Metaverse Company Appoints Robot As Female CEO

The global metaverse market is projected to exceed $280 billion by 2025. Now, a metaverse company has appointed a robot as a female CEO.

Metaverse Company Appoints Robot As Female CEO

This CEO was just hired to handle operations at this well-known Chinese gaming and metaverse firm, reports Bitcoinist.

By the way, she is a robot. Seriously.

NetDragon Websoft revealed “Ms. Tang Yu,” the world’s first chief executive officer who is a humanoid, which implies electric signals and digital codes flow through her veins rather than blood.

The robot has been named CEO of the company’s main affiliate, Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co., Ltd.

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In her role as CEO, Ms. Tang Yu will have her fair share of problems. She will lead the firm’s “organizational and efficiency department” as a start.

In a recent conversation, NetDragon’s chairman, Dr. Dejian Liu, stated that the company was enthusiastic about the potential of AI in corporate management and particularly about their new “boss.”

The Metaverse Just Got Weirder

The corporation claimed that the deployment of AI in this sector might result in previously unheard-of levels of productivity and efficiency.

It is anticipated that this position will improve the caliber of output and streamline business processes. Additionally, it fits into NetDragon’s plan to incorporate the metaverse into the workplace.

Dr. Liu went on to say that the humanoid will be a real-time data hub for the company as well as a decision-making analytical tool. Furthermore, the business indicated that this AI will be crucial in risk management.

NetDragon also plans to improve the system. As algorithm enhancements are deployed over the next few years, the eventual transition to a “metaverse-based working community” could become a very plausible prospect.

Given the frequency of Skynet and Terminator (the movie series) gags on the internet when announcement of the robot’s appointment as CEO surfaced, one would wonder what impact this will have on businesses around the world.

Global Metaverse Market Balloons

The global metaverse market is projected to exceed $280 billion by 2025. That is a significant sum of money with investors like Microsoft and Epic Games. The metaverse is something that local Chinese businesses are also interested in.

Companies like Alibaba, Bytedance, and Tencent announced earlier this year that they planned to invest a substantial amount of money in the metaverse.

China’s metaverse may be very different from its Western version, despite the fact that the metaverse is a concept that unifies the real and virtual worlds. Regulation of cryptocurrency in China is very stringent.

The Chinese government has deemed cryptocurrency transactions unlawful and has been pursuing them vigorously ever since.

Metaverse Company Appoints Robot As Female CEO 2
Now more than ever, robots are an integral part of society. Image: Giant Freakin Robot.

Terminator Vibe Is Real

Given that the concept of the metaverse is still relatively new in the business world, Beijing may be able to use the Chinese metaverse to further cement its control over the nation.

Metaverse Company Appoints Robot As Female CEO 3

What about AI in the position of senior company executives? Whether this would lead to human prosperity—or an existential nightmare—can be debated.

We can all see what may disastrously go wrong with artificial intelligence and robotics after watching the Terminator movies as children.

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  1. As a Westerner, seeing a lot of Chinese names and faces, I wondered whether the Metaverse was a property of the CCP.

    But, when I research the CEO, she incidentally shares the same name with a biological, human dissident.

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