Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tag: Climate Change

A group of international scientists have come together to reject the idea of a climate crisis and argue that carbon dioxide (CO2) is actually good for the planet, going against the common alarming view.
The catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii that may have taken the lives of many innocent people reportedly have a known cause. This finding challenges the climate change narrative often discussed by Democrats.
Eunice Newton Foote was a pioneering scientist whose groundbreaking work laid the foundation for our understanding of the greenhouse effect. Born in Goshen, Connecticut, in 1819, she exhibited an insatiable curiosity and passion for science from an...
Aleksey Kokorin, who is the head of climate and energy at WWF Russia, stated that climate change could force Russia to move its capital to Siberia. Russia may end up being forced to move...
The National Academy of Sciences, which is a key science body, has sanctioned a White House climate official, Jane Lubchenco, who serves as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's deputy director for climate and the environment.
A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emphasizes the need to remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is why Big Tech is investing in carbon removal, stressing that reducing emissions alone will not suffice.
New studies by the OCAPI research program have shown that human urine is a more effective and sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers for plants and is a long-term resilient model for agriculture.
The amount of paranoid and aggressive American backdoor bullying in negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol, a historic 1990s deal that required practically every nation in the globe to limit greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to avert the advent of global warming, has been revealed by declassified data published by the United States National Security Archive. The declassified papers show how the US abused climate change agenda to preserve its military power.
The study, which was published in the journal PLOS Biology on February 3, looked at 91 studies on the impact of ocean acidification on fish behaviour. It discovered that higher-quality research revealed fewer effects on fish behaviour, and that the studies with the most striking results had tiny sample sizes, rendering them statistically unreliable.
On Monday, India alongside the veto-yielding Russia effectively blocked a controversial proposal which would allow UN Security Council to consult on issues regarding climate change.