China Detains Foreign Consultant Spying For UK

The Chinese Ministry of State Security released a statement saying that they have detained a foreign consultant spying for the UK who received training from MI6.

China Detains Foreign Consultant Spying For UK 1

According to Chinese officials, security services have discovered yet another instance of espionage in which the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, obtained intelligence in China through the use of a foreign operative.

China’s Ministry of State Security said on WeChat on Monday that an overseas person with the last name Huang was in charge of a consulting firm overseas. Since the MSS’s WeChat account launched in August of last year, this is the first time that accusations of British spying have surfaced. Nevertheless, the ministry’s earlier revelations emphasized purported US espionage cases in 2023.

Additionally, the document claims that Huang joined MI6 in an intelligence collaboration in 2015. This person was then instructed to travel to China several times, using his public persona as cover, to gather intelligence for British activities.

According to China’s official statement, Huang received specialized intelligence training from MI6 in Britain and other countries. He was also provided with sophisticated spy gear to enable coordinated espionage operations.

“After careful investigation, the state security organs promptly discovered evidence of Huang’s involvement in espionage activities and took criminal coercive measures against him,” the authorities said.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered an article about the CIA struggling to rebuild spy networks in China.

To obtain secrets, the British government has further claimed that Chinese spies target officials in important positions related to industry, politics, and defense. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, however, denied the allegations, calling them completely unfounded.

During a press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning stated, “We urge the UK to stop spreading disinformation and stop political manipulation and malicious slander against China.”

China has been actively combating threats to national security and has recently uncovered several incidents of espionage. The government encourages participation in counterespionage operations, including setting up reporting channels for suspected activity, and warns its citizens both domestically and internationally about the dangers of espionage.

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