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The Swedish Armed Forces have been investigating the scene for the entire past week and have confirmed that powerful blasts were to blame for the extensive damage to the Nord Stream pipelines. This confirms the terrorist attack and now Russia is accusing the British Navy of carrying it out.
There are still 43 countries that have a monarchy, but there is no certainty that monarchies will still exist in the 21st century as six more Caribbean countries have voiced a desire to do the same since Barbados removed Queen Elizabeth II as head of state in 2021.
When COVID-19 vaccines were being produced, the UK government employed an over-purchasing approach to ensure sufficient supply even if one or more of them failed to work. However, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone should get COVID vaccines, according to a UK mathematician.
A study published by the UK government's Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency tells pregnant women not to take the vaccine because sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time.
Vaccine damage victims will get compensation from the British government in the amount of up to £120,000, or roughly $141,000 tax-free.
Since it purchases gas from the EU, the UK is still susceptible to the consequences of EU's political activity even after Brexit. This has led to the projection that half of the UK households is set to be in a fuel poverty by January.
I’ve had two big worries during the pandemic, starting from the very beginning and still ongoing. Both relate to my sense that ‘coronaphobia’ has taken over as the basis of government policy in so many countries, with a complete loss of perspective that life is a balance of risks pretty much on a daily basis.
A report in the Times said Prince Charles took the Bin Laden family’s money but noted that there is no evidence to imply that Bakr or Shafiq bin Laden have ever funded or participated in terrorism.
UK has refused to give Venezuela $1 billion of its own gold. President Nicolas Maduro's attempt to recover his own country's assets was rejected by the top court in Britain.
Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister after the government collapses. BoJo will leave behind a country that is beset by political and economic uncertainty, shaken by scandal after scandal.