Space Balloon’ Restaurant Where Guests Will Dine At 82,000 Feet

Vincent Farret d’Astiès, founder of Zephalto and aerospace engineer, has announced a ‘Space Balloon’ restaurant where guests will dine at 82,000 feet.”

French startup Zephalto announced it will offer a six-hour trip up to the stratosphere or the top of Earth in a space balloon named Celeste for a fine-dining dinner with “unparalleled views”.

French startup Zephalto will be offering a fine dining experience from the comfort of a luxurious pressurized capsule named Celeste
The space balloon will operate by being filled with helium or hydrogen and the whole trip takes about six hours

The space balloon will travel 82021ft high with 98 percent of the atmosphere below it – this is twice the height that commercial flights fly.

“We choose 25 km high because it’s the altitude where you are in the darkness of space, with 98% of the atmosphere below you so that you can enjoy the curvature of the Earth in the blue line,” Vincent Farret d’Astiès, Zephalto founder and aerospace engineer, told Bloomberg.   

“You’re in the darkness of space, but without the zero-gravity experience.”

Zephalto is aiming for 60 flights per year starting in 2025.

According to a report by Reuters, a team of scientists in New Mexico is using dead birds to develop drones that can study flight techniques that may assist the aviation industry.

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