Robots With Consciousness Will Eclipse Humanity, Warns Experts

The next stage in artificial intelligence research, according to scientists, is to develop robotic consciousness. However, robots with consciousness will eclipse humanity, warns experts.

Robots With Consciousness Will Eclipse Humanity Warns Experts

Some experts are concerned about what this could mean for humanity, despite the fact that the subject is intriguing to many and may represent the most important discovery ever made by humans.

Robots With Consciousness Will Eclipse Humanity Warns Experts 2
A researcher has talked about robotic consciousness and what that would mean for the world Credit: Getty

Hod Lipson, a mechanical engineer from Columbia University, discussed robotic consciousness, what it implies, and why it is such a contentious subject in an interview with The New York Times.

“This topic was taboo,” he said.

“We were almost forbidden from talking about it — ‘Don’t talk about the c-word; you won’t get tenure’ — so in the beginning I had to disguise it, like it was something else.”

Early in his career, Lipson was developing tools that could mimic the ability of both animals and humans to adapt to change.

Lipson was interested in creating the greatest companions possible because robots are becoming more and more significant, having a presence in our homes and even being utilized for surgical operations.

“We’re literally going to surrender our life to a robot,” he said.

“You want these machines to be resilient.”

He may now discuss robot awareness without as many obstacles, but the subject is still difficult and complicated.

“This is not just another research question that we’re working on — this is the question,” he said.

“This is bigger than curing cancer.

“If we can create a machine that will have consciousness on par with a human, this will eclipse everything else we’ve done.

“That machine itself can cure cancer.”

The next big step is consciousness, but it is a difficult one because many people lack a clear definition for and metric for such a difficult and lofty concept.

Consciousness, according to Lipson, is the ability to “imagine yourself in the future.”

His machines are made with the intention of evolving and learning, not just responding to the environment, but also thinking how they can perform better in the future.

He claims that he is creating a cockroach-based version of his ideal machines.

“So eventually these machines will be able to understand what they are, and what they think,” he said.

“That leads to emotions and other things.”

The newest self-aware device from Lipson is a two-jointed arm that is attached to a table.

The robot was encircled by cameras as researchers observed its movements and self-directed learning.

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A deep learning technique allowed the robot to recognize itself from its surroundings over the course of a few hours.

“It has this notion of self, a cloud,” Lipson said.

Whether or whether consciousness was attained is debatable, but the plans have already been put in place.

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