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The UK Health Security Agency has issued a warning that the polio virus has resurfaced and may be spreading in London after it was declared eradicated 40 years ago.
Julian Assange, the publisher of Wikileaks who has been confined in a London prison since 2019, will now have 14 days to challenge the Home Secretary's order before being extradited to the United States to face espionage charges.
Many countries across Europe, like the UK and France, have reported a rise in mysterious needle attacks in nightclubs.
Members of Johnson's ruling Conservative Party intend to call a confidence vote on Wednesday, which may result in Boris Johnson being toppled this week.
The head of WHO has said that there is no need for mass vaccination against monkeypox because it's not highly transmissible.
Due to accusations that the island's leadership was involved in drug trafficking, the UK is seeking to get the former colony of the British Virgin Islands under its direct control.
New information from a source in the French intelligence explains how the US and UK are conducting a secret war in Ukraine using elite SAS and Deltas units.
Here is how the secret AUKUS Deal to share Nuclear Submarine technology with Australia was hatched.
The mainstream media has totally blacked out the crucial story about the recents leaks by hacktivist Anonymous that exposed the British government's massive campaign to infiltrate civil society at every level where they recruited Comedians and Youtubers for secret psyops campaign targeting NATO members.