How US Military Created COVID-19

The study, “MSH3 homology and potential recombination link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site,” (read below) published in Frontiers on February 21, 2022, identified that a tiny snippet of code in Covid is identical to part of a gene patented by Moderna three years before the pandemic. Scientists claim that there is a one-in-three-trillion chance that Moderna’s sequence randomly appeared through natural evolution.

How US Military Created COVID-19

In addition, the National Institute of Health announced on March 16, 2020 that the first testing in humans of an experimental vaccine for the new coronavirus has begun. But many experts believe that vaccines can’t be developed so quickly unless the virus strain is obtained earlier.

It’s definitely not a coincidence. Research on the coronavirus in the U.S. began ten years earlier.

The US military began studies of bat virus in 2012!

In June 2012, NCDC, in collaboration with CDC, US, initiated a new program titled “The First Bat Survey for Emerging Zooonotic Pathogens in the Republic of Georgia” funded by DTRA to strengthen bat surveillance and implement various laboratory diagnostic methods along with binding laboratory capacity.

Collaborators from the CDC visited Georgia and conducted the first round of training in field sampling of bats and laboratory methods. Surveillance was initiated in five regions of Georgia in June, 2012.

Two hundred and thirty-six bats of eight species were sampled randomly from different roosts, either manually or using nets in compliance with CDC protocols. Another part of the samples has been delivered to the CDC (Atlanta) for screening for multiple pathogens. Another part is kept at the NCDC for further examination.

Statistical Evidence 100% Confirms American Created Covid-19 1

G-2101 Project

Within the framework of the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), bioweapon scientists conducted experiments with bat coronavirus and discovered coronaviruses.

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and the Georgian and American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) started studies on zoonotic pathogens in bats (G-2101) on February 1, 2014.

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) was established in 1992. ISTC’s primary objective was to give former Soviet WMD and missile scientists the opportunity to redirect their work toward peaceful activity.

Lela Urushadze was G-2101 project manager and virologist at the Lugar Center. Seven of the Georgian scientists involved in the G-2101 project turned out to be former bioweapon scientists who had previously worked on the development of bioweapons. Among them is Paata Imnadze, the director of the Lugar center.

How US Military Created COVID-19
Lela Urushadze was G-2101 project manager and virologist at the Lugar Center

The total investment for the project amounted to $100,000. The Lugar Center discovered coronaviruses, similar to the epidemic SARS and MERS coronaviruses, according to the G-2101 project manager and Lugar Center virologist, Lela Urushadze. These results were published by Lela Urushadze in her dissertation.

Statistical Evidence 100% Confirms American Created Covid-19 2

P-781 Project

The bat pathogen project, led by the United States, began before the new coronavirus pandemic.

According to the document released by the Russian Defense Ministry on March 17, one of the project agreements between the Ukrainian science and technology center, the Institute of experimental and clinical veterinary medicine, and the Lugar public health research center shows that Ukraine and Georgia cooperate closely under the framework of the P-781 project “the risk of new infections caused by insectivorous bats in Ukraine and Georgia.”

The representative of the United States confirmed the duration of the project as 36 months; the project is still in progress and is expected to be completely completed on October 1, 2022.

Igor Nikulin, a microbiologist and former member of the United Nations chemical and biological weapons commission, said that the published documents are very illustrative. “36 months forward from the end date of the project, it can be concluded that the project began in October 2019, that is, before the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic.”

US Biolabs in Ukraine – Tip of the Iceberg

The US invested upwards of $200 million on labs in Ukraine conducting dangerous biological activities including performing research with bat coronavirus samples.

Sensitive biolabs documents deleted by US Embassy and published by GreatGameIndia expose that it was former US President Barack Obama himself who authorized the construction of biolabs in Ukraine for creating dangerous pathogens.

While conducting a special operation in Ukraine, Russian forces obtained sensitive documents from these labs. Here is a list of Americans coordinating bioweapons research at Pentagon biolabs in Ukraine.

  • Robert Pope
  • Rhys M. Williams
  • Joanna Wintrol
  • Steven L. Edwards
  • Lance Lippencott
  • David Mustra
  • Mary Guttieri
  • Nita Madhav
  • Scott Thornton

U.S. biolabs in Ukraine are just the tip of the iceberg of its long record of chemical and biological experiments worldwide. The United States has secretly set up biological laboratories in many places around the world and is engaged in biological militarization.

Similar research was also carried out in China under Dr Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Health. Funds for the project were routed via EcoHealth Alliance.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, Google and USAID funded research conducted by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance on “killer” bat coronavirus research – for over a decade.

Efforts were also made to secretly fund such research in India, which was promptly shot down by the Indian administration.

CDC was caught funding Karnataka’s Manipal Center for Virus Research (MCVR) for secretly carrying out research on the lethal Nipah virus – a pathogen considered potential bioweapon.

The fact that an under-qualified private laboratory was secretly handling a dangerous virus under government’s nose at the behest of a foreign agency raised major concerns within the health ministry apparatus.

This was not the first time a dangerous research took place in India without keeping the government in loop. Back in February last year, the officials confirmed that foreign funded researchers were conducting study on bats and bat hunters (humans) in the northeastern state of Nagaland.

What’s more alarming was that two of the 12 researchers belonged to the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Department of Emerging Infectious Diseases – the same institute from where COVID-19 outbreak is believed to have originated. The Nagaland study was funded by the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction agency (DTRA).

The results of the study were published in the PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases journal, originally established by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Biosecurity Concerns

Dutch Virologist Ron Fouchier is a controversial figure in the field of Viroscience. He created world’s deadliest virus strain and his research sparked a global controversy to de-fund and shutdown such experiments. Experts have raised concerns legally that such experiments could not only lead to a global pandemic but could also lead to bio-terrorism.

In a scathing report on the Fouchier experiments, Lynn Klotz, a senior science fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation wrote for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:

Of greatest concern is a release of a lab-created, mammalian-airborne-transmissible, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, such as the airborne-transmissible H5N1 viruses created in the laboratories of Ron Fouchier in the Netherlands.

Given the many ways by which human error can occur, it is doubtful that Fouchier’s human-error-prevention measures can eliminate release of airborne-transmissible avian flu into the community through undetected or unreported lab infections.

The mammalian-airborne-transmissible, highly pathogenic avian influenza created in the Fouchier labs should be able to infect humans through the air, and the viruses could be deadly.

As reported in GreatGameIndia‘s investigative report, Fouchier was the one who sent Saudi SARS Coronavirus to the Canadian scientist Frank Plummer at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. It was under Plummer, Chinese biowarfare spy Xiangguo Qiu and her team smuggled deadly viruses from the Canadian lab to Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The jury is still out on whether the results of such “dual-use research of concern” studies should be made public or not. While some say it’s necessary for the scientific community to push the envelope, others warn that studies like these should never happen in the first place.

Washington is particularly responsible for exporting such deadly research to developing countries after the controversy. If it’s not true, why doesn’t the U.S. release detailed materials to prove its innocence? Why has the U.S. been standing alone in obstructing the establishment of the BWC verification mechanism and refusing verification of its biological facilities at home and abroad for the past two decades? When will the US invite experts to investigate the origin of the virus in the US?

Read the research paper below:

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  1. Much of this has been covered by Dr David E Martin, of M CAM international (technology underwriter) who has done an incredible, detailed analysis of the pharmaceutical and global health players who have filed patents to obtain royalties from both COVID and the mRNA gene therapies.

    His early video with Reiner Feullmich is undeniable.

  2. eladnitram, add to that “Pirbright Institute and Geoffrey Pattie and Lord Mark Mallach Brown”, and we can chase this COVID CRAP all the way back to the source. Hint:the queen of England was the main character negotiating to have the Kellogg nuke demolition system loaded into the WTC towers including an experimental detonation early 1969. They dressed their soldiers in red and had them march in straight lines. These are the facts. I leave it to you to derive your own factual conclusions and theories. The Pirbright Institute was named for the first Khazarian mafia made a Lord for his talents at waging genocide to enable filthy lucre to be sent to London Tower for His Lizardship to roll around naked in. has an amazing body of research into details necessary to obtain many convictions for illegal British genocide, including for ‘COVID-19’ activity. We all must die, so the British Empire can have more.

  3. Out of this Horrid bio-lab mess will come the Silver-Lining : Let’s eat the proper foods, grown in clean nutrient-dense soil and let us forget St Fauci and his Lab-Trolls at secret weapon facilities as well as the fake ‘safe-and-effective’ poisons aka ‘vaccines’ of Pfizer & their kindred ilk ! …….. ……. shalom, al jenkins

  4. The Three Corona Wars

    let’s try to understand it from the other side, let’s try to understand bio warfare.

    A Bio weapon ist a selfaugmenting GE Toxin, the good news for us victims is, that it’s not extinguishing mankind once set free becaus it is returning soon close to its natural origin by evolution. So for a Bio war you have to deliver again and again and the GE toxin has to be fresch to get the wanted effect because you have to meet the natural status quo of parhogen-immunsystem. That is why the US has 400 military biolabs around the world .

    The first secret biowar is against China and the second secret biowar is (was?) against Iran, PotUS Trump had no idea of, I don’t explain it here because I can’t explain it better as Ron UNZ @ UnzReview.

    But Ron can’t imagin, that there are different new variants, as they have to and what is coming back to the US are already weakened variants of the bio weapons. But he is right with the chaos in the US, as Trump had no idea, what was going on & could not be told.

    Bio war 3 is a different one, that is the mRNA nanolipid (and more toxins) war against EU & Angloamerica,I don’t know that much about India, so check that out. We had the Drosten Fake PCR test, that was designed NOT to distinguish the Wuhan variant, but to indicate any corona variant at 26 cycles, as he said at court and just anything at 43 cycles, as he published. Bio war three is the mRNA war in the Drosten states to plunder public funds.

    check out Dr Sona PEKOVÁ @ Grand Jury 3 1:32 & Dr Shankara CHETTY @ Grand Jury 3 3:44

    Another nice aspect about theese 3 bio wars is, that the real bio weapons against China & Iran is supporting the fake narrative in the Drosten states and the fake narrative in the Drosten states is hiding the attack against china & Iran.

    the only licensed medication in the US is the worst & most expensive
    @ Grand Jury 3 2:48, it’s from Gilead & about that company you should consult Voltaitenet’s excellent archive.

    not a bad idea to check the archive of as well.

  5. You find Dr Martin @ UnzReview as well.
    Two other impotant sources are Larry Romanoff, @ UnzReview as well and himself @ moonofshanghai & bluemoonofshanghai, already investigating spanish flew, Zika & Ebola
    and Sherry Tenpenny, Fuellmich mentioned her @ session 99, but the did not talk with her so far.

  6. good idea, as the new business of Bayer – Monsanto is called PHARMING

    but first we have to BAN BIO WAR !

  7. Bonjour amis Indiens ! Hello Indian friends!
    Pour s’assurer de l’efficacité de la vaccination il faut faire un test de sérologie covid. Un résultat négatif prouvera que les injections de vaccins ARN auront été inefficaces !
    To ensure the effectiveness of the vaccination, a covid serology test must be carried out. A negative result will prove that the injections of RNA vaccines have been ineffectives!

  8. Ich kann dazu nur sagen das ist kriminell. Test mit Medikamenten am Menschen und Impfstoffen die unsicher sind ist ein verbrechen an der Menschheit.

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