Lab Leaks Have Increased By 50% Since COVID Pandemic

According to a report by the Telegraph, lab leaks have increased by 50% since the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, with 156 instances of lab leaks or mishaps since January 2020.

Lab Leaks Have Increased By 50% Since COVID Pandemic 1

According to The Telegraph, after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there has been a fifty-percent surge in leaks and accidents at UK laboratories. The paper warns of “potentially catastrophic consequences” going forward.

According to the report, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), government research agencies, and all British universities received a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed “dozens of dangerous viruses and bacteria including anthrax, rabies, and Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) are being stored close to large populations, potentially placing citizens at risk.”

According to the inquiry, there have been 156 instances of lab leaks or mishaps since January 2020, or about 42 per year. Compared to the 286 incidents—roughly 28 per year—that were reported between January 2010 and December 2019, this is a 50% increase.

A worker in a former Public Health England lab at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham accidentally dropped plates containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, as one of the incidents documented since 2020. A worker at the same lab was poked with a needle that had Candida albicans, HIV, and human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 2.

In other facilities, a worker was pierced by a needle containing the smallpox-like Vaccinia virus, and avian flu spilled from a fractured sample tube. An accident involving the bacteria that causes life-threatening sepsis was also documented.

Florida doctor Dr. Joseph Ladapo, citing a study that identified a high concentration of DNA molecules in mRNA vaccines, claimed that the COVID vaccine causes cancer.

A genetically altered mouse was “lost” by lab personnel at another facility.

According to The Telegraph, “some of the biological agents involved are listed in the Terrorism Act,” which is why not all occurrences were reported.

Richard H. Ebright, an American molecular biologist who has been outspoken in his belief that the COVID pandemic was caused by a gain of function lab leak, further emphasized several horrifying passages from the Telegraph report:

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