How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory

Two of the top scientists leading Britain’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic colluded with Dr Fauci in a cover-up of the COVID-19 bioweapons research also known as Gain-of-function experiments to peddle natural origin theory of the coronavirus.

How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory

Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, and Sir Patrick Vallance, formerly president of research and development at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and chief scientific adviser to the British Government since March 2018, both feature in the ‘Fauci Files’, an explosive batch of emails released under freedom-of-information legislation in America.

The Wellcome Trust is an immensely wealthy foundation which distributes £1billion annually for global health research. It was formed in 1936 after the death of Sir Henry Wellcome, who founded the company that went on to become GlaxoSmithKline.

Farrar also has a position on the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) and is on the board of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which gave $1billion to Covid-19 vaccine development.

Vallance, who chairs the Government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, was revealed by the Telegraph last year to have a £600,000 shareholding in GSK, prompting claims of a conflict of interest. He had already cashed in more than £5million worth of shares he received from the company during his tenure there. 

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, the Wellcome Trust has undisclosed ties to the British Eugenics Movement.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci was worried the public might conclude Covid had originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that he might be criminally investigated for funding the bioweapons research also known as the Gain-of-function experiments.

The Fauci Files show how top British scientists colluded with Dr Fauci to coverup the manmade origin of the virus.

Fox News host and commentator Tucker Carlson raises these concerns in his news segment (watch below):

‘Why would Tony Fauci be so concerned that Americans would conclude that? Possibly because Tony Fauci knew perfectly well that he had funded gain-of-function experiments at that very same laboratory. The emails prove that Fauci lied about this under oath.’ 

The first email Carlson showed viewers was dated January 31, 2020 – the day the World Health Organisation declared that Covid represented a global health emergency.

It was sent to Fauci late that evening by immunologist Kristian Anderson, of the Scripps Research Institute in California, considered the most influential in the world for its role in scientific advances.  It was copied to only one other person – Jeremy Farrar.

Anderson warned that the virus had features which might make it look as if it could have come from a laboratory.

His email said: ‘The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (less than 0.1 per cent) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered.’

The next day, Fauci wrote back: ‘Thanks, Kristian.  Talk soon on the call.’ 

How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory

He then sent an urgent email to his deputy, Hugh Auchincloss, marked IMPORTANT:

‘Hugh – it is essential that we speak this AM. Keep your cell phone on . . . Read this paper as well as the email that I will forward to you now. You will have tasks today that must be done.’

How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory

The paper was described in the email as: ‘Baric, Shi et al – Nature Medicine – SARS gain of function’.

The article concerned, published in November 2015, was written by Ralph Baric, an immunologist based in the US, and long-term recipient of funds from Fauci’s institute. 

It acknowledged Zhengli-Li Shi, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as having provided genetic sequences from Chinese bats which were used to construct a chimera virus – a genetically engineered, laboratory creation which the researchers then showed capable of infecting and damaging human tissue.

The paper concluded: ‘On the basis of these findings, scientific review panels may deem similar studies building chimeric viruses based on circulating strains too risky to pursue . . . Together, these data and restrictions represent a crossroads of GOF (gain of function) research concerns: the potential to prepare for and mitigate future outbreaks must be weighed against the risk of creating more dangerous pathogens.’ 

On this Carlson commented:

‘We do know that starting early last year, a lot of people at the National Institutes of Health were worried that Covid had not occurred naturally. They were concerned that it had instead been manipulated in a laboratory in China. And yet they seemed determined to hide those facts from the public. Why?

‘On the afternoon of February 1 last year, Fauci held a conference call with several top virologists. Most of the details of that call remain hidden from public view – they have been redacted. We know the call was related to a document entitled “Coronavirus sequence comparison”.

‘Jeremy Farrar, a British physician who runs a major research non-profit, reminded everyone on the call that what they said was top secret.’

An email about the teleconference was sent by Farrar that same afternoon to Fauci and Patrick Vallance, with cc to six others including Paul Schreier, chief operating officer at Wellcome; German virologist Christian Drosten; Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, and Kristian Anderson. 

It carried the warning: ‘Information and discussion is shared in total confidence and not to be shared until agreement on next steps.’

How Top British Scientists Covered Up COVID-19 Bioweapons Research To Peddle Natural Origin Theory

In other emails Farrar, who has publicly promoted the theory that the virus evolved naturally, passed on an article suggesting the virus might have been created as a bioweapon.

This article was related to a research conducted by Indian scientists concluding that coronavirus was engineered with AIDS like insertions.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, Fauci Emails revealed that it was Dr Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study linking COVID-19 to AIDS virus.

And yet for the crime of saying that out loud, GreatGameIndia was branded a ‘clandestine information warfare’ publication by the Atlantic Council and hounded by its Fact-checkers.

As Carlson puts it: Until recently you were not allowed to suggest that Covid might be man-made. Why couldn’t you suggest that? The factcheckers wouldn’t allow it. Why wouldn’t they?  Because Tony Fauci assured the tech monopolies that the coronavirus could not have been man-made. And so the tech monopolies shut down the topic.’

Carlson then replayed a clip from a White House press conference dated April 17, 2020 in which Fauci declared:

‘A group of highly qualified evolutionary biologists looked at the sequences there, and the sequences in bats as they evolve, and the mutation that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.’

Two days later, British scientist Peter Daszak, one of those whom Fauci had funded to conduct the experiments in Wuhan, wrote to thank him for his help in ‘stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for Covid-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology’.

Daszak, president of the EcoHealth alliance, which has received tens of millions of US taxpayers’ dollars for investigating coronaviruses, is a leading member of a World Health Organisation team whose investigation of the pandemic’s origins was widely regarded as a whitewash when published on March 30. He heads a Lancet committee with the same remit. 

The interesting part is that Peter Daszak is the same guy who orchestrated the publication of a ‘scientific’ paper in Lancet claiming that the virus made the cross-species jump naturally.

Peter Daszak is also the same guy the WHO sent to China to investigate the claims whether the virus evolved naturally or was coronavirus engineered.

Watch the Tucker Carlson broadcast below:

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  1. The Pirbright Institute is a research institute in Surrey, England, dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals. It is located on 200 acres of land controlled by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), just south of the village of Pirbright.

    The Pirbright Institute is a research institute in Surrey, England, dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of farm animals. It is located on 200 acres of land controlled by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), just south of the village of Pirbright.

    The Pirbright Institute has close affiliations with vaccine pharmaceuticals including British Merial (originally a joint venture between drug companies U.S. Merck and French Sanofi-Aventis), German Boehringer-Ingelheim, British Wellcome Trust, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ****Wellcome Trust**** and the Gates Foundation are the two largest investors in pharma research on the planet and heavily fund The Pirbright Institute……

    Merial Animal Health Limited (50% owned by U.S. Merck) was sold to French Sanofil on Jul. 30, 2009; then three months later on Oct. 12, 2009, built a $70 million production plant named Merial Animal Health Co., Ltd. (Nanchang, China); then sold to German Boehringer Ingelheim GMBH on Feb. 09, 2017), but still produces poultry vaccines from their 12-acre plant having retained the name Merial Animal Health Co., Ltd. (China) – just a 4 hour drive from Wuhan, China. Map of The Pirbright Institute, Pirbright, Surrey, UK.

    Note, Pilgrims Society at the BBC and Reuters are floating a malicious “false flag” propaganda currently from unattributed assertions that the Pirbright Coronavirus patent is a different, weakened coronavirus, not the one involved in the current outbreak. Such an assertion would violate U.S. Patent Office “inequitable conduct” rules—lying to the Office. See sidebar on right.

    https: / /aim4truth.  org/2020/02/28/coronavirus-qinetiq-and-the-rothschild-bombshell/


    https: / /aim4truth. org/2020/01/28/proof-coronavirus-is-a-bioweapon/

    note: make a copy of this because it goes against the narrative that it is all chinas fault alone. This will be erased in due time as ” disinformation” although these researchers are professional in finding documents to back up information.

  2. A bunch of words come to mind when reading this article. Deceitful. Misleading. Misdirection. Smoke screen. Entangle. Confuse.

    Show me proof of the coronavirus via isolation as purification (not the toxic cultured cells that virologists have redefined as isolation). Show me proof these never isolated so-called viruses are infectious and contagious. (Never done.) Show me proof to the contrary of Dr. Lanka’s work debunking all claims of the existence of the COVID virus.

    Is the information shared in this 22 minute video true or not?

    If there is proof of virus and contagion, I will reconsider my position on the Fauci bioweapons-research hoax.

  3. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence”
    “The emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV underscores the threat of cross-species transmission events leading to outbreaks in humans. ”
    “The emergence of SARS-CoV heralded a new era in the cross-species transmission of severe respiratory illness with globalization leading to rapid spread around the world and massive economic impact”
    “Building on this finding, the common emergence paradigm argues that epidemic SARS-CoV originated as a bat virus, ”
    “Figure 4: Emergence paradigms for coronaviruses.”
    ” The data from chimeric SARS-like viruses argue that the quasi-species pools maintain multiple viruses capable of infecting human cells without the need for mutations”
    “Construction of SARS-like chimeric viruses.”

    That article is full of technocratic jargon. I’d bet it was created by a think tank. Brace for massive economic impact, shows potential, underscores the threat, a paradigm or a collection of data argues like a human… because it isn’t them, it’s the data itself that leads to the logical conclusion: there will be an epidemic and we have built a bunch of man-made viruses to prove it.

    So WHO are the vampire bats WHO inoculated the poison to our world? Those WHO profit from plagues. If the media and propaganda isn’t enough they will inject it directly into our bodies.

  4. to all it may concern :
    for me its very uninteresting where and how this flu was constructed.
    i know that the priones spreading pseudo vaccine and the PCR pseudo test through nose
    were deliberately constructed since years by DIA;DARPA;JOHN HOPKINS and the very well
    known pharma companies. all under the jew masonry umbrella worldwide to further their
    aimed JEW WORLD ORDER dictatorship with help of K.SCHWABs WEF and british/american
    thinktangs. in this regard maybe american decline now by jew communism/racewar is to
    wellcome to destroy this whole polyp system !

  5. I really don’t understand why the UK government wants to degrade itself into a simple sovereign criminal by fraud and scam of the current global scandal. Now Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson will be out, then whose turn? The real criminals behind mass media shall be sent to the new prison after Guantanamo is full. Why is the UK government damaging its own public image in the international community? Now ‘G7’ stands for sovereign crime mafia. June 11/13 mafia’s gathering to confirm the depopulation backdoor. Coming 8 weeks are critical phase in this global fight for a newer world. After Bill Gates is done, now Dr. Fauci to jail, then Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson to jail, then World Bank / IMF, World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab), and Netanyahu will be ousted. Do I need to learn how to shoot a bazooka for the coming fight for the elimination of the old order?

  6. @lynnthoma . Well Said, as mentioned earlier, the virus does not exist AT ALL. There is no such thing as virus. The problem is, we are dealing with a highly coordinated enemy who has unlimited money.

    Entire world government has being brought off and media along with it too. I literally showed all proof to my friends and they still went and got the jab.

    In India, where I’m from, not even a single person will believe the truth unless its on TV or told by the leader. People here DO NOT do their own research. More like tribal society whose primary motive is entertainment & MEME forwarding & fake nationalistic pride.

    I always thought what good is “truth” & “Conspiracy Theory” until this fake crisis came. All my effort to find truth paid off as those who follow conspiracy in India are the only one who are not living in fear or dead.

    NOT EVEN A SINGLE “Conspiracy guy” died in this crisis in India – That’s what the payoff is in India if you follow truth – YOUR LIFE.. Only people dying in India are the ones believing in it.

  7. Jim Woodgett, former Director of Research at Mount Sinai Hospital (2005-2021)
    Answered May 5, 2021 · Author has 217 answers and 441.6K answer views
    The SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein encodes a 1273 amino acid protein. Multiple by 3 to get the number of nucleotides and add some untranslated regions for directing translational start and aiding in stability it rounds to approximately 5,000 nucleotides. 1 nucleotide of RNA has a mass of (averaged) of 320 Daltons. So an RNA comprised of 5,000 nucleotides has a mass of 1600 kiloDaltons.
    There are 30 micrograms of RNA in a Pfizer/BioNTech single dose (in 0.3 ml). That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
    11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.

    Erwin Claassen, Wetenschappelijk Huurling at Waar Niet
    Answered May 5, 2021
    a shitload… dose is 100µg of mRNA (not all vaccines is mRNA), that is around 505.440. copies… more or less.

    Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine?
    You cannot.
    You don’t have to listen to me, you don’t have to listen to Dr. Fauci or the CDC, or anyone in the government.
    All I ask is that you don’t listen to “the internet.” Ask your doctor, the one who’s been taking care of you for years. Ask them any question you want to about it, even if you think it sounds stupid. My wife has been fielding questions for months now, she’s happy to answer.
    (Me: I would not trust my doctor further than I can throw a grand piano and he knows it)
    Getting COVID from a vaccine is a 100% impossibility because the vaccines do not use whole, live viruses. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in fact, don’t use Covid Virus at all.
    Most of the vaccines being administered right now are a relatively new technology called mRNA that we started studying in the early 1990s.
    One of the most prolific categories of misinformation about the COVID vaccines relates to mRNA, how it works, and how thoroughly tested the technology is.
    First, it’s important to know that this is a relatively new technology, not brand new. We didn’t just suddenly decide to try mRNA last year when COVID-19 started running wild. The idea has been around for almost 30 years and has been used in human trials for a number of vaccines, such as Zika, and previous coronavirus threats, like the 2003 SARS outbreak. In fact, much of the reason we were able to get a vaccine so quickly was because of the nearly 20-year head start SARS gave us.
    It is true that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are the first mass-produced mRNA vaccines authorized for use with the general public.
    The other big category of disinformation is about how mRNA vaccines work, specifically, the idea that they “change your DNA.”
    Let’s be clear. That is completely, categorically, 100% false. The mRNA never even comes near the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is.
    The way it works is “mRNA” or “messenger” RNA is injected into the arm with exactly that. A message. The message is an instruction.
    Here is what the instruction tells our cells that it encounters:
    “I want you to make a harmless piece of what is called a “spike protein.” I want you to make it JUST like this. The picture is the spike protein found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

    Our immune system sees that spike protein and knows it doesn’t belong, so it builds antibodies to attack it, just like if you had actually been infected. In doing so, it learns how to destroy that protein. And most importantly, it REMEMBERS. So the next time it sees that same protein, this time on an actual virus, it knows exactly what to do.
    The reason you get 2 doses is that researchers learned during clinical trials that your body does ok with one lesson, but 2 lessons REALLY sets it in stone.
    It learns the lesson so well that 9 out of 10 times, it will be able to take out the virus before it infects your body, and in the VAST majority of cases where the virus does manage to infect an immunized individual, it will fail to cause serious illness, even in the more at-risk portions of the population.
    The final category of disinformation is about how thoroughly tested the vaccines are. And this one worries a lot of reasonable people and fairly.
    What it is important to know is that these vaccines have been tested just as thoroughly as any other that hit the market. How then did they get it done so quickly?
    It was not by skipping or shortening steps.
    What Operation Warp speed allowed the pharmaceutical companies to do by removing bureaucratic roadblocks was instead of being forced to do Step A first, then Step B, then Step C, it allowed for a lot of multi-tasking. In other words, we still needed to complete steps A through I, but we didn’t have to wait for step A to be done while we worked on step D or G which had no need for information from Step A. We were able to test a number of factors simultaneously, and in doing so accomplish 3 years of work in less than one.
    It wasn’t that we didn’t run all four laps of the relay race. It’s that all four runners were allowed to start at the same time.
    This allowed for complete and thorough testing to be done in record time allowing for human trials WAY faster than we had ever been able to get to human trials before. And in the case of Pfizer and Moderna, those human trials proved the safety and efficacy of their Vaccines sufficiently to gain emergency use authorizations from the FDA.
    That’s it. Years from now, we will look back at this as a massive achievement. And years from now the success of this effort will probably lead to problems, as people use the success of this effort to try to cut corners with the development of other drugs or therapies.
    But the bottom line is that the development of this vaccine is a massive success story. The vaccines are safe, they are effective, and the sooner we get to herd immunity by vaccinating the vast majority of the population, the sooner we can get back to normal.
    The one thing I’ll tell you, from my experience having had both doses of Pfizer.
    I have one major side effect to report.
    A MASSIVE weight off my shoulders.

    Kevin Richards, Masters Microbiology and Immunology, Cornell University (1987)
    Answered December 30, 2020 · Author has 290 answers and 395.2K answer views
    Have mRNA-based vaccines been used prior to COVID-19?
    Originally Answered: Has mRNA been used as a vaccine before Covid?
    No – although mRNA vaccine technology has been in the development stage for about a decade, this is the first time a vaccine has been created using the technology.
    And its dangerous to say the least. Animal testing was skipped over in favor of human trials – something NEVER done for conventional vaccines. This is a dangerous precedent to set for future vaccine safety trails.
    There is a reason the FDA takes 5–7 years (sometimes decades) to approve vaccines for human distribution – safety.
    Quora (Quora does not like me, won’t let me sign in again)

    Me” We didn’t just suddenly decide to try mRNA last year when COVID-19 started running wild. The idea has been around for almost 30 years.
    How reassuring, so why has it taken 30 years to produce a test vaccine and why is it still in the “test” phase?
    Why have they been doing “self admitted” mRNA tests on humans for the past 20-30 years, in direct conflict with the Geneva Convention (1947) and what were the results (unpublished) of those illegal tests – as defined as Crimes against Humanity in the Geneva Convention – same as they are now with these “test vaccines” – science over humanity, just like Joseph Mengele (1939 – 1947) would have argued.

    Richard (Hermes) Noakes

    Hermes was the messenger of the Gods!!

  8. 400 Covid-19 cases a day are people who have had both vaccine jabs
    A former scientific advisor to the Government revealed that one in 25 people who get Covid-19 have had both their vaccines
    Press Association Simon Meechan
    file://C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\AtlHTMLClip\clip_files\symbol60868845.png 10:55, 7 JUN 2021
    file://C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\AtlHTMLClip\clip_files\symbol60868845.png Updated12:54, 7 JUN 2021
    One in 25 people who are diagnosed with Covid-19 have had both vaccine jabs (Image: Andy Commins / Daily Mirror)

    Hundreds of people who have had both their vaccine jabs are being diagnosed with Covid-19 every day, a former chief scientific advisor to the Government revealed.
    Sir David King, who is now chair of the Independent Sage Group, told Sky News: “We know that anyone vaccinated twice is relatively safe against the virus.
    “But let’s not forget the one in 25 new cases are people who have been vaccinated twice – that means 400 new cases a day are people who had the vaccine twice.

    “While there is an extensive amount of virus out there in the country, amongst our people, it is dangerous.”
    He continued: “Dying isn’t the sole issue about that we’re trying to avoid here. The number of people who are suffering from long Covid in the country is enormous and this is not a simply a flu, once you’ve had the vaccine.”
    Sir David also said the current Covid-19 figures suggest a third wave is incoming.
    He said: “(There are) 5,300 new cases of the disease per day in the United Kingdom and we’re up about 2,000 on last week.
    “Now we’ve been discussing whether or not we’re going into a serious third wave and I don’t think we can possibly wait any longer.
    “This is the evidence of another wave appearing.”
    Dr King also questioned whether the Government was pressing ahead with a “herd immunity policy” among teenagers and called for over 12’s to be vaccinated.
    He told Sky News: “The Pfizer vaccine has already been given the green light in this country to over 12-year-olds. I think we should run that programme forward quickly.
    “But we’re opening schools today and the Government has said 12 to 18-year-olds no longer need to wear face masks at school – I don’t think that was a wise thing to do and I do hope the Government will rethink this in the light of the current figures.”
    Sir David added: “Let me ask you, if I may, to ask the Government, are they actually believing in herd immunity amongst school children?
    “Is that why they’re saying, ‘take masks off it’, so that the disease spreads rapidly and they all become immune by having had the disease?
    “If that is a policy, shouldn’t we be honest with the public, and tell us that is the policy?
    “I believe that herd immunity was the policy from the beginning back in February, March last year, so have we returned to that now with the high vaccination level?”
    Me: Coronavirus is a Flu like virus and irrespective of if you have had test vaccines or not, you will get Coronavirus again, because test vaccines are for Covid in the body and that has nothing to do with Flu like symptoms in the head and body.
    The purpose of test vaccines, is to hopefully stop you getting Covid in the body again, but that does not work effectively, when 1 in 25 of those fully vaccinated, with both shots, get Covid again.
    There is no evidence to suggest that those who don’t get Covid, are in fact protected. The test vaccine might just weaken the symptoms, so you think you are safe, when in fact you are not.
    A test is not conducted after getting one or two test vaccines, to discover if your body is protected from new Covid strains, because that simply is not done, so even if you have both test vaccines, you simply don’t know if you are protected from anything, because no tests have confirmed your protection from the next dose of Covid, you might get – and why, I wonder, is that not done?
    I refer to my free salt water cure, it murders Coronavirus in the head, before Coronavirus is allowed to become Covid in the head and body, as above and with a potential 100% success rate there really is no point in doing nothing for the 10 to 14 days of self isolation, while the virus rages in your body, to later become Covid – when you could have killed it dead, with my simple, free, salt water cure, over that time span, if not before.
    Richard (Hermes) Noakes

  9. I watched the same clip from the brave Russian Woman with a Woman English Narrator does give scientific fact that Covid 19 was never about a Virus was about the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon injections. Its the Synthetic Spike Proteins the reason why people getting Blood Clots because they are bleeding to death at a cellular level some will get Blood Clots rather quick while the healthy and young people will take much longer and they could be the ones that will die before knowing there is a blood clot.

    Covid 19 ICU and Deaths is due to 5G and I would say its the Lipid Nanoparticles that has 5G Antenna built in that is ultimately changing the human 1.0 to 2.0. 500M will be those who will have their DNA changed ready to live in the 5G Grid while the rest is due to the Depopulation Narrative and the deadline is 2030.

    all states on top are run by jew B´NAI B´RIT, sanhedrin and their 5 milion freemason mafia worldwide.
    all goyim (nonjews) had a chance to liquidate march+april about 440 VIPs assembled in their mafia intends
    at Fairmont hotel, Jaspers park Alberta accomodated for 5 milion $ for two month.
    all goyim had the chance to liquidate the anualy assembled high members of BOHEMIAN groove in
    north california . NOTHING HAPPENED. the criminals in high places always over the years could
    do their insidious, conspirative ways. EVIL RULES same in your jewish UK !

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