Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots

As the use of AI and machine learning continues to grow in various industries, experts predict that the technology could potentially replace jobs traditionally held by humans, such as couriers, investment analysts, and customer service representatives. It has gotten to the point that even reality TV hosts are being replaced by robots.

Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots

The reality TV program MILF Manor is a topic of discussion on the internet. From its title, borrowed from 30 Rock, to the Oedipal concept of mothers and their sons in the same dating scenario, the show is so outrageous that it becomes commonplace. Notably, the mothers are required to participate in a blindfolded contest to distinguish their sons based on their abdominal muscles. However, the most subtle aspect that stands out to me is the absence of a tanned, moderately attractive man with veneers and a dress shirt overseeing the events. Instead, participants receive instructions and notifications through text messages on magenta-cased iPhones provided by the producers, similar to other reality TV competition shows which lack a traditional host.

The Circle, a Netflix program, initiated the trend in 2020. Its contestants, who compete to establish the most likeable online persona while in physical seclusion, receive prompts and tasks through a large screen TV in their living space. Pressure Cooker, another production from the streaming service, is a cooking competition show in which the host is replaced by a kitchen ticket printer, allowing the competitors to receive instructions and votes in the same way a chef would from their customers. The Button, a YouTube speed dating series produced by Cut, takes it one step further by introducing a large talking button that makes jokes and prompts the daters to ask each other uncomfortable questions until one of them presses it, ending the date and bringing in another participant.

Watch the video below:

Why eliminate the position of host when it has been a fundamental aspect of the formula for so long? This could be a result of the economic downturn. It is well-known that reality TV competition shows are among the most inexpensive to produce, but if we have learned anything about business, it is that executives are constantly looking for ways to save money. Additionally, the role of reality TV host may not be as attractive to notable cultural figures as it once was, when the genre became popular in the early 2000s. The era of household names like Tyra Banks, Mario Lopez, and even Donald Trump hosting shows where contestants compete for large sums of money or other significant prizes has passed. Even Dave Navarro only appears as a guest host on Ink Master. Jeff Probst, be cautious!

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At the heart of it, we think something more nefarious is happening: robots are taking jobs from human workers once again. This time, instead of factory workers or fast food cashiers, these laborers are C-List comedians and men who are symmetrical but not quite handsome. (Once again, Jeff Probst, we are not referring to you!) We are aware that machine intelligence does not possess emotions – yet! – and that all these robo-hosts are probably controlled by producers – for now! But isn’t manipulating people in a high-stress, high-stakes situation, the exact job description of a reality competition host, the ultimate job for a robot? It seems too ideal.

The presence of human hosts in reality competition shows can bring a sense of comfort and relatability to the production, in contrast to their absence which can create a sense of isolation for contestants. The lack of a host also makes the series feel more dystopian, as the contestants wait for digital messages that lack the charisma of a human host. The only exception to this is The Button, whose talking button feature has a playful and humorous tone, likely due to the work of off-screen human creators.

According to a retired professor of computer science at Oregon State University today’s large neural network artificial intelligence are already slightly conscious.

Predictions indicate that in the future, jobs such as couriers, investment analysts, and customer service representatives may be replaced by AI and machine learning. This reality show host trend is an indication that this process has already begun in the entertainment industry, which is a concerning idea. Our human limitations make us susceptible to the robotic and calculated approach of our AI counterparts in the role of hosts.

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