Indian Govt To Link COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate To Passports For International Travel

India’s Health Minister recently opposed the idea of Vaccine Passports ahead of the G7 Summit. However, quietly the Indian government has issued guidelines to link your COVID-19 vaccine certificate to your passport.

Indian Govt To Link COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate To Passports For International Travel

India’s Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday said India was against the implementation of “vaccine passports” for travel to foreign countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Vardhan was speaking at a health ministers’ meeting of the G7 countries, where India was invited as a guest.

Either the minister isn’t aware of or is lying outright infront of the whole world. Because the Indian government has already planned to implement Vaccine Passports.

Vaccine certificates from CoWIN will now be linked to passports for people planning international travel for education, work opportunities or as part of the Indian contingent for the Tokyo Olympics, the government announced on Monday.

The new rule also provisioned for early administration of the second dose of Covishield in specific cases where the travel dates fall before the period of the 84-day gap.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, the planning for executing the concept of ‘Vaccine Passports’ began 20 months prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

What these roadmap talk about is not just some document that would restrict your entry or movement to certain places. What they envision is an entire COVID eco-system, a future where each and every aspect of your life is monitored and regulated as per the whims and fancy of these Pharma Overlords.

To implement this agenda Dr Harsh Vardhan was nominated to the board of Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) last year.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan will be representing the South East Area Regional Office (SEARO)/ Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) constituency on the GAVI Board. The seat is currently held by Mr. MyintHtwe of Myanmar. Dr. Harsh Vardhan will be representing India from 1stJanuary 2021 until 31st December 2023.

The GAVI Board is responsible for strategic direction and policy-making, oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation. With membership drawn from a range of partner organisations, as well as experts from the private sector, the Board provides a forum for strategic decision making, innovation and partner collaboration.

We have already discussed earlier in detail how the British led GAVI has managed to infiltrate India’s healthcare policy-making thereby gaining a strategic position to dictate India’s response to coronavirus.

Dr Harsh Vardhan also oversees the WHO’s COVID-19 Surveillance Project in India in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The data gathered through full-scale surveillance will be used to make future Indian strategies for containment in India. Coincidentally, WHO’s National Public Health Surveillance Project is launched on the very same day American President Donald Trump announced an end to the funding of WHO, with regards to the never-ending list of blunders being committed by WHO repeatedly.

Dr Harsh Vardhan also oversees the India’s mandatory digital health card modeled on Bill Gates’ concept. Under the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, a person’s medical history records, including all the treatments and tests that the person has undergone, will be digitally saved in this card.

Who actually benefits from Vaccine Passports?

The major beneficiary of these Vaccine Passports projects will be the multinational pharmaceutical industry and not the common man.

In addition to it, the ordinary people will have to share their medical records in order to prove themselves fit to travel internationally or even to watch a movie.

The estimated business these pharmaceutical giants are aiming is worth $1.5 trillion in 2021 alone.

As soon as the new American President was installed, an executive order was signed imposing new travel restrictions and begin testing the feasibility of COVID-19 vaccine passports.

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  1. The answer was given from him ….”India, which manufactures nearly 60% of all vaccines & holds rich expertise is well suited to help the world augment capacity & supply.”

    Bill Gates buys people with promises of great wealth ( manufacturer/ supplier of vaccines into infinity) and an upward career move. It’s a rare human who can resist such temptation..

    The same was offered to President Trump by Bill Gates . “Mr Gates recalled asking Mr Trump: “You should associate yourself with American innovation. Wouldn’t you love to have the universal flu vaccine be something that really got kicked off and energized by you?”

    You get government involved and tangled in to the commitment of the project and then there i
    s no turning back….because you would look like a fool and ruin your career and reputation.

    It doesn’t matter it’s all lies and scam …you are committed to the ” sustainable” project….till they kick you out that is….tools are born every day fools remain fools long after their usefulness is done.

  2. The World has been conned big time for a Virus that does not exist for Covid 19, here is a Clinical Study that used the same concept that was done with the Isolation with Covid 19 that been published in Scientific Journals. Wait until you get to see how the con was played out and why millions of lives will now be forfeited from Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon injections. Why do you think pushing the Biolab leak going to need a cover story when people will start to die its the Depopulation Narrative.

  3. Due to Frequency Transmissibility Shedding, the UNVACCINATED can be fatally affected being in close proximity with those who have taken the Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon. So therefore, by linking the [Fake] “Vaccine”: Passports to international travel, the Government of India is giving license to all of the Walking Dead [those “vaccinated” who will all be DEAD between 2 and 10 years due to the cytokine storms of spike proteins and prions which compete with the blood, heart, and brain for oxygen until the host/victim DIES], international travel from India will be a super-spreader event that benefits only Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the Genocidal Globalists, but certainly not the people of India. Not only is this shameful, it is calculated MURDER !!!

  4. if the vaccined have a health passport to travel they have my blessings
    knowing that they still can live for 2-3 years to enjoy rest of their life .

  5. questionit21 — Everyone must view that video. The difference between true isolation (purification) and virology’s fake isolation (toxic culture) doesn’t take a scientist to understand. Virologists do not perform control experiments, which invalidates everything they do!

  6. A vaccine passport is discriminatory to those who can’t take the vaccine or want to wait for long term study results. Also, whenever you give the government an inch, they take a mile. What’s to say that they don’t add to the passport people who carry antibiotic bacteria like MRSA (but are asymptomatic), VTE, drug resistant TB, etc to “restrict the spread of disease”. There are millions of people who carry antibiotic resistant bacteria in their nose, body, and body fluids…We can’t start discriminating based on medical information. Nobody should allow for this infringement of our private medical information.

  7. I meant VRE, not VTE…lol…vancomycin resistant bacteria….and there is CRE that they may want to use against people as well

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