says people are not dying because of covid but because of oxygen.

    GGI of you have what it takes no matter what, dig in bring up the facts to light.

    Its going out of control.

    There are many stakeholders involved. Both elected officials and private lobby who are running the show. If we can’t take them out alteast showcase there work crystal clear so that they hide there asses and quietly walkout.

  17. and ALL of it has been planned for a long while by the puppet masters. This third and fourth wave of the virus was planned long ago by the puppet masters who own the central banks, including the Bank of China. These imposters are the puppet masters whose messiah is Lucifer/Satan. It is they who have created the free slave world in which we all live today. See my blog at tinyurl.com/matrixofgog to find out who they are…
    The Plandemic:
    “1st Phase: Common/cold/Flu. Mild symptoms at most. Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear. Flawed testing system utilized, which picks up any genetic material in the body and triggers a positive result. Inflation of Covid case numbers, through changing of death certificates, double-counting, and classifying all deaths including other diseases and natural causes as Covid19. Lockdown will condition us to life under Draconian laws, prevent protests and identify public resistance.
    2nd Phase: The 1st Phase will lead to compromised and frail immune system through lack of food, social distancing, wearing of masks, and lack of contact with sunlight and healthy bacteria. Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system. Thus, when people re-emerge into society, more people will fall ill. This will be blamed on Covid19. This will all occur before the vaccination is ready to justify it. A longer and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine.
    3rd Phase: If majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides.”

    “Covid-19means the ‘certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence’ and ’19’ was the year in which it was created.”

  18. there were hidden 440 VIPs in march + april atFAIRMONT hotel in
    Jaspers park Alberta , costs about 5 milion dollar. nobody nuked
    them as i recommended . so they probably planed their endgame
    against us .

  19. To Foon Der,

    Hi and thank you for your comprehensive reply to my earlier post and thanks for your approval of what I had to say.
    I was responding to the above website which I assumed was based in India (silly me) and my observations were based on that, because I have been advised, elsewhere, that infections in India are now 1 in 3 not getting the Coronavirus and 2 out of 3 getting it, so the 3rd person, inevitably gets it too
    As Challa pointed out, I should have referred to the outbreaks in US, UK and Canada, however those areas are covered by 2 other websites affiliated with this one 1) dailyexpose.co.uk and 2) Cairnsnews.org, where you will find my posts also – I don’t know if any of you know about other websites affiliated with these three, but I would be interested to know, so that I can spread details of my free salt water cure there too.
    The other problem is that I don’t live in any of those countries and apart from what I occasionally see on the TV, with the exception of the UK, everyone else drives on the wrong side of the road!!
    and we have not experienced the Covid as you have, in any of those above countries and life here goes on as it always has for us, before and during “the overseas” pandemics and long might that last.
    I have heard on the Grapevine that some of those who have profited from the sales of those test vaccines, might be held to account as, amongst other things, the rules of The Geneva Convention have been breached on at least 10 occasions – but as with everything, we will have to wait and see…..
    With regards to the things I do on a daily basis, well, I don’t do much and going out and being entertained is not one of them, because being on a Seniors Pension, does not pay for very much, but enough to keep well ahead of my debts, which is really all that matters to me – hospital treatments are free as are ambulance services, but going to the dentist is like being charged by a wounded bull, but with only 5 teeth left in my head, that does not pose much of a problem for me anymore (much laughter)
    I had a Vasectomy 35 years ago so that I would not get any woman pregnant and every woman I have met since, either had a Hysterectomy, or had her tubes tied, so that was never going to happen anyway, as it turned out. “Such is life”.
    I do the least possible, in the longest time possible and after 23 years of being “retired” I have it down to a fine art!!
    Gates wife, had to agree to Bill going off on his own for 3 weeks each year (or more) to f*ck some other woman he had the hots for and so far as I can see, they had a pretty open marriage, which she got fed up with, but by the same token, if, Bill has his hands in Covid vaccinations, perhaps that was just too much for her to accept, being as wealthy as they both are – but since nobody is telling, we don’t really know the reasons why they are separating, do we?
    My purpose, really, in posting anything on these above websites, is/was to promote my free salt water cure as an option over “you must have “Test Vaccines” because you have been told to do so and the numbers of people who have been recorded as having died from Test Vaccines, in both America and the UK (Yellow Card System of voluntary reporting) is very high, which is OK, as long as you are not the next lucky person who gets made dead, soon after your first, or second, “Test Vaccine” shot – it seems to be a lot like Russian Roulette with a pistol with 2 of the magazine holders loaded, instead of just one – you know, spin the magazine and hold the gun to your head and pull the trigger – do you live or do you die!!
    I read this article too ” In fact Texas has told that animal trials were ended because too many animals were dying in the trials” and I replied to it, by mentioning that test animals have rights now whereas it seems “we” humans don’t, so far as Governments and Test Vaccine makers are concerned, but that might change very soon (fingers crossed).
    The problem with this and the other 2 similar websites is that we don’t reach the larger community, we only reach those who have similar opinions to those of our own – I go to another one, where I have posted my free salt water cure frequently, but the same problem occurs there too.
    I can only do the best I can do and I have also contacted American Newspapers, Trump on one occasion, FBI, CIA, MI.5, MI.6 Reuters and various other papers, as they come to mind, with zero results – my salt water cure was approved by The New York Times for publication, but it never made it to print (shrug).
    I understand the fears that others post here and I can only sympathize, because these topics have been well covered in the above online newspapers I refer to above and there is nothing anyone can do, for the time being, to change the way the masses are being manipulated into having Test Vaccines, so there really is no point in my responding to them, or perhaps stoking fears more, which is the very last thing I want to do.
    All I can really say is you have 2 options now, where you only had one before and it is your life and you have to decide for yourself which path you will take, because you must take one or the other, if you don’t want to die from Covid complications – make no mistake – Coronavirus/Covid is real and it will kill you when you get infected, as inevitably, you will be.
    So my free salt water cure, or the Test Vaccines – your choice.
    If you sit on the fence and do nothing, potentially you will die a horrid death, very much like when you land a fish and leave it to die in the air – gasping its life away, it is a long and painful process, so I understand.



    In his 1859 book, “The Origin of the Species,” Charles Darwin stated that only the strongest will survive. But in times of our Vaccine Holocaust, strength comes from researching the issues, becoming thoroughly informed, following real science, and knowing how to overcome an onslaught of demons in Government and in the media.

    Politics have little to do with this issue anymore. Both the 45th and 46th Presidents are in a pissing contest – seeing which one will amass the most credit for “Operation Warp Death.” Not helpful.
    Face reality here: Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS. Death by MITOCHONDRIAL CANCER due to cytokine storms! Same curtain call, just more pain.

    But I am not talking to the “vaccinated.” They are the Walking Dead. There is no cure for the “vaccine,” because it is not a “vaccine,” but rather Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Gene Therapy by Bill Gates and Big Pharma exported under the guise of an “Emergency Use Authorization.” It has been craftily designed to make people want something “appealing” that will kill them. And the end [for them] is very near. Life Insurance companies are already talking about not paying the Vaccinated. No compensation for insanity, stupidity, or gullibility!

    It is we, the unvaccinated that need protection from the Walking Dead. I am an older guy that loves to admire beautiful women. But if a Victoria’s Secret Model or a James Bond Girl threw herself at me and told me she was “vaccinated,” I would neither kiss her or sleep with her. I would run like hell!
    The persecuted “Unvaccinated” are waking up. Heroes and heroines like Health Ranger Mike Adams, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, Henry Makow and others are beacons of light and who will some day soon be heralded into the realm of “Vaccine Holocaust Sainthood” for saving the lives of people willing to listen and follow the real science, not the madness of Dr. Phony Fauci and his ilk of mass murderers.

    Why am I writing this paper? Because we, the “unvaccinated,” need protection from THEM ‼! And by “THEM,” I mean all of those who are now spreading their Messenger RNA contagion through a form of Frequency Transmissibility called “Shedding.” Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has done incredible research on this issue. “Contagious” doesn’t even mildly describe what it is.

    Thousands of couples are headed for divorce over this problem. Families are splitting apart. We are in a civil war of the mind, which we will ultimately win, because we won’t be the ones who all wind up dead, because we KNOW what is happening around us and they don’t!

    I hope someone designs a T-shirt that reads: “If you have been vaccinated, then stay the f— away from me!” We need at least a hundred million of those right now ‼!

    For those who have been vaccinated, there is nothing we can do. There is no cure. They are deathly sick, and they will die. Most do not know it yet, but it will hit them all like a ton of bricks. Our society as we know it will collapse. Our monetary system, the “great reset,” as the Globalists call it, will be in full swing. Federal Reserve Notes are worthless anyway, because they are debt notes, and you can never repay debt with debt. Real Estate values will plummet and fall into the largest housing crash ever, because dead people won’t be selling their houses and demand from unvaccinated survivors will drop to nothing! After all, would you buy a Vaccine Death House? So, what’s a good business to get into? I guess the funeral business: lots of demand there; but make sure you get paid in gold or silver, not even in sh-tcoins, because the banking system will collapse.

    So why is this “Darwinian Natural Selection?” Because none of us, the “unvaccinated,” will ever want to be within a feather’s throw of the dead and the dying. Ever wonder why the TV series “The Walking Dead” was produced? Creative minds wanted to test-market the idea of a caste society where only those humans who are sane, capable or discernment, students of truth, and those capable of evaluating genuine data buried within a quagmire of lies, Governmentally-false narratives, and media quicksand will emerge as “Darwinian Survivors.” The only way to “win the human race” is to avoid the “vaccine” like the plague [because that’s what it is]! Anyone who has ever had faith in a “vaccine” instead of a higher power probably deserves to sacrifice his or her brain, heart, and lungs to Bill Gates at the bottomless pit of the Georgia Guidestones, which he worships, mandating human population at 500 million or less, which is why he wants the rest of the 7 billion to die!

    I am writing this not to scare you [although being aware of the impending terror is undoubtedly a good thing], but to rather to keep you safe and alive! Even if means never getting on a plane or going to a sporting event or a store on Black Friday, stay the hell away from vaccinated people – unless you are a psychic and can tell the sane ones from the inoculated “sheeple.”

    I hate to sound heartless, but let natural selection take its course and after five years of seeing funeral pyres on every block, we sane ones may have a fighting chance to inherit the earth. The good news is that the Walking Dead eventually will die. Sorry if it’s a loved one. There was grief and heartbreak in the TV series too.

    And I hope that we, the unvaccinated and “never-will-be-vaccinated” flourish and prosper long enough to see true justice prevail, where Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Globalists at “[mRNA]” Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Nazi-Zeneca get tried and convicted in Nuremberg-style proceedings, and then get slowly lowered into a boiling vat of hydro-sulfuric acid to compensate for the deaths of billions of people. And I wish that for them happily and without the slightest bit of anger, I say in subtle sarcasm.
    Stay safe, healthy, and far away from the Walking Dead!

    With infinite respect for your life and mine,
    Steve Fishman

  21. Children’s Health Defense and Parental Rights Foundation are preparing to jointly file a lawsuit challenging the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020 as unconstitutional.

    The recently enacted law allows children 11 and older to receive vaccinations at school without the knowledge or consent of a parent. Under the new law, even if the parent has previously submitted a written religious exemption statement, school officials may secretly administer vaccines to the child against the parents’ written directive.

    Immediate legal action is necessary to protect children and parental rights, especially now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 12 and older.

    On May 12, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices met and approved adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule for children 12 and older. Now that this has occurred, D.C. public health officials will be able to immediately vaccinate children 12 years and older with the COVID-19 vaccine and children 11 years and older for other vaccines against their parents’ wishes.

    If a child is injured by a vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry and the school system will be shielded from liability.

    In order for Children’s Health Defense and Parental Rights Foundation to file a lawsuit to stop the administration of vaccinations to children without the parents’ knowledge or informed consent, we must find plaintiffs with legal standing now.

    To be a plaintiff in a case challenging the new law, the parent and child must meet the following requirements:

    The parent and child must be residents of the District of Columbia.
    The child must be between the ages of 11 and 18.
    The child must be eligible for enrollment in school in the District of Columbia.
    The child’s school may be public or private.

    If you and your child meet these requirements and you wish to stand up for your constitutional rights and liberty, please use the form below to contact Children’s Health Defense.

  22. To Steve Fishman:
    Hail Brother in Arms, another soul with the same expectations as me – wonderful
    But, in the event of getting Coronavirus, we all need to have readily available options, hence my free salt water cure, as one of those.
    Re: Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Globalists at “[mRNA]” Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Nazi-Zeneca get tried and convicted in Nuremberg-style proceedings,
    Those proceedings are being arranged as we speak, however, these things take time (Geneva Convention) and one must wonder, if, for example, the above test vaccine makers get free reign to inject their test vaccines into anybody, the Geneva Convention thing won’t be too late.
    Perhaps if they get Government approval for their Test Vaccines, they can be held accountable for them.


  23. This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” cover the latest COVID headlines, including New York’s plan to vaccinate tourists, Novavax’s COVID-flu combo vaccine and Utah’s first case of a male Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipient developing a blood clot.

    Mary and Polly also discuss the growing call for COVID booster shots, the plan to use schools as vaccination sites in order to overcome “vaccine hesitancy” and Brazil’s decision to stop using AstraZeneca after the death of a pregnant woman, linked to the vaccine.

    Here are some of this week’s highlights:

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children as young as 12, claiming the vaccines are “100% effective” and “safe.” They’re doing this “under the umbrella of the idea that this is the only way to get to herd immunity,” Mary said. But it’s really because they’ve “tapped out” the adult market, so distributing the vaccines in schools is the next step. “Some will be severely injured, some will die — this won’t end well,” Mary said.
    Dr. Anthony Fauci is pleading with adolescents to be “part of the solution.” He’s “selling altruism,” Mary said. “This may be of no benefit to you, but do it for your grandma.”
    Detroit’s mayor is offering $50 to anyone who convinces a friend or family member to get vaccinated — it’s called the “Good Neighbor Program.”
    Pfizer says it’s hoping to seek authorization for its vaccine for children age 2 and up by September, and for 6 months and up by end of 2021. “It’s all part of the ‘cradle-to-grave’ compulsory vaccine program,” Mary said.
    44% of employers are considering mandating COVID vaccines, but others are leaning toward using incentives to persuade employees to get the vaccine. “Either way, there’s this compulsion to do something to your body that you don’t want to do,” Mary said. “If you can’t control what goes inside your blood stream, you don’t have control over your life.”
    Some restaurant workers are wearing bracelets to show customers they’ve been vaccinated. “This is about telegraphing your vaccine status, and bestowing privileges based on status,” Mary said. “But these are rights, not privileges.”

  24. COVID Vaccine Secrets Resources
    Is the video correct? Here are the sources.

    We encourage you to check them for yourself.
    According to the FDA, their list of “possible adverse event outcomes” includes:

    FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines:
    DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes Subject to change

    Guillain-Barré syndrome
    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
    Transverse myelitis
    Encephalitis / myelitis / encephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis / meningitis / encepholapathy
    Convulsions / seizures
    Narcolepsy and cataplexy
    Acute myocardial infarction
    Myocarditis / pericarditis
    Autoimmune disease
    Pregnancy and birth outcomes
    Other acute demyelinating diseases
    Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation
    Venous thromboembolism
    Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
    Kawasaki disease
    Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
    Vaccine enhanced disease


    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation

    Deaths and injuries from these injections are already being reported:

    Washington Post Buries Facts About Death Of Volunteer In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
    A ‘healthy’ doctor died two weeks after getting a COVID-19 vaccine; CDC is investigating why
    California resident dies several hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine; cause of death remains unclear
    Metro healthcare worker describes severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine
    Health care worker dies after second dose of COVID vaccine, investigations underway


    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) Reports of Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects and Deaths:
    VAERS data released on April 2, 2021 showed 50,861 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,249 deaths and 7,726 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 26, 2021.

    Here are some examples:

    VAERS ID 920545-1 The resident received is vaccine around 11:00 am… He was found without a pulse, respirations, or blood pressure at 1:54 pm.
    VAERS ID 931417-1 patient began to complain of severe chest pain 3 hours after the vaccine was given… EKG obtained and revealed ST segment elevation and a “cardiac alert” was called.
    VAERS ID 904436-1 The patient was well prior to vaccination…He came to the hospital where he was tachycardia to 200 bpm and hypotensive to SBP70s
    VAERS ID 921641-1 Administered first dose of COVID19 vaccine at 1:29pm on 1/4/21. At approximately 11:00pm resident exhibited acute respiratory decompensation
    VAERS ID 919604-1 Within 15 minutes of receiving the vaccine she developed pain and numbness, starting at the injection site traveling down the ulnar aspect of her arm, and nausea.
    VAERS ID 929391-1 Pt received vaccine and complained of difficulty swallowing and rapid heart rate… Pt then transported to hospital via ambulance
    VAERS ID 919087-1 Patient was admitted from 12/27- 12/28/2020 at hospital by cardiology team who strongly felt the acute pericarditis was due to the Pfizer Vaccine (Dr. was senior cardiologist).
    VAERS ID 924078-1 Client received vaccine at approximately 3:50pm, waited in observational area x30min. Left with husband, stated that she got a few miles down the road and starting experiencing tightness in her chest… 911 called.
    VAERS ID 932145-1 Patient came into the emergency department on 1/8/21 with an acute ischemic stroke with complete occlusion of her left MCA… She received her 1st COVID-19 vaccine dose that morning at 10:31am.
    VAERS ID 934539-1 Patient received COVID-19 (Moderna) vaccine from the Health Department on afternoon of January 8, 2021 and went to sleep approximately 2300 that night. Was found unresponsive in bed the following morning and pronounced dead at 1336 on January 9, 2021
    VAERS ID 940955-1 Cardiac Arrest; Patient was found pulseless and breathless 20 minutes following the vaccine administration.
    VAERS ID 932346-1 Received second dose of pfizer covid-19 vaccine 1/8/21 – Fever, dizziness, headache 1/10/21 0250 was found not breathing. EMS performed CPR and patient deceased
    VAERS ID 946097-1 Died 3 days after receiving the vaccine/Death cause: Pneumonia per doctor

    International Reports of Side Effects and Deaths Associated with the Covid Vaccines


    23 deaths associated with covid-19 vaccination of which 13 have been assessed.
    Swiss nursing home resident reportedly dies after getting COVID-19 vaccine
    Israeli man reportedly dies of heart attack hours after getting COVID vaccine
    Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he ‘wants answers’
    Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

    The Covid-19 vaccine makers have total indemnification from any liability as a result of the injuries or deaths caused by their respective vaccines.

    The Prep Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act)
    You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either

    The Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Uses MRNA technology

    From: CDC’s Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Updated Mar. 4, 2021

    “Messenger RNA vaccines—also called mRNA vaccines—are some of the first COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States.

    New Approach to Vaccines

    mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases. To trigger an immune response, many vaccines put a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies. Not mRNA vaccines. Instead, they teach our cells how to make a protein—or even just a piece of a protein—that triggers an immune response inside our bodies…

    A Closer Look at How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work

    COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the “spike protein.” The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.

    COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. Once the instructions (mRNA) are inside the immune cells, the cells use them to make the protein piece…”


    Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

    Ingredients of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

    “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose.”


    Summary of the Public Assessment Report for Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
    Updated 31 December 2020
    The Pfizer version of the injection contains a number of experimental and industrial chemicals, including:
    ALC-0315, a positively charged molecule that helps the nanoparticles form.
    ALC-0159, a polyethylene glycol (PEG) lipid conjugate.
    There is also potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, and dibasic sodium phosphate dehydrate. Some of these ingredients have been used in fertilizers.
    “Monopotassium phosphate, MKP, (also potassium dihydrogenphosphate, KDP, or monobasic potassium phosphate), KH2PO4, is a soluble salt of potassium and the dihydrogen phosphate ion which is used as a fertilizer, a food additive and a fungicide.”
    Chemisty Libre Texts
    “Dibasic sodium phosphate is used as a food additive to maintain emulsions and proper acidity of food products, in the manufacture of fertilizers, as a food supplement for humans and farm animals, in the treatment of silk, for fireproofing of wood and paper products, to treat boiler water, in the production of detergents, as a raw material in the manufacture of ceramics, as a mordant for dyeing, and as a cathartic and laxative.”
    Sodium Phosphate

    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273) ingredients

    “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is a white to off-white, sterile, preservative-free frozen suspension for intramuscular injection. The vaccine contains a synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) encoding the pre-fusion stabilized spike glycoprotein (S) of SARS-CoV-2 virus. The vaccine also contains the following ingredients: lipids (SM-102, 1,2-dimyristoyl-rac-glycero3-methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000 [PEG2000-DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]), tromethamine, tromethamine hydrochloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate, and sucrose.”


    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting December 17, 2020 FDA Briefing Document Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

    The Moderna version contains similar chemicals to Pfizer’s version, including PEG and tromethamine which is a drug used to treat metabolic acidosis.

    Tromethamine comes with a long list of side effects including:

    dark urine
    fast heartbeat
    general ill feeling or flu-like symptoms
    light-colored stools
    pain, redness, or irritation at site where injected
    right upper belly pain
    unusually weak or tired
    yellowing of the eyes or skin

    And it may interact with other medicines including:

    amphetamines like amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, lisdexamfetamine, methamphetamine
    Tromethamine Solution for Injection From Cleveland Clinic

    Moderna version contains “SM-102” which is proprietary to the company.

    SM-102 is described by the National Institute of Health as a “proprietary ionizable lipid.”


    History of Changes for Study: NCT04283461 Safety and Immunogenicity Study of 2019-nCoV Vaccine (mRNA-1273) for Prophylaxis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (COVID-19)
    SM-102 (Proprietary to Moderna)

    Many people have antibodies to PEG, so this ingredient can causes allergic or anaphylactic reactions.

    PEG is derived from petroleum and a large percentage of the population has antibodies to PEG which means that getting that injected into them could be dangerous or life threatening.


    The Mystery of Antibodies Against Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) – What do we Know?

    The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is the group that decided to approve the experimental injection for emergency use.

    Arnold Monto presided over the discussion.


    (full video).
    “Okay, we have many, many questions and we’re going to have to limit them.”
    “We need to keep it brief.”
    “No follow up. We’re pressed for time. I got 10 people who want to ask questions.”
    “I’m going to excuse Dr. Fink” — Doran Fink of the FDA — “from having to answer that part of the question.”
    “Okay, we’re going to not worry about adaptive and innate immune responses right now. We’ll take that offline.”
    “I think we want to stay away from more discussions about immune response and other things that could be taken offline.”
    “Very quickly!”
    “Let’s keep the answer relatively short. That’s a very big question.”
    “One part only!”
    See excerpts at Children’s Health Defense.
    Monto has received money from Pfizer as recently as December 2018.

    Pfizer vaccine: lack of safety studies

    It was felt unnecessary to see how the Pfizer injection affects the brain, kidneys, lungs or heart of people who get it.
    “[I]f data from other studies suggest that the vaccine may affect physiological functions (central nervous system, renal, respiratory or cardiovascular system functions), safety pharmacology studies should be incorporated into the toxicity assessment. This does not apply for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.”
    No studies were done to see how the Pfizer injection reacts with other drugs that we may be taking.
    “No PK drug interaction studies have been conducted with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.”
    No toxicity studies were done on a single dose.
    “No single dose toxicity studies have been performed.”
    No toxicokinetics studies were done. These are studies that see what happens to a substance when it gets into our body.
    “No toxicokinetic studies have been performed with the vaccine.”
    No genotoxicity studies were done. These are studies that see if chemicals damage our DNA.
    “No genotoxicity studies are planned for BNT162b2.”
    No carcinogenicity studies were done. These are studies that determine if a substance causes cancer.
    “Carcinogenicity studies with BNT162b2 have not been conducted.”
    No studies were done on how the experimental injection affects prenatal and postnatal development in moms or newborns.
    “Prenatal and postnatal development, including maternal function. No such studies have been done.”
    No studies were done to find out what happens when parents get the injection and their children, born after, also get it.
    “Studies in which the offspring (juvenile animals) are dosed and/or further evaluated. No such studies have been done.”
    They have no idea whether the experimental injection is safe for pregnant women.
    “[S]afe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time.”
    No studies were conducted to see how the Pfizer ingredients in the experimental injection are eliminated from our bodies.
    “No excretion studies have been conducted with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2.”

    Source for all the above statements:

    British Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Decision Summary of the Public Assessment Report for Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine Updated 31 December 2020
    Vaccinated people are still getting Covid


    Here’s why some people test positive after getting a Covid-19 vaccine
    Vaccinated but Sick With COVID-19
    You Can Still Spread, Develop COVID-19 After Getting a Vaccine: What to Know

    All the clinical trials proved was that the injection reduced the risk of mild Covid-19 symptoms like cough or muscle pain.

    Here is what Pfizer said:


    “The first primary end point was the efficacy of BNT162b2 against confirmed Covid-19 with onset at least 7 days after the second dose in participants who had been without serologic or virologic evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection up to 7 days after the second dose; the second primary end point was efficacy in participants with and participants without evidence of prior infection. Confirmed Covid-19 was defined according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criteria as the presence of at least one of the following symptoms: fever, new or increased cough, new or increased shortness of breath, chills, new or increased muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, diarrhea, or vomiting, combined with a respiratory specimen obtained during the symptomatic period or within 4 days before or after it that was positive for SARS-CoV-2 by nucleic acid amplification–based testing, either at the central laboratory or at a local testing facility (using a protocol-defined acceptable test).”

    Note that the “first primary endpoint” makes no mention of stopping people from getting Covid or going to the hospital with Covid or getting very sick with Covid or transmitting or infecting other people with Covid. It just discusses cough, fever, etc. which can be caused by hundreds of different things.

    What they did:

    They took 36,523 people and divided them into two groups. 18,198 got the injection and 18,325 didn’t.
    Then they looked at how many people had an increased cough or muscle pain or sore throat or diarrhea or some other generic symptom that can be caused by almost anything.
    Next, they used PCR tests to see how many of them supposedly had Covid. They found that 8 of them got the Experimental Injection and 162 did not. Based on these results they called their injection 95% effective.


    Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Fernando P. Polack, et al., N Engl J Med 2020; 383:2603-2615
    The Clinical Trial does discuss severe Covid. Here’s what it says:

    “Major secondary end points included the efficacy of BNT162b2 against severe Covid-19. Severe Covid-19 is defined by the FDA as confirmed Covid-19 with one of the following additional features: clinical signs at rest that are indicative of severe systemic illness; respiratory failure; evidence of shock; significant acute renal, hepatic, or neurologic dysfunction; admission to an intensive care unit; or death. Details are provided in the protocol. An explanation of the various denominator values for use in assessing the results of the trial is provided in Table S1 in the Supplementary Appendix.”

    Interestingly, when the report discusses the injection and the placebo it states:

    “No deaths were considered by the investigators to be related to the vaccine or placebo. No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed.”

    So how can they say the vaccine will stop you from dying from Covid if “No Covid-19–associated deaths were observed” in either the placebo or injection groups?

    But, putting that aside, what about the other severe side-effects? Here’s what appears in the Supplementary Appendix:

    So according to Pfizer’s data, out of 21,669 people who got the experimental injection 2 people had severe Covid and out of 21,686 people who got the placebo, 18 had severe Covid.

    Sound impressive. Let’s put that into simple statistics:

    The percentage of people who got the placebo and did not get severe Covid was 99.916997%
    The percentage of people who got the experimental injection and did not get severe Covid was 99.99077%

    Do these results prove that the injection is effective against stopping severe Covid symptoms? Is this statistically valid?
    Moderna Vaccine did not prove true clinical efficacy

    According to the FDA, they don’t know if the Moderna injection will protect people for more than 2 months.

    “[I]t is not possible to assess sustained efficacy over a period longer than 2 months.”

    The primary efficacy endpoints were similar to Pfizer such as things like sore throat or headache.

    For the primary efficacy endpoint, the case definition for a confirmed COVID-19 case was defined as:

    At least TWO of the following systemic symptoms: Fever (≥38ºC), chills, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s), or
    At least ONE of the following respiratory signs/ symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, OR clinical or radiographical evidence of pneumonia; and
    NP swab, nasal swab, or saliva sample (or respiratory sample, if hospitalized) positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR.

    If you already tested positive for Covid, they don’t know if the Moderna shot will provide any benefit because they didn’t test for this.

    “Thus, the study was not designed to assess the benefit in individuals with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

    They don’t know if the Moderna injection will stop people from dying from Covid.

    “A larger number of individuals at high risk of COVID-19 and higher attack rates would be needed to confirm efficacy of the vaccine against mortality.”

    They only have limited data to see whether the Moderna injection stops the virus from being transmitted from person to person.

    “Data are limited to assess the effect of the vaccine against transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from individuals who are infected despite vaccination.”

    There is no data to determine if the injection is safe for a large percentage of the population.

    “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as children less than 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating individuals, and immunocompromised individuals.”

    They don’t know if getting the injection will make getting the disease even worse.

    “However, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown…”

    Source for all the above statements:

    Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting December 17, 2020 FDA Briefing Document Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
    Doctors have found safe, effective and inexpensive treatments that work well in treating patients with Covid-19.

    One treatment is called Ivermectin.

    Ivermectin has been used for more than 30 years for the treatment of several diseases and it has a good safety profile.

    But, the government has recommended against the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.

    In fact, there are other treatments and vitamins like Hydroxychloroquin, Vitamin D and Zinc that physicians have found to be safe and effective in treating Covid, but the government doesn’t want them to be used either.

    Why would they do that?

    If we already have effective therapies against COVID, that would make the experimental injection totally unnecessary.


    Ivermectin has been used for more than 30 years for the treatment of several diseases.
    More than one million doses of the drug are administered daily, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Due to the low prevalence of adverse events with the use of this drug, ivermectin is considered to have a good safety profile and its potential benefit in other diseases is currently under investigation.
    The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel recommends against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19, except in a clinical trial (AIII).


    Critical voices from doctors, scientists, nurses, and others who have observed or researched what is really going on are all being censored. Here are just a couple of examples:

    Amazon, the company that sells Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” has suppressed books about Covid-19.
    Google-owned YouTube has pulled more than 800,000 videos about the epidemic.
    Facebook has removed claims about the injections that are not in-line with “public health experts.”
    Social media companies have resorted to censorship to suppress misinformation about the COVID‐19 pandemic.

    So why are the tech giants and cable news censoring all debate and discussion about a subject that affects the entire planet? What are they all so afraid of?

    There is only one reason for censorship whether it was in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany or in America in 2021, and that’s the need to hide information from us, the public. So ask yourself, what are they hiding? What are the motives to mislead and censor us?
    Your chance of surviving Covid without the experimental injection is around 99%

    The data on deaths from Covid-19 comes from the CDC from January 27, 2021. The most current data can be found here.

    Interestingly, the CDC changed their bookkeeping recently by lumping different age groups together. However, the data in the video comes from January 27, 2021 when the age groups were more detailed. That data was removed by the CDC, but here are two screenshots of the data from January 21, 2021 and February 3, 2021.

    Here is the raw data and the calculations used in the video:

    As of January 27, 2021
    US Population by Age
    Number Age
    3,783,052 Under 1 year
    15,793,631 1–4 years
    40,994,163 5–14 years
    42,687,510 15–24 years
    45,940,321 25–34 years
    41,659,144 35–44 years
    40,874,902 45–54 years
    42,448,537 55–64 years
    31,483,433 65–74 years
    15,969,872 75–84 years
    6,604,958 85 years and over
    328,239,523 Total
    Deaths from Covid by Age (as of 1/27/21)
    All ages 359,352
    Under 1 year 42
    1–4 years 21
    5–14 years 58
    15–24 years 537
    25–34 years 2,335
    35–44 years 6,139
    45–54 years 16,760
    55–64 years 42,031
    65–74 years 76,404
    75–84 years 99,342
    85 years and over 115,683
    Age Death % (from Covid) Living %
    0-14 0.0002% 99.9998%
    15-44 0.0069% 99.9931%
    45-64 0.0706% 99.9294%
    65-85 0.3703% 99.6297%
    Over 85 1.7501% 98.2499%

    Your chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime according to U.S. Weather Service is one out of 15,300 or .0065% which is about your chance of dying from Covid if your 15-44 years of age. It’s less if you are younger and more if you are older.
    Covid case counts and death counts are inflated because they come from a test called PCR

    PCR was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis, an American biochemist, and he won the Nobel Prize for it.

    Dr. Mullis died on August 7, 2019, but he was angry about how his test was being misused even before Covid. For example, when Tony Fauci was using Dr. Mullis’ PCR to test for HIV, Dr. Mullis was very outspoken and even called Fauci a liar.

    Dr. Mullis said, “[Tony Fauci] does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary and lie directly into the camera.”

    Dr. Mullis said that his PCR test doesn’t tell you that you are sick. It just finds fragments of viruses, pieces of RNA or DNA. The test is not designed to find an actual intact virus.

    Mullis said:

    “With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody…[PCR] allows you to take a very miniscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it in meetings as if it is important…[PCR] doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you.”

    Even, Tony Fauci told us, perhaps accidentally, that the tests are inaccurate.

    PCR uses cycles to amplify something very small so it can be detected. But, too many cycles and the test is inaccurate. So, the more cycles PCR uses the more inaccurate it becomes. For Covid-19, Fauci said anything more than 35 cycles is inaccurate.

    Fauci said:

    “…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-confident [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36… you got to say it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

    But, the FDA, which authorizes the PCR test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35.

    The FDA states:

    “When all controls exhibit the expected performance, a specimen is considered positive for 2019-nCoV if all 2019-nCoV marker (N1, N2) cycle threshold growth curves cross the threshold line within 40.00 cycles (< 40.00 Ct). The RNase P may or may not be positive as described above, but the 2019-nCoV result is still valid.”


    CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel For Emergency Use Only See pdf page 37. This document is marked, “Effective: 12/01/2020.”

    Dr. Michael Yeadon, who was a vice president at Pfizer, one of the companies making the injection, wrote a 43 page paper with a fellow doctor and explained in detail why the PCR tests are in his words “useless.”

    Those reasons included: lack of controls, lack of validation, no standard operating procedure, and significant conflicts of interest including the fact that one or more of the people who designed the PCR test for Covid actually sells the test kits.

    Dr. Yeadon said:

    “In light of our re-examination of the test protocol to identify SARS-CoV-2 described in the Corman-Drosten paper we have identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test useless.”



    All of this means that the thousands of Covid testing labs in the US that follow the FDA guideline are participating in a fraud.
    It means that millions of Americans are being told they are infected with the virus on the basis of a false positive result.
    The test is finding “dead nucleotides”, not infectious virus.
    And that means that the total number of COVID cases and deaths in America is wrong.

    94% of all Covid deaths had an average of 2.9 co-morbidities (as of March 5, 2021 it is 3.8).

    According to the CDC, 94% of people who supposedly died from Covid, had on average about 3 other diseases that could have contributed to their death.

    On 12/6/20 the CDC stated that there are on average 2.9 other causes of death for someone listed as a Covid-19 death. The CDC stated, “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.9 additional conditions or causes per death.”


    CDC’s Conditions contributing to deaths involving COVID-19, by age group, United States. Week ending 2/1/2020 to 12/5/2020.
    As of March 25, 2021, it is now 3.8 other causes. The CDC states, “For 6% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 3.8 additional conditions or causes per death.”
    Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics


  25. Is the COVID vaccine safe? Has it been thoroughly tested? What are the long-term side effects? Is it even effective?

    According to the video below, “COVID Vaccine Secrets,” the government, the media and even celebrities tell us we must all get the vaccine, that it’s the only way to stay safe from COVID-19.

    But missing from those conversations is an open and honest discussion about the potential health risks of the vaccine. How many people have died or been injured after getting the vaccine? And why is it making some people sick? Is it because of the vaccine’s ingredients?

    We may never know. According to the video:

    “Nothing like this has ever been used before. This is not a vaccine. Vaccines are where a microorganism, such as a virus, is pumped into the body at a small dose so your immune system can respond and begin making antibodies. That’s the theory, anyway. But that’s not what these shots do.”

    The COVID shot is a synthetic mRNA vaccine. Once injected into your body, tiny nanoparticles punch holes in your cells to disperse the synthetic mRNA. This process tells your body to make parts of the COVID-19 virus.

    “It’s like hacking a computer,” notes the video. “But instead of your computer, they’re hacking your body to make part of a virus.” According to the video:

    “The COVID injection bypasses your DNA, the same way a hacker bypasses the security firewall of a computer. The computer hacker spreads a virus. The injection hacker makes part of the virus. But you’re not a machine. So how can you be sure that it’s safe and that the only code they’re uploading into your cells is the code supposedly to fight COVID-19?”

    The video also asks: Have these experimental COVID vaccines been rigorously tested for safety? The answer is no. According to the video:

    No studies were done to see how the injection reacts with other drugs you might be taking.
    No toxicity studies were done on a single dose.
    No toxicokinetic studies have been done with the vaccine to see what happens to these chemicals once they are in your body.
    No genotoxicity studies were done to see what happens to your DNA.
    No carcinogenicity studies were performed to determine if the substances in the vaccine cause cancer.
    No studies were done on how the vaccine affects prenatal and postnatal development in moms or newborns.
    No studies were done to find out what happens when couples get the injection and any subsequent children they may have who will also receive the shot.


  26. What really scares me is the free hand that Big Pharma has been given to test billions of subjects that were all too willing to take the treatment without any knowledge of what the long term outcome will be for them. They created the conditions to scare all these people into willingly subject themselves by orchestrating a phony world wide pandemic that affects 1% of the world’s weakest population (over 70) and makes it sound like a killer bubonic plague of the 21st century. Everyone is being pressure to take these treatments because they want to get back to normalcy. The leaders of this lemming like march have gone to great lengths to suppress public opposition to their agenda. That is way more scary than anything written on this platform. The data has been massaged to make this plague look worse than it is. The way the deaths are reported one questions whether covid caused the deaths or whether immuno compromised individuals were the unfortunate collateral victims. The CDC went so far as to classify car accident deaths as covid if that person had a +PCR test so imagine the whole gamut of possibilities abd range that doctors had to pile up the statistics. The only way to really get a handle on the numbers is to examine the normal death rate from all causes and to see if there are many additional deaths in the wake of the virus. I have not seen the data but I am told that the excess deaths are nothing like the numbers being bandied about by the reporting agencies. I my circles I have had only one family member that was infected out of 30 which is about 3% and jives with the general infection rate of the general public. So no the only conspiracy if one looks at is the false narrative that the powers that be have inflicted on the world population in getting them to waive their right to full disclosure of the unknown long term outcome of a couple billion applications of an experimental treatment.

  27. How many people have ever heard the word RNA or know by what mechanism DNA used to replicate and disseminate DNA code information to make the biological organism operate before 8 months ago?

  28. In reply to your request: Coronavirus and viruses cure:
    1 heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm water, (can be cold) cup a hand and sniff or snort the whole lot up, spitting anything which comes down into your mouth – no reaction fine, blow out your nose, flush away, washing your hands afterwards, you don’t have a virus .
    A reaction, you have a virus – retain the salt water in your head for as long as the soreness lasts (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose, flush away, washing hands afterwards and do this treatment 3 times a day, morning, noon, night, or more often, until the soreness goes away, when you have killed off the virus in your head and you won’t get the disease it will become, as I have done these past 26 years and to this, I add those virus related diseases which remain unknown to us, but are delivered by a virus, as in (unspecified) air pollution. Simple.
    Me, 9,490 days never ill, salt water cure vs vaccines about 160 days and horrid side effects, The European Union’s vaccine injury reporting system had logged 330,2018 adverse event reports, including 7,766 deaths, as of April 17, 2021, and the U.S. reporting system had logged 118,902 adverse event reports as of April 23, including 3,544 deaths and 12,618 serious injuries (Mercola) it is a test vaccine and the makers cannot be held accountable for whatever it does, in the short, or longer term – you are human laboratory white mice, all said and done. Vaccinated. Too late!!
    Try it, if you are satisfied with the results, pass the cure along, if results are not excellent, there are still the untested, trial vaccines to fall back on.
    I never have Flu shots, or this vaccine either. No point doing the above salt water cure and then having vaccine shots too – like Duh!!
    About 26 years ago, I read the report from a posh Research Center in America, where the author suggested, in his research paper, that his experiments with Salt Water cured flu type colds and he in turn referred to the Swedish or Norwegian Army (I think), who had barrels filled with Salt Water, attached to a hose, out of the bottom, which soldiers used to flush out their heads, when they thought they were getting a cold – and their troops never got colds.
    I have been doing it ever since and neither do I, from any virus related “thing”.
    There are weak salt water spray preparations you can buy from your local chemist, to clear your head. To my way of thinking, (as above) you need a stronger salt water solution to wash out your inner head and no spray is ever going to be enough to do that, which is proof of safety concerns, regarding salt, as above.
    If you are allergic to salt – don’t do as I suggest!!

  29. Are these new types of genetic engineering vaccines (like Covishield and mRNA vaccines) causing the rise of highly resistant super viruses, like the GMO plants led to the rise of highly resistant superbugs?

  30. Everyone knows that the “second wave” is not a variant at all. IT IS THE “VACCINE” ITSELF !!! This is not rocket science. Recognize that a real vaccine creates antibodies to prevent disease. This horrific injection puts Messenger RNA into your body made out of spike proteins causing MITOCHONDRIAL CANCER in order to kill you! Wake up already!

  31. Magnet Phenomenon?
    Published 9 hours ago on May 18, 2021
    By Makia Freeman


    With the eerie COVID vax magnet phenomenon in full swing, we must look deeper to discover what could be causing magnets to stick to people's arms at the injection site.

    Is magnetic hydrogel the cause, given the recent studies showing it can be magnetically activated and remotely controlled via the Smart Grid? Or are there other explanations involving metallic nanoparticles?

    magnetic hydrogel

    Could advances in magnetic hydrogel explain the COVID vax magnet phenomenon, especially since studies admit it could be magnetically activated and remotely controlled via the Smart Grid?
    Could advances in magnetic hydrogel

    be the reason for the bizarre COVID vax magnet phenomenon? This sensation is becoming very well documented, with numerous COVID vaxxed people worldwide demonstrating on video that a magnet will stick on their arm at the injection site, but nowhere else on their body. TimTruth.com has released another compilation, this time a 47-minute version with people of all ages and cultures showing what happens. It represents overwhelming evidence that this is a real occurrence, despite what desperate debunkers and vaccine apologists claim, although vaccine apologists isn’t a good term for them, since this chemical cocktail injection is a non-vaccine. In some videos, people take the very same magnet off their arm and stick it right back on their fridge where it stays. Metallic nanoparticles is a good guess to explain what could be happening. This article will look specifically at advances in magnetic hydrogel and whether that could explain the phenomenon (for those unfamiliar with this, check out my earlier article on hydrogel).
    Magnetic Hydrogel Formation

    As a starting point, let’s define the word hydrogel: “a network of crosslinked polymer chains that are hydrophilic, sometimes found as a colloidal gel in which water is the dispersion medium. A three-dimensional solid results from the hydrophilic polymer chains being held together by cross-links.” This military article I have quoted before states that the hydrogel being developed (by Profusa with the help of DARPA) would be composed of 2 parts – “polymer chains” and “an electronic component.” Electronics almost always or always contain metal. A March 2020 study entitled Recent Advances on Magnetic Sensitive Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering goes into great depth analyzing how magnetic hydrogels (that are made using iron oxide-based particles and different types of hydrogel matrices) are being used in biomedical applications for tissue engineering (regenerative medicine that repairs damaged body tissue). They are apparently a suitable substance due to their biocompatibility, controlled architectures and “smart response to magnetic field remotely” which is a giveaway that they biosensors which can be remotely controlled via the Smart Grid. The technology in the public arena is already quite advanced, which means the real tech hidden away in compartmentalized military programs is far, far advanced. The report states:

    “Hydrogels have been conducted into the biomedical application to provide a tunable three-dimensional scaffold for cell adhesion, migration, and/or differentiation, and they could also be designed as the platform for the controlled release of cytokines and drugs in tissue engineering and drug delivery … Recently, magnetically responsive hydrogel, as one kind of smart hydrogels, has been introduced into biomedical applications in improving the biological activities of cells, tissues, or organs. This is mainly attributed to its magnetic responsiveness to external magnetic field … Magnetic hydrogels are made of composite materials that possess biocompatibility, biodegradation, and magnetic responsiveness.”

    magnetic hydrogel formation

    Image credit: Frontiers, from the study “Recent Advances on Magnetic Sensitive Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering”

    Like any technology, it could be used for good or evil, and this study is exclusively focused on how it could be used for good, i.e. for tissue regeneration. However nothing is said about how this advances the transhumanism agenda. The study ends with a note of caution:

    “In addition, more attention should be taken into consideration in evaluating the magnetic hydrogels’ pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetics, metabolism, biodegradation in vivo, and so on, which are of great significance in the applications of tissue engineering.”

    Magnetic Hydrogel Smart Transformers

    An article published December last year on Phys.org entitled Magnetically controlled, hydrogel-based smart transformers describes another study being done on magnetic hydrogel. In this study, the Chinese research team attempted to show proof of concept for a remote controlled transformer (the children’s toy) based on a shape memory hydrogel system. They embedded magnetite (Fe3O4, a type of iron oxide) and magnetic nanoparticles into a double network polymer structure containing gelatin. They used magnetism and light to remotely change the shape of the hydrogel. The report states:

    “The reversible coil-triple-helix transformation of the gelatin constituent imbued the hydrogel with shape memory and self-healing properties, while the magnetite nanoparticles gave photothermal heating and magnetic manipulation functions to deform the hydrogel for navigation in a magnetic field. The team could then restore the deformed shape via shape recovery using light irradiation. Zhang et al. remotely controlled the shape-memory processes through magnetically driven actuation and light-assisted shape memory.”

    The following quote shows how they control the shape and movement of the hydrogel. What implications are there for those who have the hydrogel inside of them – and how they can literally be remotely controlled – given this is all about controlling robots?

    “Magnetic nanoparticles are effective additives to introduce remotely controlled non-contact actuation. When hydrogels are illuminated with near-infrared (NIR) light, these magnetic nanoparticles will continuously convert light into heat, causing the hydrogel to be heated. This will cause reversible deformation of the hydrogel for applications as freely moving soft robots … The team also used the interaction between permanent magnets and the constituent magnetite nanoparticles of the HG-Fe3O4 hydrogel to guide the construct for directional navigation. Using the hydrogel, they showed how magnet-induced directional navigation could guide a soft transformer through a maze. Such experimental concepts have potential for a range of applications as soft carriers to transport cargo for drug delivery and release in biomedicine.”

    Jim Stone’s Theory: Nanobots Are Stealing Iron from the Blood

    Jim Stone was to my knowledge the first to break this story. His theory is worth considering. He is saying that whatever is being injected is either strongly metallic or generating an intense magnetic field – enough to attract an average fridge magnet when the vaccine needle tip is very small. How could that tiny amount of fluid in the COVID non-vaccine be magnetic enough to attract a magnet through human skin? He thinks the injection contains nanobots which harvest or steal hemoglobin (a type of iron oxide) from the blood in order to construct something. This is quite possible, given that the first study quoted above discussed that magnetic hydrogel was composed of iron oxide-based particles. Jim writes on his site:

    “I think whatever was in the vax that is magnetic was some sort of self replicating nano tech, (a chip was not injected) it was instead a nanotech with a bunch of nanobots that are building structures in the arm at the injection site that are magnetic. The needles being used for the vax are too small for an ID chip and an ID chip, even at full size, probably would not be enough to attract a magnet.

    If they are going to have nanobots build a magnetic structure in the body, those nanobots have to work with whatever the body has available to do it with. The only readily available source of magnetic metal in the body is hemoglobin in the blood, where a nano tech device could get iron to build something with. I don’t think a shot alone that was only 1CC or less could have made people THAT magnetic. They are VERY magnetic. which means whatever is under their skin making that happen had to come from their own bodies if a magnet will stick to it right through their skin.

    At first I figured it might just be the shot and that you’d need a neodymium magnet to see the effect. But ordinary ceramic magnets and flexible refrigerator magnets also work, and they work with force, often over an area 4 inches square. It is not a fringe effect. Something serious is going on with this, that involves the body being instructed to build something that is either metallic or emits a magnetic field.

    WHAT IF all the blood clots are happening because the shot released a bunch of nanobots, which attacked the blood to steal it’s hemoglobin so they could build something at the injection site? I BET that’s not a “what if”.”

    Final Thoughts

    In a recent interview with Alex Newman, Dr. Carrie Madej discusses how the nanotechnology embedded in these COVID non-vaccines has the potential to be an on demand drug delivery system. “On demand” means something has to trigger it to work, so the question is: what will trigger it? pH? A certain frequency? 5G? EMF? Whatever this metallic or magnetic substance is under the skin, it is certainly some kind of biosensor that is designed to receive and transmit signals. We are living in truly historical times, and may be witnessing the conversion en masse of millions or perhaps even billions of people into Human 2.0 – transhumans – with synthetic technology embedded inside of them. The way things are going, it will be the first such embedded technology, and not the last.

    Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative media / independent news site The Freedom Articles, author of the book Cancer: The Lies, the Truth and the Solutions and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com. Makia is on Steemit and LBRY.











    The Freedom Articles


  32. To: Steven Fishman
    Me: The Coronavirus is real, as is the Covid it later becomes (after 10 to 14 days of self isolation), however, with no choice but to have Test Vaccines or die a horrid death, what choice would anyone have, but to take the Test Vaccines and hope you survive both the Test Vaccines and Covid, when it is your turn to catch it.
    Only with my above (May17th) free, salt water cure, does anyone now have an option, other than Test Vaccines and to deal with Coronavirus, at its most vulnerable, in the head, before it is ever allowed to become Covid in the body – which Test Vaccines are for.
    Add to that the above article (18th May) about those magnets and one has to wonder if the Test Vaccines are something more and do things to the body, which are not published and about which nobody knows anything, except the creators, as “mind control” does seem to be a “Science Fiction Fantasy”, but is it, if not now and who does what to whom, to make sure the multitude do what they are told and have the Test Vaccines too.


  33. I had COVID-19 on June 26, 2020. My doctor, who is completely sane, prescribed Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Astralagus, Damiana Leaf Extract, Chlorella, and Collagen, and I was NEGATIVE in one day, after feeling fatigued and tired for 24 hours. Had everyone been given this treatment, then 99% of those who died would have lived. As far as the “Test Vaccine” is concerned, please take note that a real vaccine creates antibodies that PREVENT disease, not spike proteins which generates PRIONS which cause Mad Cow Disease in Humans, anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, lung paralysis, and MITOCHONRIAL CANCER. The jab is an Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Bioweapon. It is not a “test” — it is OPERATION WARP DEATH by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Tony Fauci, in coordination with Big Pharma.
    THERE IS NO CURE !!! 100% of thise “vaccinated” will be DEAD within 10 years !!!

  34. Anyone who has an “Experimental Test Vaccine”, has agreed to become a Lab Rat and animals of this type are expected to die, so that the scientists can perfect their test vaccines, so that fewer people die from them, as time passes.
    Normally, with Test Vaccines, it can take up to 10 years to perfect a test vaccine into one which is safe, although occasionally Virologists get it wrong, like Thalidomide for example (that one was horrid, as I recall).
    I imagine there are many ways to deal with Covid, once it is in your body, but that also depends on where you live, whether you are “Rich”, or considered “Poor” and the level of medical care you can call on, by result – if you go to an American hospital with Covid, you can expect a hospital bill afterwards, if you survive it, in the region of upwards of US$500,000 plus and the hospital will force you to repay them every cent, as I understand things (me not living in America) Phew!!
    Hence my above free salt water cure, for Coronavirus, before you allow it to become Covid in your body – if you live in a country with a heavy Covid occurrence, daily, do my salt water sniffle every couple of days, just to be sure, you remain safe.


  35. Scientific Study finds the spike protein used in Covid Vaccines causes Strokes, Heart attacks, and Blood Clots

    A scientific study has been published which has found the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, used in the Covid-19 vaccines causes major vascular damage inducing strokes, heart attacks, migraines, and blood clots among dozens of other dangerous adverse reactions that have already killed a minimum of over 1100 people in the UK and over 10,500 people across EU countries alone.

    The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published the bombshell scientific study revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used in the Covid jabs is what’s actually causing vascular damage. Critically, all three of the experimental Covid vaccines currently under emergency use authorisation in the UK either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture the spike protein and release them into the blood system.

    The Salk Institute study proves the assumption made by the vaccine industry, that the spike protein is inert and harmless, to be false and dangerously inaccurate.

    In an article entitled, “The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness“, published on April 30th, 2021, the Salk Institute warns that, “Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease.”

    From that article:

    Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins also play a key role in the disease itself.

    The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level.

    “A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it’s really a vascular disease,” says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study. “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

    The paper provides clear confirmation and a detailed explanation of the mechanism through which the protein damages vascular cells for the first time.

    In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

    The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

    Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.

    “If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”

    The research proves that the Covid vaccines are capable of inducing vascular disease and directly causing injuries and deaths stemming to blood clots and other vascular reactions. This is all caused by the spike protein that’s engineered into the vaccines.

    The Salk Institute article refers to this science paper published in Circulation Research: SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2.

    By The Daily Expose on May 19, 2021

    My free salt water cure has not killed me yet !!


  36. Sorry that is false the vaccines do not give your body instructions to fight an infection. Our body already knows how to fight an infection the vaccine is created to throw our body off so it can no longer function properly to fight any infection now and in the future. A virus does not exist it is never been proven to exist a virus has never ever been found would does exist however is biochemical weapons

  37. We need to stop calling it a “vaccine.” Vaccines create antibodies to prevent disease. This Lethal Injection is an Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Bioweapon deliberately calculated to kill people. It is the Frequency Transmissibility Shedding is the problem because we, the UNVACCINATED, have to be protected from the Ticking Time Bomb Walking Dead Lepers who are super-spreaders through breathing, belching, farting, and every other orifice they have. The studies are conclusive that WE are at risk from THEM. The inoculated have Messenger RNA containing cytokine storms of spike proteins and prions that deprive oxygen to the lungs, heart, and brain until the host/victim dies. Within 10 years or less, ALL of them will be dead. We need to stay alive until then.

  38. 10 years is about how much time I have left, getting old and all – not far off 75 now.
    Much Laughter.

  39. You lost me at the point where you stated that we know it came from an animal and jumped across to us humans.
    It almost certainly was created by the Chinese Communist researchers at the Wuhan Lab.
    Whether or not it was released accidently, or intentionally has yet to be determined.

  40. I don’t see that it matters if it came from the Wuhan Bio-Lab owned by Pfizer, or it came from a Bat from the Wet Market about 300 yards away from the Wuhan Bio-Lab, as has been reported, what we do know is that lots of Chinese, who were about to go on holidays overseas, to countries around the world, were the original bearers of the pandemic and their input, is why the World is where it is now with Covid.
    It seems to me to be a bio-weapon attack from China and the result, so far, has been a lot of deaths from Covid, which is real and does kill, without a doubt.
    However, you can’t catch Covid, that is what the Coronavirus, or Flu becomes, if it is allowed to become that, after 10 to 14 days of self isolation, doing nothing – hence my free, salt water cure.
    Perhaps the question we should be asking, is, was this a successful bio-weapon attack by China and if proven as yes, what are we (the World Governments) going to do about it?
    I read that the Wuhan bio-lab has the next, even worse variant of the Covid-19 ready to go – which begs the question, why is this bio-lab and others, playing with these flu type infections to do that in the first place – they seem to be trying to weaponize everything.

  41. Doctors have been blamed for the rise in black fungus in India, but the COVID treatment guidelines could be contributing
    June 4, 2021 1.41pm AEST

    Rajib Dasgupta

    Chairperson, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University

    Disclosure statement

    Rajib is currently co-investigator of two projects. One funded by the UKRI-GCRF, United Kingdom and one funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark.

    View all partners
    CC BY ND
    We believe in the free flow of information
    Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence.

    One of the more recent and worrying consequences of COVID-19 in India is the emergence of mucormycosis and other fungal co-infections.

    Media reports use black, white and yellow fungus to refer to mucormycosis, aspergillosis, candidiasis and cryptococcosis. Together, they are referred to as invasive fungal infections, and they usually infect people with an impaired immune system, or with damaged tissue.

    Some 12,000 cases of mucormycosis have been reported across the country in recent months.

    These are said to have been caused by misuse of steroids and antibiotics (which impair our ability to fight these fungal infections) in COVID treatments, and high numbers of patients with poorly controlled diabetes where tissue is damaged.
    Our newsroom needs you now more than ever.

    Mucormycosis most commonly manifests in the nose and sinuses, but from there can spread to the eyes, lungs and brain. It also affects other organs including the skin.

    Wide-scale shortages of Amphotericin B, the mainstay therapy for mucormycosis, are being reported. Citizens have had to turn to social media and courts to procure the medicine.

    The central government has granted approval to five companies to produce the drug, in addition to the six that already do so.

    Could the situation have been averted? Perhaps, if the government had considered recent evidence and issued clear guidelines on using steroids and antiobiotics in treating COVID-19.

    Read more: What is mucormycosis, the fungal infection affecting COVID patients in India?
    What we knew before the second wave

    Over the last year, COVID-19-associated invasive fungal infections have been reported from across several countries. In India, they were reported as early as April last year, during the first wave.

    These infections have also been reported during previous epidemics such as SARS in 2003.

    The infection is often fatal. Deaths due to the fungal infection in previous coronavirus outbreaks such as SARS ranged from 25% to 73%.

    Read more: After early success, India’s daily COVID infections have surpassed the US and Brazil. Why?
    Antibiotic guidelines in India

    The two most recent versions of COVID treatment guidelines in India (June 27, 2020 and May 24, 2021) rightly state antibiotics should not be prescribed routinely.

    Instead, they urge doctors to consider “empiric” antibiotic therapy as per a “local antibiogram” when COVID patients have moderate secondary infections. Empiric antibiotic therapy implies making a diagnosis based on what the literature says is the most likely pathogen (or bug) causing the infection. Antibiograms are sent out to hospitals periodically and they describe the current infections circulating in the area and which antiobiotics work against them.

    For severe secondary infections, the guidelines suggest conducting blood cultures to check which antibiotic might work, ideally before the medication is started.

    An empirical approach can work effectively only if a majority of COVID facilities treating moderate cases have access to local antibiograms. If they don’t, doctors will usually end up prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antiobiotics kill a range of bugs, rather than a specific one, which is risky because they can also kill the good bugs we use to fight off things like fungal infections.

    A study of ten Indian hospitals found 74% of patients with secondary infections during the first wave were given antibiotics the World Health Organization has said should be used sparingly, and another 9% received antibiotics that were not recommended.

    The guidelines should advise the same procedure for moderate and severe cases, that is, to conduct blood cultures before starting patients on antimicrobial therapy to ensure the antibiotics will work, and that they won’t lead to a secondary fungal infection.
    A suspected mucormycosis patient waits to be examined. DIVYAKANT SOLANKI/EPA

    Read more: Charging Indians for COVID vaccines is bad, letting vaccine producers charge what they like is unconscionable
    Steroid dosage too high

    One of the recommended COVID treatments of the National Institute of Health in the US is 32mg a day of the steroid methylprednisolone.

    In March 2020, Indian guidelines for treatment recommended 1-2mg methyprednisolone per kilo of body weight for patients with severe symptoms (so 70-140mg for a 70kg person).

    This was updated in June 2020 with a lower dose of methylprednisolone (35–70mg per day for a 70kg person) for three days for moderate cases and the original recommended dose (70–140mg per day for a 70kg person) for five to seven days for severe cases.

    The most recent guideline of April 2021 does not alter the dosage per day but recommended an increased duration of therapy, five to ten days, for both moderate and severe cases.

    Despite that, the Indian recommendation still works out to a wide range across moderate and severe categories — from a low of about 35 mg to a high of 140 mg (for a 70kg person). This is in sharp contrast to the 32mg (total daily dose) recommendation in the US.

    Indian government spokespersons have attributed the rise in fungal infections to the fact doctors in the country may have irrationally used steroids.

    But given the government’s own guidelines for steroid use are so much higher than in other countries, there should be analysis into whether this may be contributing to the significant rise in fungal infections.

    Those findings would have profound implications on India’s pandemic management.

    Me: Quote: Mucormycosis most commonly manifests in the nose and sinuses, but from there can spread to the eyes, lungs and brain. It also affects other organs including the skin. – as above.
    Do my free salt water sniffle or snort and kill Coronavirus and Mucormycosis dead, while it is in the nose and sinuses, before it can spread to the eyes, lungs and brain.

    Pass my free, salt water cure around to everyone who you know and have them pass it on to everyone they know and keep safe naturally, not from test vaccines, and don’t get Mucormycosis, or allow it to happen.


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