GGI IMPACT: White House To Investigate If Coronavirus Was Weaponized

As a direct impact of GreatGameIndia investigation on Coronavirus which found deadly viruses smuggled by Chinese Biowarfare agents from a Canadian lab to Wuhan, where it is believed Coronavirus was weaponized, now the White House has opened and investigation to determine if these findings are true and whether Coronavirus is indeed bio-engineered in a lab.

White House to investigate if Coronavirus was Weaponized
GGI IMPACT: White House to investigate if Coronavirus was Weaponized

The White House on Thursday asked U.S. scientists and medical researchers comprising the White House Coronavirus Task Force to investigate the scientific origins of the novel coronavirus.

The director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in a letter to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, requested that scientific experts “rapidly” look into the origins of the virus in order to address both the current spread and “to inform future outbreak preparation and better understand animal/human and environmental transmission aspects of coronaviruses.”

The director of the OSTP, Kelvin Droegemeier, wrote in the letter to the president of the National Academy of Sciences, Marcia McNutt, that a widely disputed paper on the origins — subsequently withdrawn — had shown the urgency for accurate information about the genesis of the outbreak.

“There’s always that concern,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said. “And one of the things that people are doing right now is very carefully looking at sequences to see if there’s even any possibility much less likelihood that that’s going on. And you could ultimately determine that. So people are looking at it, but right now, the focus is on what are we going to do about what we have.”

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This investigation is in direct response to GreatGameIndia’s findings on Coronavirus, as Joshua Phillip puts it:

The original report making the claim about the P4 lab as a potential source was published by GreatGameIndia, a journal on geopolitics and international relations in its report Coronavirus Bioweapon. Other publications, such as The Washington Times, followed, with additional claims based on interviews.

While the narrative of the virus coming from the lab hasn’t been debunked, it has been criticized by several news outlets.

Regardless of where the coronavirus came from, the attention on the P4 lab has focused a spotlight on the Chinese regime’s alleged biological warfare program and is raising questions about the nature of the P4 lab in Wuhan.

GreatGameIndia report has also been corroborated by Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle in an exclusive interview given to Geopolitics and Empire. Dr. Boyle drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

Frank Plummer Winnipeg Lab Scientist Working On Coronavirus Assassinated
Frank Plummer, Winnipeg, Canada based scientist, a key to Coronavirus investigation.

Further to our investigation, recently in a very strage turn of events, renowned Canadian scientist Frank Plummer who received the Saudi SARS Coronavirus sample and was working on Coronavirus (HIV) vaccine in the Winnipeg based Canadian lab from where the virus was smuggled by Chinese Biowarfare agents and weaponized, has died in mysterious conditions. Frank Plummer was the key to the Chinese Biological Espionage case at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory.

For the White House Coronavirus Task Force along with the Indian authorities probing the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a good place to launch the investigation would be Nairobi, Kenya, where Frank Plummer died.

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