More Than 100 Patients Die After Taking First Or Second Shot Of COVID-19 Vaccine In A Hospital In India

In a shocking case more than 100 patients have died after taking the first or even the second shot of COVID-19 vaccine in one single hospital in India.

More Than 100 Patients Die After Taking First Or Second Shot Of COVID-19 Vaccine In A Hospital In India

As many as 100 patients have so far died in Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital alone after taking the first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The cases were reported by (archived copy) Gujarat’s most popular Gujarati language daily newspaper Sandesh. However, the news is totally blacked out by mainstream national media.

On the other hand, in the last one week, two doctors from Surat and one from Ahmedabad, a total of three doctors who had taken two doses of the vaccine, died a month or two after receiving the vaccine, said former president of Gujarat branch of Indian Medical Association, Chandresh Zardosh.

More Than 100 Patients Die After Taking First Or Second Shot Of COVID-19 Vaccine In A Hospital In India

If a normal patient dies after taking the first dose, it can be assumed that immunity was not developed, but what about those who took both the doses of the vaccine and still died a month or two later, asked Zardosh.

Asked about the cause of death after vaccination, Dr Zardosh said, “Immunity can be considered as a factor after the first dose.”

But if the immunity does not develop in the second dose, the mutant virus may be more lethal, depending on the age of the patient. And the vaccines do not seem to be working on them.

Things also need to be checked, including how long it took to get sick, said Zardosh.

One or two months after receiving the two vaccines, three doctors have died from covid. Why?

As GreatGameIndia reported, according to official data, between late December of 2020, and last month, a total of 3,362 people apparently died after getting the COVID vaccines in the United States. That’s an average of 30 people every day.

However, there is no such national mechanism to track post-vaccination deaths in India.

Recently, over 100 dead bodies of COVID-19 victims were seen floating on the banks of river Ganga in the Indian state of Bihar. The administration believes the bodies floated down from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. The bloated and decomposing dead bodies sparked outrage and shock among the villagers.

According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), 126 doctors have died in the second COVID wave in India uptil now. And most of them being frontline health workers were vaccinated.

According to projections by UK’s top modelling agency the thrid wave of COVID-19 spike will hospitalize and kill 60 to 70% of those people who took both the vaccine doses. The paper suggests that the resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths will dominated by those who have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively.

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  1. The pharmacies [ lawyers] may have weasled out of responsibility of liability but the ones who helped fund it are still on the hook.

    Dr Fauci handed over the experiments to China when he knew these biloba level 4 experiments were forbidden in the USA. Now Biden administration is trying to get rid of intellectual property rights to avoid any liability…and no need to outsource the jobs to asian countries.

    Dr Geert Vanden Bossche has sent out a letter to his professional colleagues to avoid using these treatments . They are very dangerous. He worked for Gavi and Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and lots of other pro vaccine places but is spooked by this long term immune response system replacing our natural innate immune system that once installed CAN NOT BE REMOVED.

    Watch video. https: //banthis . tv/watch?id=
    60963a001 c422219d9d37710

  2. This is global genocide and all who participate …especially Dr. Who have taken the hippocratic oath to ” do no harm” need to have their licenses revoked starting with Fauci.
    And that anyone who listened to a non Dr such as Bill and Melinda Gates on ” helping ” humanity [ if according to them if they do a really good job can get us down to ZERO] are in conflict of the nuremberg code for harming people globally and experimenting on humans as Guinea pigs!

    These compliant globalist parasites are ruining themselves and humanity. The tainted blood in these people will spread through blood banks and as the story above shows kill some in mass.

    Stop this global genocide now!

  3. This is only just the beginning remember around 2000 that MRNA Gene Therapy was injected in the Ferrets and soon as they were exposed the the wild virus most of the Ferrets died and the way I see it wait until when the Flu Season hits that’s when the real deaths start and those who are avoiding the Experimental Gene Therapy will need to stay well away from those who do esp the Women that like to have normal menstrual cycle and want to be a mother.

  4. The COVID virus has never been isolated or proven to exist. The PCR [so-called] test they generate their “statistics” from has nothing to do with disease, which completely discredits all the mainstream media’s “wave” and “spike” fearmongering. So what is this “immunity”? More deception obviously. One thing we do know. These new vaccines kill.

  5. According to GAVI, India is the only country that has moved from being a recipient to a donor. The country is also now its largest manufacturer, accounting for more than 60% of GAVI vaccines.

    When governments merge with private corporations the entanglement is meant to hide the hidden hands and lay blame to the overt hand .
    India is a fool to have committed $15 million to the global vaccine ALLIANCE GAVI….its a spider’s web….no one gets out alive but the spider.

    It’s no coincidence that GAVI is led by the British and India once ruled by them.

    “Where there is profit to be made off government funded research/ patents/ vaccines ect …..there you will ALWAYS FIND A ROTHSCHILD. He called it ” science broker”….

    THIS GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE ” merger goes back to 1971.
    “1971, (Lord) Victor Rothschild, reported to Government on “The Organisation and Management of Government R&D” and how government could become (in his words) a customer for research contracted…

    In 1971, (Lord) Victor Rothschild, reported to Government on “The Organisation and Management of Government R&D” and how government could become (in his words) a customer for research contracted from the Research Councils and other sources. Rothschild’s thinking implied that management of R&D by “customer” Departments would bring an understanding of research outputs. He proposed the transfer of applied science funds from Research Councils to Government Departments, providing each with a Chief Scientist as proxy customer for research to be commissioned on a “customer/contractor” basis. The Government largely adopted his proposals in 1972 and implemented them in 1974. The Rothschild reforms and the upheavals they brought were controversial at the time, though now in some instances, reversed and otherwise either forgotten or buried in unconscious assumptions. However, the Rothschild framework still underpins important assumptions about Departmental relationships with the science community, which in my view adversely affected the access of Government to expert advice. From the viewpoint of a participant in Government R&D management through this period, I explore the immediate response and the post-1980 history of the Rothschild reforms, discuss the way in which research commissioning became such a heavy task as to impede analysis and advice delivery, and consider alternative approaches, such as the “science broker” model. This article is published as part of a collection on scientific advice to governments.

    India: you have won your freedom ….use it.

  6. The Van Den Bossche interview never mentioned the invalid and illegitimate PCR testing, it is strange that the interviewer build up the discussion with the assumption of “rising cases”. But these “cases” are what main stream media never cease spreading false statistics of “positive pcr test”, which is propagated as dangerous infections. The vaccine is problem but the PCR testing is the key point to destroy in the whole plot.

  7. The government should conduct a study by our top scientists to ascertain if there is a connection between the reported deaths and vaccinations and take appropriate action to save lives.


    The C19 jab (mRNA or non-m-RNA) is a killer liquid whose key biological trigger is the production of synthetic spike proteins that mimic the actual spikes found on cells infected with coronaviruses. Synthetic spike proteins fool the immune system to think that these synthetic spike proteins are actual spikes from pathogenic viruses and so the immune system produces antibodies to target cells with protruding synthetic spike proteins.

    As a cell with these synthetic spike proteins is attacked and killed, scientific reports say the synthetic spike proteins remain intact and they go and penetrate other healthy cells and show their spikes on the cellular surface inviting an attack from the immune system.

    As this process continues from cell to cell, the tricked immune system ramps up killer antibody production to attack and destroy cells in all tissues with synthetic spikes setting up a cytokine storm.

    Healthy cells get destroyed leading to organ failure as organ after organ is destroyed by a hyperactive immune system.

    End tesult – autoimmune diseases and a most painful death.

    As for shedding, thousands of unvaxxed people have reported bleeding, irregular breathing, chest pain, miscarriages, muscular ache, vomitting, tumors, fatigue, insomnia etc caused by living with or being in close proximity to C19 vaccinated persons within hours or days.

    These adverse effects seen in unvaxxed population resembles the damaging symptoms of radiation sickness.

    The prime question is – what’s getting transmitted from the vaxxed population to those who’ve not taken the jab?

    Are these harmful symptoms seen in unjabbed people due to nanobots in the vax brew that connect to an activated 5G network? However, reports of transmission damage in unvaxxed people are coming in from cities/countries that do not have a 5G network.

    So, what’s being shed by C19 vaxxed persons through their breath, perspiration, skin and touch?

    It stands to reason that spike proteins are being transmitted from people who’ve been jabbed but can spike proteins by themselves explain the symptoms that parallel radiation sickness and that too in such a short period of time?

    Spike proteins cause autoimmune diseases only when the immune system gets tricked setting off cytokine storms which takes a few months to a year or two.

    As such, the lethal symptoms seen in unvaxxed people are not caused by synthetic spike and is ruled out.

    This leaves us with just 1 culprit to account for the radiation sickness like symptoms and I surmise that typical radiation sickness is caused by ionizing radioactive isotopes that manifest adverse symptoms in minutes, hours or days depending the the dose. Apparently, the C19 jabs contain radionucludes or radioactive isotopes aside from genetic information tp code for spike proteins in both mRNA as well as non-m-RNA vaccines.

    C19 jab is a radiological-bio-weapon.

    Billions of people wil die as a result.

  9. The vaccine is the cause of this much mess around the country. If you study the data of infected, they are either taken vaccine or have come into contact with those who have taken vaccine. Other diseases which have vaccines are not this kind of spreader whereas corona is. So vaccine is not the right solution for this. For more information and data, just get in touch…

  10. 4 ppl in my family took astrazenca 1 shot and after a week all of them become covid positive and rest of the family member 3 other also turn covid positive and among all two guys had been seriously ill and on oxygen support for 5 days in hospital and they are back home now and still recovering with weakness and chest pain while breathing ..bill gate is a terrorist what he had propagated years ago is becoming real now
    hari om

  11. During the early pandemic in 2020 I saw a lot of videos of Bill Gates having meetings with Nurrinda Modi.

  12. Being 4 family members took the AstraZeneca means that you did not give your informed consent why should you when from my research it’s the 5G Flu even 3 and 4G can make you feel unwell at times it’s more noticeable after sleeping with no WiFi products in your bedroom. 5G is going to be as deadly as these Experimental Gene Therapy Injections once cities switch them on just like Wuhan and the Princess Cruise ship had 5G running. Why 5G and Covid 19 mentioned together gets your Social media account banned. These family members are going to suffer the most during if they get the normal Flu or 5G Flu during Winter time. In Australia going to see first hand as long as the Fake News allowed to mention about many of deaths from 21st of June officially start of Winter.


  14. It’s not possible to be covid positive, the fake tests only find some sort of RNA which is not a disease.

  15. @ YAKOV
    FM Burnet an australian virologist created before about 90 years the MYXOMATOSE
    rabbit desease to eradicate all once imported rabbits which were a unnatural spezies
    for australia (competitors for the sheep farmers). its about the same principle with
    this covid 19 . we are the rabbits for covid 19 !

  16. It’s impossible to completely avoid vaccinated people as there are so many it’s all around now. So what else can the unvaccinated do to protect themselves?


    In his 1859 book, “The Origin of the Species,” Charles Darwin stated that only the strongest will survive. But in times of our Vaccine Holocaust, strength comes from researching the issues, becoming thoroughly informed, following real science, and knowing how to overcome an onslaught of demons in Government and in the media.

    Politics have little to do with this issue anymore. Both the 45th and 46th Presidents are in a pissing contest – seeing which one will amass the most credit for “Operation Warp Death.” Not helpful.

    Face reality here: Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS. Same curtain call, just more pain.

    But I am not talking to the “vaccinated.” They are the Walking Dead. There is no cure for the “vaccine,” because it is not a “vaccine,” but rather Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Gene Therapy by Bill Gates and Big Pharma exported under the guise of an “Emergency Use Authorization.” It has been craftily designed to make people want something “appealing” that will kill them. And the end [for them] is very near. Life Insurance companies are already talking about not paying the Vaccinated. No compensation for insanity, stupidity, or gullibility!

    It is we, the unvaccinated that need protection from the Walking Dead. I am an older guy that loves to admire beautiful women. But if a Victoria’s Secret Model or a James Bond Girl threw herself at me and told me she was “vaccinated,” I would neither kiss her or sleep with her. I would run like hell!

    The persecuted “Unvaccinated” are waking up. Heroes and heroines like Health Ranger Mike Adams, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, Henry Makow and others are beacons of light and who will some day soon be heralded into the realm of “Vaccine Holocaust Sainthood” for saving the lives of people willing to listen and follow the real science, not the madness of Dr. Phony Fauci and his ilk of mass murderers.

    Why am I writing this paper? Because we, the “unvaccinated,” need protection from THEM ‼! And by “THEM,” I mean all of those who are now spreading their Messenger RNA contagion through a form of Frequency Transmissibility called “Shedding.” Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has done incredible research on this issue. “Contagious” doesn’t even mildly describe what it is.

    Thousands of couples are headed for divorce over this problem. Families are splitting apart. We are in a civil war of the mind, which we will ultimately win, because we won’t be the ones who all wind up dead, because we KNOW what is happening around us and they don’t!

    I hope someone designs a T-shirt that reads: “If you have been vaccinated, then stay the f— away from me!” We need at least a hundred million of those right now ‼!

    For those who have been vaccinated, there is nothing we can do. There is no cure. They are deathly sick, and they will die. Most do not know it yet, but it will hit them all like a ton of bricks. Our society as we know it will collapse. Our monetary system, the “great reset,” as the Globalists call it, will be in full swing. Federal Reserve Notes are worthless anyway, because they are debt notes, and you can never repay debt with debt. Real Estate values will plummet and fall into the largest housing crash ever, because dead people won’t be selling their houses and demand from unvaccinated survivors will drop to nothing! After all, would you buy a Vaccine Death House? So, what’s a good business to get into? I guess the funeral business: lots of demand there; but make sure you get paid in gold or silver, not even in sh-tcoins, because the banking system will collapse.

    So why is this “Darwinian Natural Selection?” Because none of us, the “unvaccinated,” will ever want to be within a feather’s throw of the dead and the dying. Ever wonder why the TV series “The Walking Dead” was produced? Creative minds wanted to test-market the idea of a caste society where only those humans who are sane, capable or discernment, students of truth, and those capable of evaluating genuine data buried within a quagmire of lies, Governmentally-false narratives, and media quicksand will emerge as “Darwinian Survivors.” The only way to “win the human race” is to avoid the “vaccine” like the plague [because that’s what it is]! Anyone who has ever had faith in a “vaccine” instead of a higher power probably deserves to sacrifice his or her brain, heart, and lungs to Bill Gates at the bottomless pit of the Georgia Guidestones, which he worships, mandating human population at 500 million or less, which is why he wants the rest of the 7 billion to die!

    I am writing this not to scare you [although being aware of the impending terror is undoubtedly a good thing], but to rather to keep you safe and alive! Even if means never getting on a plane or going to a sporting event or a store on Black Friday, stay the hell away from vaccinated people – unless you are a psychic and can tell the sane ones from the inoculated “sheeple.”

    I hate to sound heartless, but let natural selection take its course and after five years of seeing funeral pyres on every block, we sane ones may have a fighting chance to inherit the earth. The good news is that the Walking Dead eventually will die. Sorry if it’s a loved one. There was grief and heartbreak in the TV series too.

    And I hope that we, the unvaccinated and “never-will-be-vaccinated” flourish and prosper long enough to see true justice prevail, where Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Globalists at “[mRNA]” Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Nazi-Zeneca get tried and convicted in Nuremberg-style proceedings, and then get slowly lowered into a boiling vat of hydro-sulfuric acid to compensate for the deaths of billions of people. And I wish that for them happily and without the slightest bit of anger, I say in subtle sarcasm.
    Stay safe, healthy, and far away from the Walking Dead!

    With infinite respect for your life and mine,
    Steve Fishman

  18. Lucy the best way is do what is happening now is be at least 6ft from people or more its not easy when a Country has almost half of their citizens received the Experimental Gene Therapy Toxins. In Italy and America its going to be hard to be away from them while in Australia seems have a high case of Vaccine hesitancy.

    Living in America FDA recently approved that 12 to 15 year olds can receive these Toxic shots which will alter their DNA for life nothing can be done to reverse. I’m surprised how fast that FDA gave EUA for children took 9 months to get EUA for the Adults.

    The way I now see it is that Covid 19 has been planned for years and it’s the cover story for Wuhan in China however it’s not a Virus that caused the deaths and people going into the ICU it was from 5G when was switched on in Wuhan and every country switches on 5G the deaths and ICU will be full not from a Virus.
    The Truth is right at this YouTube Documentary wait until you watch the ending talk about a cliff hanger everything that Doctors learn from Germ Theory is one of the biggest cover-up in history.

  19. Thank you for your well detailed report and I reference: re “these harmful symptoms seen in unjabbed people due to nanobots in the vax brew that connect to an activated 5G network? However, reports of transmission damage in unvaxxed people are coming in from cities/countries that do not have a 5G network.”
    …Whilst 5G operates a low pulsed frequency of microwaves and human cells, all 37 trillion of them, operate at 0.7v ,it is just as likely that damage can be initiated by all wireless activities, and this is now know to be true, which are radio-active and can bombard all humans health through all microwave technologies and frequencies. Even the rear of a refrigerator’ motor (microwaves) is approximately equivalent to sitting four feet in front of a leaky microwave cooker – notice the name ‘microwave’ …that is the clue.
    All microwave cookers require constant recalibration to be properly safe). Since cellphones were introduced all manufacturers advised to hold the phone no nearer than One inch from your head – that is another clue for any observer…

    darwin is not everything of the picture . as a nonintelectual former work/seaman i have a
    natural developed mistrust in any government/politicans/judges/lawyer/doctor/priest bla bla.
    i even dont believe everything in holy scriptures. i make my picture about this world on my
    own . IT IS A LABYRINT + FATAMORGANA misleading innocent trusting souls . therefore
    for mi its hell . and todays political experiences dont surprise mi ..
    divorces , thats the fruit of the jewish cabale : DECOMPOSITING OF SOCIETY + TRADITION !
    i feel only sorry for the innocents . THIS WORLD IS HELL WITH SANHEDRIN !

  21. There is no such thing as a ‘J&J good shot’, or indeed any pf the other Big Pharma producers of ‘Franken-jabs.

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