How The Atlantic Council Pulled Over The COVID-19 Matrix On The World

Not many are aware that the Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma censorship of the truth about COVID-19 is actively coordinated by NATO’s war propaganda arm, the Atlantic Council. This is how the Atlantic Council pulled over the COVID-19 Matrix on the world.

How The Atlantic Council Pulled Over The COVID-19 Matrix On The World

Since the beginning of the declared pandemic, GreatGameIndia is being hounded by the Atlantic Council and its lackeys. Sometimes these agents were journalists from world renowned mainstream publications and other times newly sprung up initiatives created with the express objective to run such truthers bankrupt and out of publication.

After an entire year of hardcore investigation, this is what the Atlantic Council finally concluded about GreatGameIndia:

Apart from the fact that it originated with GreatGameIndia, there is almost no way to determine the story’s provenance. Are we to assume that some conspiratorially minded writer at GreatGameIndia with a hyperactive imagination pieced all this together in the genuine belief that it revealed the dark truth behind how COVID-19 began and that the world needed to be told?

It is perfectly possible: the new media
environment teems with elaborate conspiracy content dreamed up by obsessive minds with time on their hands. Or was this story deliberately crafted by disinformation actors, either partisan ideologues or backroom state operatives, so as to whip up outrage at the Chinese government for unleashing a global

Is GreatGameIndia a front, a phony publication created and funded for the express purpose of seeding stories like this? Is this entire episode an example of clandestine information warfare carried out in plain view? How could we know one way or the other?

The above comment is in reference to our article Coronavirus Bioweapon.

Finally, the Atlantic Council put us on the Superspreaders List, unleashing a wave of mockingbird journalism bent at smearing our reputation.

One might assume that the arguments coming from the arbitrators of Science to debunk our reporting would be some kind of an eye-opener.

Indeed it was an eye-opener. Here is what the Batwoman of China, Shi Zhengli argued after we reported on the study by Indian scientists which concluded that Coronavirus was engineered with AIDS like insertions – and that there was no way this could have happened naturally:

“The novel 2019 coronavirus is nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilized living habits. I, Shi Zhengli, swear on my life that it has nothing to do with our laboratory. I advise those who believe and spread rumors from harmful media sources, as well as those who believe the unreliable so-called academic analysis of Indian scholars, to shut their stinking mouths.”

Batwoman Shi Zhengli

The Indian scientists were eventually bullied into silence and the study promptly retracted. After the Fauci Emails were leaked it was revealed that it was Dr Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study linking COVID-19 to AIDS virus.

Later, none other than the French Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier himself confirmed the conclusions of the study.

All the while, when the fact-checkers of the Atlantic Council were busy deplatforming anyone and everyone who questioned their wonderland theories, the God of Science Dr Fauci himself was busy colluding with British scientists to cover-up the information that COVID-19 was man-made.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci was worried the public might conclude Covid had originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that he might be criminally investigated for funding the bioweapons research also known as the Gain-of-function experiments.

Since the beginning of the declared pandemic GreatGameIndia has also been following a critical thread of investigation into the origin of COVID-19. The key to this entire issue is what happened in Canada’s Winnipeg National Microbiology Laboratory.

The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations.

The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

After over a year, Canadian authorities have released censored documents on deadly viruses stolen from Winnipeg to the Wuhan lab.

There is now enough public attention on the issue and Canadians have started demanding answers from their government.

In March this year, GreatGameIndia reported how the Canadian parliament erupted over a heated debate regarding the cover-up of Chinese spies stealing coronavirus from the Winnipeg based BSL-4 lab to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. 

Even the origin of the Omicron strain is mired in controversy. The first known cases of Omicron discovered in Botswana were found in “foreign nationals on a diplomatic mission.”

More significantly, these diplomats were present in Botswana for merely four days, and within the short time attained the status of being patients zero, one, two, and three of the newest and most prominent strain of COVID?

The country to which these “foreign nationals” belong to is not mentioned. Why is that? And how does the media not focus on this?

Where we go from here is not hard to see. And for those resisting the scientific noise pumped by the system day-in and day-out, the war has just begun. And how 2022 will pan-out for you will depend on your willingness to expose the head of the snake.

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  1. Find an original “hard copy” of journal virology Sept 2011 u will see the see the smoking gun-in a declaration of the sucess of ? insertion of HIV reverse binding protein essential for late stage influenza a. The chimera is a wonderful cocktail of SARS-HiIV-TB, pure GOF work by the 5 eyes of deception. Thats the spike protein sequence that is in the so called Vax. E-mails from Wuhan to Fauci confirm

  2. Apart from anything else – the vaccine (which it isn’t) does not work and damages the natural immune system

  3. GGI and its staff moving up – – Atlantic Council and its staff heading downward. …. ….shalom, al jenkins

  4. WW2 Allies–
    In Italy, Moroccan mercenaries fighting with the free French forces in 1943 fought under contract terms that included free license to rape and plunder in enemy territory.

    Many women in Italy were raped; the Italian government later offered the victims a modest pension in an effort to compensate the women for their trauma.

    They were pretty good at raping civilians too. The night after the battle for Monte Cassino was over and the Germans had withdrawn in good order, a division of Moroccan soldiers — 12,000 of them — left their camp and swarmed over a group of mountain villages around Monte Cassino. They raped every village woman and girl they could get their hands on, an estimated 3,000 women, ranging in age from 11 years to 86. They murdered 800 village men who tried to protect their women. They abused some of the women so badly that more than 100 of them died.
    According to an Italian eye-witness, “……the brutally inclined Goumiers (Moroccans)had the lowest moral values of anyone associated with war in the European theater. They raped women, they raped men, and when they got through with them, they raped animals.

  5. You are on the right track Great Game India .Stay with it and please keep us in the loop .
    All the best for the New Year .

  6. On another note ,I am having difficulty donating to the site .Is there a way to donate directly with a VISA card without going through PayPal as the connection to same does not work for me in spite of the fact that I have an account with same ?

  7. @Marty: did you know the distance to the Sun is 150,000,000 kms? That Paris is the capital of France and a city in Texas? Yogi Bear lives in Yellowstone Park.

  8. GGI, go on, you are making a good job.

    Of course it’s NATO ! The Corona war in Germany, that is in fact a mRNA war in EU & Angloamerica, was led by General Holtherm who was never mentioned in any media. Since 2021 12 he has a new job and I guess he is organizing organ trafficking from Ukraine now.

  9. How to make Sense of this Canada – China connection ?

    If we understand, that SarsCov-2 was designed to attack Han-Chinese, as Pak Defence published already 2020 03, the Chinese where so clever, to get early knolledge of it.

    Trodeau is not working for the Canadians at all, but for the British Crown & the City of London.

    Canada was important for the Corona War 3, that is in fact a mRNA war, as the nanolipids necessery to get the poison in the cell’s core, are canadian intellectual property.

  10. How many more years until we have a conclusion from an investigation, if any, of the murder of the director of the Winnipeg Lab on his arrival in an unnamed African country? When the intelligence, and police, agencies of YOUR country work for foreign nationals what will you do?

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