How China Is Evading US Spies

America’s spying operation in China is going to be harder under Xi Jinping according to sensitive US intelligence reports reviewed by former and current officials. As per the reports, a lack of intelligence on inner circle of Chinese President Xi Jinping has become frustrating for Biden administration officials as they are finding it hard to get an idea about the next step of Beijing.

How China Is Evading US Spies

Rapid move of Beijing to consolidate control of Hong Kong is surprising for both Biden and Trump administrations. Some moves like projecting military power across the South China sea and more are putting hindrance and limit probes into Covid-19 origins.

Officials emphasize that spy agencies of America have struggled a lot for a long time to offer insight into Chinese policy making. Significant damage to spy networks in China was already done by Beijing prior to presidency of Xi, reported Bloomberg.

“Our human intelligence has been lagging for decades,” former National Security Advisor John Bolton said in an interview, when asked about China. “I never feel I have enough intelligence. I’m always willing to hear more. I’m never satisfied. No decision maker should be.”

No doubt, Biden administration wants to shift more of its foreign policy towards countering China. Last month, Bill Burns, Director of CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) announced the creation of a China Mission Center to hone the focus of agency on “an increasingly adversarial Chinese government.”

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Some people think that this announcement is more symbolic and require to be backed up. However, Officials of CIA declined to comment.

US intelligence shortfalls is getting worse. The Xi administration is going to remove last hurdle to secure a 3rd term as party head next year also seeking to confirm his legacy with Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong at a meeting in Beijing this coming week.

The creation of the CIA mission center was denounced as a “typical symptom of the Cold War mentality” by China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

The U.S. “should view China’s development and China-U.S. relations in an objective and rational light and stop doing things detrimental to mutual trust and cooperation,” he added.

Pentagon said last week that nuclear arsenal of China is growing at a faster rate than it was expected.

CIA Looks Beyond Hardware

Xi has been putting consistent efforts to change domestic policies of China and it has impacted American Intelligence a lot. Even before Xi, political system of China was organized and highly secretive.

This system used a ‘stove-piped’ system. It means information reaches to top leaders, but it rarely circulates inside the system widely. Chinese Government has a tight control over civil society organizations, the media and Chinese academia.

Officials said that even Trump White House lacked perfect intelligence on the strategy of China towards North Korea, India and Vietnam.

As per some reports, American Spy Agencies have been failing to meet the multifaceted challenges posed by China.

“Absent a significant realignment of resources, the U.S. government and intelligence community will fail to achieve the outcomes required to enable continued U.S. competition with China on the global stage for decades to come, and to protect the U.S. health and security,” according to the report. 

The report also cited America’s foreign policy focus on the Middle East and the “war on terror” as reasons the intelligence community came to treat “traditional intelligence missions as secondary to counterterrorism.” 

What the report did not mention was how China used Harvard University as Joe Biden’s honeypot.

The coup in Myanmar led to huge internal arguments in the White House which inturn revealed the existence of a strong connection between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Bidens Adviser Team and how China used Harvard University as Joe Biden’s honeypot.

An intelligence report published by GreatGameIndia last year, exposed in depth how the Chinese intelligence cultivated the Biden family

Even William Burns, the new CIA Director has close links to Chinese intelligence.

As a direct result of the elaborate influence operation China managed to steal America’s nuclear secrets.

As part of the operation, Joe Biden also blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

Meanwhile, according to a top secret cable, the CIA is worried about its agents being captured and killed in the dozens overseas. The warning notes spies have been tracked in countries such as Iran and China and turned into double agents. 

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