UK Parliament Staff Deployed As ‘Pronoun Police’

According to The Telegraph, the UK Parliament has instructed its staff on how to identify and report transphobic behavior, effectively being deployed as ‘pronoun police’.

Hundreds of British civil servants staffing the House of Commons and House of Lords have been issued guidance on how to identify and report so-called “transphobic behavior,” The Telegraph reported on Monday.  

In the 15-page pamphlet, parliamentary authorities instruct staff to “learn to identify what transphobic behavior looks like and understand that these must be met with an attitude of zero-tolerance.” Even “another colleague refusing to use a trans person’s preferred pronouns or names” falls under that heading and must “be dealt with in an appropriate manner,” the guide warns. 

Any negative behaviors will not be tolerated, and we encourage you to report them immediately so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Even appearing insufficiently enthusiastic about trans identities could apparently be seen as cause for concern, with staff required to ensure that “trans experiences are celebrated” and “trans colleagues feel comfortable bringing their authentic self to work.” Contact details for the Human Resources and Diversity offices of Parliament are prominently featured for those wishing to inform on their colleagues. 

The pamphlet had reportedly been circulated internally for three years before its existence was made public. Sir Peter Bottomley, the longest-serving MP in the House of Commons, acknowledged he had “some concern” with the guidance, though he appeared to want to avoid running afoul of it, holding off on further criticism aside from suggesting some input from gender-critical advocacy group LGB Alliance. 

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