How China Used Harvard University As Joe Biden’s Honeypot

Present Myanmar’s situation on whether to lebel it as “coup” or not led to huge internal arguments in the White House which inturn revealed the existence of a strong connection between the Chines Communist Part (CCP) and Bidens Adviser Team and how China used Harvard University as Joe Biden’s honeypot.

How China Used Harvard University As Joe Biden's Honeypot

A recent report published in the National Pulse revealed the deep ties of Biden’s adviser team with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The group of advisers which includes current as well as former advisers to Biden comprised of high level White House advisers who have pecuniary interest in dealing with the Chinese Communist Party and even defending CCP on many instances.

Harvard’s Belfer Center led by Ash Carter, an Obama-era Secretary of Defense, Eric Rosenbach a fellow Obama administration national security alum, leads the China initiative.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Adviser, has served as a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center.

Biden’s Director of National Security Avril Haines a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is also on the Bidens Team which allies on China’s terming as “Global Competitor”.

In the year 2019 on 25th April, a seminar was organised by Harvard University on the topic of ‘Cyber Secutiry Project Events Series’ where the China Institute for International Stretegic Studies (CIISS) Senior Adviser Maj General Hao Yeli (Rtd) was invited for speech on the said subject. She is one of the few experienced female leaders in the PLA.

Harvard University’s Belfer Center which has organised and hosted many conferences comprising of current as well as previous high dignitaries held position on Biden’s administration.

Many conferences were hosted alsongside the CCP where many papers were published with Chinese Communist Party narratives.

“The working group in Cambridge brought together 20 representatives including former government and military officials, as well as tech, business, and academic professionals to discuss current issues in the bilateral cyber relationship”.

The conferences discusses far and wide topics on Artificial Intelligence, Huawei, Arms Control frameworks and more.

“Both sides worked through a fictitious cyber scenario to discuss what their respective governments and companies would do in the face of a third party cyber attack on critical infrastructure. The working group also discussed AI, IP theft, supply chain security and Huawei, arms control frameworks, and controlling the spread of malware over the dark web.” 

The CIISS encourages participation from CCP ‘political figures, military scholars, diplomats, economists, academician and public figures’ alongside these conferences.

The leadership from Beijing group comprise of former CCP officials, High level or former leadership of Chinese run government bodies. The adacemic group also has members who has either worked directly for Chinese Communist Party or State run organisation.

Many works of these groups are found to be published by the Press of the Party School of CCP like “How to become a Great Power: World Order and China’s Role” and “The 500-Year History of Socialism”

Harvard’s role in inviting these Chinese counterparts and swapping cybersecurity tips with the group seems very comfortable

The Belfer Center of Harvard University fails to disclose details of its fundings on its website refusing to even comment on question being raised if donars are from the members of CCP. Although Harvard among its peers is the leading institution in accepting nearly $1 billion donations.

Moreover suspicion of its involvement arises of its routine publication of papers and research in line or in defence of Chinese Communist Party narratives.

Even William Burns, the new CIA Director has close links to Chinese intelligence.

An intelligence report published by GreatGameIndia last year, exposed in depth how the Chinese intelligence cultivated the Biden family

As a direct result of the elaborate influence operation China managed to steal America’s nuclear secrets.

As part of the operation, Joe Biden also blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

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