How China France Alliance Created Wuhan’s Bioweapons Laboratory

On January 23, Wuhan just announced the closure of the city, and the French “Challenge Network” published an article revealing many disturbing details of China France cooperation in setting up a P4 laboratory in Wuhan.

How China France Alliance created Wuhan's Bioweapons Laboratory
How China France Alliance created Wuhan’s Bioweapons Laboratory

The article states that, as France is a leading country in the field of global virus research, as early as 2003, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had asked the French government to assist China in opening a highest-level virus research center. The Chinese request has caused divisions between the French government and virus experts, because although the Wuhan Institute of Virology can fight outbreaks of infectious diseases, some French experts are worried that the CCP will use French technology to develop biological weapons. Indeed a serious warning!

With the support of then Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, China and France signed an agreement in 2004 to cooperate in the construction of a P4 virus center amidst widespread concern.

The French General Administration of Foreign Security warned that RTV, an architectural design firm in Lyon, France was originally responsible for the laboratory’s project, but in 2005 the Chinese Communist Party officially selected Wuhan’s local design agency IPPR (Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd.) for the project. According to the department’s investigation, the IPPR design institute is closely related to the subordinate departments of the Communist Party of China. These departments have long been the monitoring targets of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Wuhan Institute of Virology Coronavirus
Wuhan Institute Of Virology – Epicentre Of Coronavirus

Public information shows that IPPR (Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1953 and is affiliated to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a large state-owned enterprise of the Communist Party of China and a Fortune 500 company. SINOMACH is the largest large-scale state-owned enterprise group of the CCP machinery industry and has close relations with the CCP military. Among its 12 departments, it has set up a special “Military Industry Management Office (Ministry of Science and Technology Development)”.

Zhongyuan International Engineering Co
Zhongyuan International Engineering Co has 12 departments including a special “Military Industry Management Office”

Li Yuan, a former project executive of the Chinese Red Cross Society, interviewed by Radio Free Asia pointed out that since the establishment of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there has been a serious lack of transparency. The drawing of the P4 laboratory was provided by France. The original design was a layer of negative pressure. A “black hole” was formed in the center of the virus laboratory. Everything outside just flowed to the center and would not leak out in the reverse flow.

Li Yuan believes that the Chinese side does not allow the French side to construct, the purpose is to build something that the French side does not know.

At the same time, some US media believe that these “things not to be known to the French” are related to biological weapons.

Excerpts from GreatGameIndia‘s exclusive COVID19 Files – A Scientific Investigation on Mysterious Origin of Coronavirus.

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