Maui Officials Reveal Cause Of The Devastating Wildfires

The catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii that may have taken the lives of many innocent people reportedly have a known cause. This finding challenges the climate change narrative often discussed by Democrats.

Maui Officials Reveal Cause Of The Devastating Wildfires

According to Fox News, Maui officials have revealed that the fires resulted from fallen power lines and mistakes made by the primary state power company.

This information led the government of Maui County, Hawaii, to take legal action against the Hawaii Electric Company and its affiliated companies. They are accused of not properly shutting down active electrical equipment during a strong windstorm earlier this month.

This negligence resulted in downed power lines owned by the utility company, igniting a series of fatal fires on the island.

Maui County issued the following statement about the lawsuit:

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The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants acted negligently by failing to power down their electrical equipment despite a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning on August 7th.

The lawsuit further alleges HECO’s energized and downed power lines ignited dry fuel such as grass and brush, causing the fires. The lawsuit also alleges failure to maintain the system and power grid, which caused the systemic failures starting three different fires on August 8th.

Moreover, Maui County said HECO had a duty “to properly maintain and repair the electric transmission lines, and other equipment, including utility poles associated with their transmission of electricity, and to keep vegetation properly trimmed and maintained so as to prevent contact with overhead power lines and other electric equipment.”

The information disclosed in this legal case dashes the assertions made by Democrats at both the national and Hawaii state levels, who attributed the fires to “climate change.”

Hawaii’s Governor Josh Green appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” last week and held climate change responsible for exacerbating the fires.

John Podesta, the White House’s leader on clean energy, not only assigned blame to climate change for the destructive wildfires but also promoted the Inflation Reduction Act as a remedy.

Watch the video below:

Cori Bush, a left-leaning Congresswoman from Missouri, called on Joe Biden to officially declare a climate emergency.

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, who serves as the Senate Majority Whip, expressed that the wildfires provided a distressing perspective on our planet, revealing our insufficient response to the climate crisis.

On Thursday, the Hawaii State Department of Education released a report indicating that 2,025 students are missing from the Lahaina public school system.

These individuals, who aimed to take advantage of the tragedy for their own benefit without allowing families time to recover, are unlikely to offer any apologies. They will seize the next crisis as an opportunity to advance their agenda, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked.

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  1. Hawaii Electric released a statement saying they cut off the power 6 hours before the first fire started. There was no power in the schools, that’s why the schools sent the children home

  2. Not arguing with you, just a personal thought. I was under the same impression after watching many videos and reading articles on the alt-news sites. So here goes… after the last 3 years or even decades, I have realised now that “The World is a stage”, full of “smoke and mirrors”, utter BS, lies and deceit and it was only last night that I thought how “everything is linked”.

    The globalist indoctrination and fear campaign goes on; whether it is a new imaginary virus strain, a nuclear war, alien invasion or whatever.. you know the rest of the nonsense… so what 3 things are currently taking over the headlines on the mainstream media which is the crap the masses believe ?. FOR ME, it is – 1. a cover up for the deaths and adverse effects, the global fires which allegedly the globalist parasites, now call global “boiling” (Yawn) and that naughty commie, Russian so and so invading Ukraine, potentially leading us to WWIII and an all out nuclear war (Sarc on the naughty commie).

    Let us just assume that the Russians are NOT part of the globalist agenda for a moment … and ask these questions…

    Why are the Ukrainians being battered ?
    Why don’t the globalists (say Nato), step in and takeout the nukes in Russia with their directed energy weapons ?
    Yes, I have seen the films and recordings and they all look pretty genuine; but if you have kids, they can use their phones to put a horses head on you, land you on the moon, make you into a banana… and this pales into insignificance to what the experts can do with their high tech stuff and AI / IT / Green Screens / programs etc.
    A scare tactic against Russia and China ?

    We all know the fires are not natural due to the speed they progress, the alleged unburnt trees, the melting of not only aluminium on cars (easily explainable by it’s melting point), but also the burning of a few STEEL structures (now suddenly taken down from the net)…plus plus; so something does not sit right with me.

    Anyway, I also do not believe the stuff they spew about having ALL of these technologies …(some, maybe yes), so I go back to the idea like an arsonist, they blanket specific things with flammable chemicals … and wait for the paid swine to set areas alight. PS The areas in all of these fires, except the forest fires are quite small… the blanketing could be done by humans, drones at night etc etc.

    One interesting article, UNRELATED (or maybe not) I read was this … see what you think (the chemical aspect) –

    The Demolition of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. “The Devil’s Trick”

    As stated, just my view FOR TODAY (it will probably change tomorrow).

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