Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

A group of international scientists have come together to reject the idea of a climate crisis and argue that carbon dioxide (CO2) is actually good for the planet, going against the common alarming view.

Over 1600 Scientists Sign No Climate Emergency Declaration

“There is no climate emergency,” the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) said in its World Climate Declaration (read below), made public in August. “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

The declaration has been signed by 1,609 scientists and experts worldwide, with 321 of them being from the United States.

They mention that Earth’s climate has changed throughout its history, experiencing both cold and warm periods. The Little Ice Age only came to an end in 1850.

“Therefore, it is no surprise that we are now experiencing a period of warming,” the declaration said.

The warming of the planet is occurring at a pace that is slower than what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted.

According to the group, climate models are not reliable tools for making policies. These models exaggerate the impact of greenhouse gases and overlook the benefits of enriching the atmosphere with CO2. They emphasize that CO2 is not a pollutant, despite what climate alarmists claim.

Carbon dioxide is necessary for all life on Earth and has positive effects on nature. Additional CO2 leads to the growth of plants worldwide and increases crop yields.

The group, known as CLINTEL, also rejects the idea that global warming is connected to more natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and droughts. They highlight that there is no statistical proof to support these arguments.

“There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic or alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. Go for adaptation instead of mitigation; adaptation works whatever the causes are,” it said.

“To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion, to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound, self-critical science. Should not we free ourselves from the naive belief in immature climate models?”

Climate Models and Sunlight Reflection

Two Nobel laureates are part of the CLINTEL signatories—physicists John Francis Clauser from the United States and Ivan Giaever, a Norwegian-American.

Mr. Clauser has expanded climate models to challenge the global warming narrative. He included the visible light that cumulus clouds reflect, which covers around half of the earth on average.

Over 1600 Scientists Sign No Climate Emergency Declaration 2
Young demonstrators hold placards as they attend a climate change protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in central London on Feb. 15, 2019. (Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images)

The current climate models significantly underestimate this aspect of cumulus cloud reflection, which has a vital role in controlling the earth’s temperature. Previously, Mr. Clauser disagreed with President Joe Biden’s climate policies.

In May, Mr. Clauser joined the board of directors at the CO2 Coalition, a group that focuses on the positive impacts of carbon dioxide on the environment.

“The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people,” Mr. Clauser said in a May 5 statement.

“Misguided climate science has metastasized into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience. In turn, the pseudoscience has become a scapegoat for a wide variety of other unrelated ills.”

“It has been promoted and extended by similarly misguided business marketing agents, politicians, journalists, government agencies, and environmentalists. In my opinion, there is no real climate crisis.”

A Presidential Issue: Fake Doomsday Predictions

CLINTEL’s declaration against the climate change narrative counters the messages of climate alarmists who have consistently predicted doomsday scenarios due to global warming, none of which have materialized.

Back in 1970, certain climate scientists forecasted a new ice age by the 21st century. Pollution expert James Lodge suggested that air pollution might lead to a new ice age by the early 2000s, as reported by The Boston Globe.

Over 1600 Scientists Sign No Climate Emergency Declaration 3
Participants hold placards as they take part in a demonstration demanding the government take immediate action against climate change in Sydney, Australia, on Jan. 10, 2020. (Mohammed Farooq/AFP via Getty Images)

In May 1982, Mostafa Tolba, then-executive director of the United Nations environmental program, warned of an “environmental catastrophe” comparable to a nuclear holocaust by 2000 if the world didn’t change its course.

In June 2008, James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Sciences, predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free in the summer within five to 10 years.

As climate alarmists continue to spread their message about global warming, the topic has become a point of discussion in the 2024 presidential race, with numerous candidates openly rejecting it.

In a post on X dated July 13, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated that climate change is being used to control people through fear.

“Freedom and free markets are a much better way to stop pollution. Polluters make themselves rich by making the public pay for the damage they do,” he said.

During the initial 2024 GOP presidential debate, candidate Vivek Ramaswamy labeled climate change a “hoax.”

“The reality is, the anti-carbon agenda is the wet blanket on our economy. And so the reality is, more people are dying of bad climate change policies than they are of actual climate change,” he said.

Hot Temperatures and Biden’s Crackdown on Appliances

Activists focused on climate matters have argued that global warming is causing the rise in temperatures across the United States, and they even state that temperatures are reaching all-time highs.

Recently, John Christy, a climatologist and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, disagreed with the idea of temperatures hitting record highs in an interview.

“Regionally, the West has seen its largest number of hot summer records in the past 100 years, but the Ohio Valley and Upper Midwest are experiencing their fewest,” he said.

“For the conterminous U.S. as a whole, the last 10 years have produced only an average number of records. The 1930s are still champs.”

The Energy Department has employed climate change strategies to support significant changes in how people live in the United States. This includes constraints on household devices and, in some cases, their complete prohibition.

In June, the Energy Department put forth new regulations demanding improved energy efficiency for ceiling fans. This could force manufacturers to spend an extra $86.6 million each year on “increased equipment costs.”

In February, the DOE recommended energy efficiency rules for gas stoves, which could impact around half of all new models sold in the United States and render most of the current models non-compliant.

In a tweet, Brexit leader Nigel Farage warned his supporters that authoritarian measures by Western governments under the guise of climate lockdowns are coming.

In July, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggested a policy that would take nearly all existing portable gas generators off the market.

The Biden administration has already enforced a ban on incandescent light bulbs, starting on August 1st.

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