china hypersonic space plane

China Tests Hypersonic Space Plane Which Can Go At Speed Of Mach 30

The Chinese government has recently made public a video showcasing what they claim to be the world’s most potent wind tunnel. This footage displays a scale separation test of an air-launched space plane design from a mothership aircraft. Additionally, the video features the high-speed oblique detonation wave engine, also known

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Water On Earth Did Not Form On Its Own. It Was Sucked From Space

A study published in the journal Nature has revealed that water on Earth did not form on its own but was instead acquired from outer space. Scientists have made a surprising discovery that suggests the Earth might have formed more quickly than previously believed. It appears that tiny millimeter-sized pebbles

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The UK Civil Aviation Authority is funding a project that is studying the effects of suborbital space flights, so a two-hour flight from London to Sydney via space might be possible soon. Holidaymakers will be able to fly from London to Sydney in as little as two hours within ten years – but they

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