Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

A fully vaccinated mom of 3 has died after suffering 11 days in a coma. Doctors are calling it the worst case of coronavirus they have ever seen. The entire family were left ‘heartbroken’ but they wanted to share her story so they could warn others of the devastating effects of covid, despite having been fully vaccinated.

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

Paula Collins, 37, from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, had been battling Covid-19 in the Hospital when she was put in an induced coma for 11 days – despite already having both jabs, reported DailyMail.

The mother-of-three, who also suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, was taken to the intensive care unit and tragically died in hospital on November 5, just two weeks after her symptoms started. 

Paula’s husband Neil, 51, said his wife’s death has turned the lives of him and their three daughters, Ashleigh, 19, Millie, 17, and Maisie-Grace, 10, ‘upside down’.  

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

The beloved mother-of-three first showed symptoms of the deadly virus on October 20 when she first came down with a ‘runny nose and cough’. 

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Speaking to the MailOnline, Neil said: ‘She was taken in to hospital on the Tuesday morning by ambulance with a runny nose and cough. 

‘But she was quickly moved onto intensive care for Covid patients in the Prince Charles Hospital. I couldn’t believe it when the doctor called me and said she had the worst case of Covid they’d ever seen since the start of the pandemic.

‘It all happened so quickly and losing Paula has been so hard to process.’ 

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

Paula was put in an induced coma for 11 days but despite doctor’s attempts to save her life, she tragically passed away on November 5 with her husband Neil, eldest daughter Ashleigh, best friend Beth Hughes and her father, Paul, by her side, according to Wales Online.

Medics wanted Paula to be transferred to a London hospital to trial a ‘new drug’ to try and ease her symptoms but ‘nothing worked’.

Neil said: ‘The hospital were fantastic. Doctors did everything they could to save her life and even wanted to put her forward for a new drug in London. But nothing was working.

‘She died on November 5, two weeks after the symptoms started – and left a huge hole in all our hearts.’ 

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

Neil said the entire family were left ‘heartbroken’ over losing Paula but they wanted to share her story so they could warn others of the devastating effects of covid, despite having been fully vaccinated.

He added: ‘She was a loving and generous person and her children always came first. She loved family and her two sausage dogs and our cockapoo. She was amazing.

‘Since Paula died, it’s been hard. It’s getting harder each day. But I have to be there for the children – that’s the main thing.

‘Some people think Covid isn’t as big of an issue as it was last year, but it is. it’s a deadly virus that destroys people’s lives.

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

‘I had Covid in October and so did two of my daughter’s, and we think Paula picked it up off one of us.

‘We’ll always keep her memory alive. She’ll be forever in my heart. We were together 21 years – she was my everything. I’m heartbroken.’

One of Paula’s best friends, Beth Hughes, started a fundraiser to help give her a ‘special send off’

Writing on the GoFundMe, Beth said: ‘Tonight (November 5) we have lost a very special lady at a young age (37) to covid-19 (also fully vaccinated) .

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

‘This has also deeply affected her husband who is very kind and well known to the community. Their lives will never be the same again. 

‘Our aim is to raise funds to give this lady a send off as special as she was, but also to show support to the family during this dark and difficult time . No one is ever prepared to bury a loved one at such young age.’

Recently, another 36 year old homemaker reportedly collapsed and died on the road after second dose of vaccine in Hegganahalli, under mysterious circumstances. Incident took place on Friday morning in Rajagopala Nagar in north Bengaluru.

In yet another incident, a father of five daughters said, “I still curse myself for persuading my wife to take the vaccine. I thought it would save us from the virus but it killed her.”

He said after the death of his wife no one in the family and even the neighbors are willing to take the COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard has been accused of lying about Covid statistics to promote vaccination.

Pritchard claimed that 14 times as many Covid-19 patients are in Britain’s hospitals as this time last year. However, even the NHS itself has admitted that Pritchard’s claim uses misleading figures.

According to a study if you received one dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, you are 3.5 times more likely to develop blood clots compared to the unvaccinated general population.

On the other hand, in a powerful speech against vaccine mandates European Union parliament member Christine Anderson said, “I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig vaccinated with an experimental drug.”

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  1. Everyone fears this “Deadly virus”, so one would think it would’ve been isolated by now. (Not cultured… isolated aka purified!) Nope. And yet this mysterious, undiscovered virus continues to spread by way of our media and government propaganda.

    I don’t have to worry about catching it. I don’t pay attention to mainstream media or what governments have to say.

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  3. the shot is making the immune system turn a virus 20% of flu cases are covid infections
    more deadly ADE (antibody-dependent amplification,

  4. It remains a very dangerous thing to put Anything into one’s Bloodstream – – if it’s not as pure as the wind-driven snow, decline. ….. …..shalom,a.j.

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