Climate Change Could Force Russia To Move Capital To Siberia

Aleksey Kokorin, who is the head of climate and energy at WWF Russia, stated that climate change could force Russia to move its capital to Siberia.

Russia may end up being forced to move its capital to Siberia due to climate change, an expert from the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) branch in the country has warned. 

Aleksey Korkorin, who is head of climate and energy at WWF Russia, said on Tuesday that while the goal of reaching “carbon neutrality” could be achieved worldwide as early as the 2060s, the global temperature would still rise by 2-2.5C by that time, compared to the pre-industrial era.

The increase will result in major heat waves hitting the planet more frequently, Kokorin told RIA Novosti. 

“That is, the heat that we used to have once every ten years will come every three years. You can live, but you have to adapt,” he stated.

According to Professor Norman Fenton, Covid shutdowns were just the beginning and climate lockdowns are next.

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