Pro-ISIS Fighter In Ukraine Received UK Missiles And ‘SAS Training’

A pro-ISIS fighter in Ukraine, who came from a far-right hooligan background named Daniil Lyashuk, said he received missiles and “SAS training” from the UK.

A Belarusian criminal who was reported dead last month in Ukraine claimed to have received training from Britain’s Special Air Service.

He was also filmed in possession of UK-supplied rocket launchers, Declassified has found.

The man, Daniil Lyashuk, came from a far-right hooligan background until he converted to Islam and expressed support for jihadist groups like Islamic State, earning the nickname Mujahid (‘holy warrior’).

He led a pro-Ukraine militia despite a conviction from a Kyiv court for torturing detainees in the Donbas. 

Lyashuk made the claim about receiving SAS training on his official telegram channel on 27 March. The post has been viewed over 100,000 times. 

His death on the frontline near Bakhmut was reported five days later.

In the telegram post, he mocked a video of Belarusian “goblin” soldiers for splitting bricks on their heads.

He wrote in Russian: “My teacher from the British SAS always said that a single blow to the head does not add intelligence to a soldier. 

“Also, he constantly repeated, war is a special art and severe discipline. At the same time, periodically quoting Sun Tzu … War is a way of deception!

“Looks like the communists did not understand the essence of these words … and deceived their degenerate army! The result is on the face … well, or on the head.”

Lyashuk claimed to have received SAS training. (Photo: Deni Vendetti / Telegram)

Declassified only saw the post after his death, so was not able to contact him for clarification. The UK Ministry of Defence declined to comment on special forces activity.

Lyashuk’s claim adds to indications that the SAS is training pro-Ukrainian forces, including those known for human rights abuses and extremism.

Leaked US intelligence files said there were 50 British special forces in Ukraine this March. “Retired” UK special forces soldiers have been reported to be operating on “missions deep inside Ukraine”.

Armed forces minister James Heappey has told parliament the UK has “troops on the ground” in Kyiv to protect its diplomats and train Ukrainian forces.

A director at a DRDO research unit based in Pune named Pradeep Kurulkar was arrested for sending crucial intelligence to Pakistan.

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