“I Blame Myself For Vaccinating My Wife”

A father of five daughters says, “I still curse myself for persuading my wife to take the vaccine. I thought it would save us from the virus but it killed her.” He says after the death of his wife no one in the family and even the neighbors are willing to take the COVID vaccine.

I Blame Myself For Vaccinating My Wife Says Father Of 5 Daughters

It is about the snack shop owner Ganga Prasad Gupta (48) and his wife Savita (45). The couple ran a snack shop in Ganesh Nagar (East Delhi).

After the first COVID wave, they were concerned about their exposure to the virus and thus planned to get vaccinated. So, they got themselves vaccinated with the first dose on April 14, 2021 as soon as the vaccine was allowed for the 45+ age group, reported The Hindu.

The couple has five daughters and they thought that their vaccination would ensure the safety of the entire family. However, things didn’t work out as they thought.

Mrs. Savita (Ganga Prasad’s wife) started showing symptoms like fever and cough after getting the first dose.

Prasad didn’t get any such symptoms, but Savita’s symptoms got severe as the time passed. Savita took paracetamol as suggested during vaccination.

And, when there was no improvement in her condition, Ganga Prasad took her to the clinic where the doctor said that these are post vaccination symptoms and will gradually fade away. 

They waited till April 25th, when Savita started feeling breathing issues.

“I rushed her to LBS hospital at 5:30 p.m. as her condition was deteriorating. Initially, we avoided going to the hospital as there was a hue and cry for oxygen and hospital bed but seeing her condition I was left with no other option. I got her admitted but she expired within half an hour of admission,” says Ganga Prasad. 

"I Blame Myself For Vaccinating My Wife"

Mr. Gupta used to manage the snack shop along with his wife. He used to supply material to other nearby shops while his wife managed the shop and family. 

“I shifted to Delhi from Bareilly in 1985 and got married to Savita in Delhi. We have five daughters and last year in November we got our eldest daughter married. And we were planning the marriage of our second daughter who is 23 years old,” he said.

“After the death of my wife, no one in my family is willing to take the COVID vaccine. Even my neighbours have refused to take the vaccine. No one from the government has come to visit us or order an inquiry into my wife’s death.

I still curse myself for persuading my wife to take the vaccine. I thought it would save us from the virus but it killed her,” said Mr. Gupta.

Its not Gupta’s family and neighbors who are refusing the COVID vaccine. Recently, about a third of Chicago Police Department, almost 3000 officers defied the illegal vaccine mandate as it enters its first full week in effect resulting in a stalemate.

Even, reporter Allison Williams left ESPN over COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying “I am so morally and ethically not aligned with this.”

Meanwhile, a Senior Australian Police Sergeant quit her job after refusing to enforce Orwellian COVID rules.

Wearing her dark-blue uniform in a bombshell interview she revealed that she had been “troubled” by how police resources have been applied during the pandemic by state authorities.

However, a small but significant victory was achieved Wednesday when the French Senate rejacted a socialist senator’s proposal to make the COVID experimental vaccine mandatory for all citizens living in France. Non-compliance would trigger a fine of 135 euro (about $150 USD), and 1,500 euro for re-offenders.

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  1. Mandates are NOT laws! Stop allowing those wickedly evil people to dictate to you what you should and should not do with your own body!!!

  2. Did he not see the announcement? There are no such things as viruses. Oh wait, that’s still in the future. We’re not there yet. Sometimes I get confused with the timeline.

  3. I know how he feels I lost my husband to this horrid shot. He died after getting the vaccine leaving my daughter and I to care for our small farm without him. It is one of the biggest crimes against humanity that has ever been perpetrated and it is all for greed. In the years to come, we will see countless cases of suffering and death in those who were so trusting that they took this ‘vaccine’. The thing that is especially disgusting is that people that are profiting from this are the billionaires that have so already have more money than they could possible spend in 100 lifetimes. The real plague is greed.

  4. Apparently there are hundreds of millions of people in India that never got the Memo, or Never saw anything in their news media, about how many people in India alone, Bill Gate’s quaxxines have killed or permanently injured. Sad to be so out of touch.

  5. If there is risk like this incident, then why some states are going for 100% vaccination which is in effect forcing the vaccinations on everyone? Are the experts not giving proper information regarding safety to governments?

  6. There are risks in all vaccines. That does not mean they are not relatively safe, especially compared to the risks of Covid-19 itself. This piece is misleading and uninformative of the facts about vaccines in India as elsewhere.

    “Are COVID vaccines safe?
    Vaccines have helped in the eradication of multiple diseases for years but are COVID vaccines safe? “Now once you get the vaccine are you 100% safe, the answer is no. But the risk of transmission presumably goes down and secondarily the risk of you getting complications goes down drastically to 85% to 90%,” Dr Shriram Nene, Healthcare Innovator and Cardiovascular Surgeon told us.

    What Are The Side Effects?
    In most cases, people have adjusted well to the vaccination. However, depending on your body some can have an after effect. “While most respond well, some people can have side effects such as low-grade fever, fatigue, tiredness, swelling, pain and redness at the injection site. Sometimes one can have a fever which can last for a few days but in the end, it is better than getting Covid and dying in the hospital,” explains Dr Gupta. ”

  7. “All for greed”, huh? That’s so silly. Do you know why anything in the world is happening at all? Those who conduct these operations have all the wealth in their control. Now they are going after the individual’s own person and dignity down to each and every last one. It is the rise of the Catholic Church 2.0. Same modus operandi: Attack the people, but blame some scapegoat (the devil, demons, disbelief, enmity with god, etc). Offer a false solution (dominion and custody of the appropriate and divinely appointed officials). Endure whatever they put you through for your own good. Same with communism, same with all totalitarian monarchies. With jews, you lose.

  8. Plus he knocked her up 5 times in one of the most crowded places on the planet. But no worry, evil racist America will let you all in

  9. Your thoughtless comment is based only on your prejudice and ignorance, not on facts. India, not having widespread access to high quality health care which is free at the point of delivery like here in the UK, has relatively high infant mortality rates (39.1 per thousand live births; in the UK it is 4.3) so it is rational to conceive more than you, in a privileged position, would think sensible. In a society without good social care for elders, a larger family can be expected to care for parents and grandparents, as is beginning to be the case again in the UK and USA because of the deliberate decline in publicly-funded welfare provision.

    As for the USA’s immigration policies, you must be pretending not to know that it is extremely restrictive, especially against poor people of colour such as this Indian family. The total annual migration limit in the USA currently stands at just 125,000 in one of the largest and wealthiest nations on the planet. Of course, most of the USA’s wealth and income is concentrated in the hands of a very few, the USA being hugely unequal by most measures.

  10. Are you sure that it was the vaccine that was responsible for the death of your husband? I would be enormously surprised. Which vaccine had he taken? What happened when he took ill? Given the lack of evidence of anyone at all in the world dying as a result of being administered Covid-19 vaccines, I fail to see that this is “one of the biggest crimes against humanity that has ever been perpetrated”. Bigger than the Holocaust?

    “So far, there’s no hard proof of anyone in the U.S. — adults or children — having died as a result of getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Three people have died from a rare blood clotting issue that health officials have said could be linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which hasn’t been approved for children.”


  11. It’s not a bioweapon. It’s a lot of different vaccines produced by many different organisations and countries. Do you class the Sovereign I & II vaccines produced by Cuba as bioweapons, as well as the Chinese Sinovax & Sinopharm vaccines or the NovaVax vaccine which I took here in England as part of a trial or the AstraZeneca vaccine used in Israel? All of them bioweapons? You are not making a sensible claim.

  12. Every vaccine (quaxxine) that is actively killing more people than covid, are bioweapons. You are not making an unbiased or valid argument, as you were obviously uninformed enough to get vaxxed.
    Go get boosted. lol

  13. @John Smith lmao, … A phucking CNN reference ?? That guy Gupta is a complete moron !!
    and you, …. well you are obviously a mind phucked sheep, or a paid shill, troll. Either way, you are hopeless.
    I have a huge load of peer reviewed scientific papers that would shut your pie hole, … if you could understand them !!

  14. You’ll need to provide excellent evidence for your claim that Covid-19 vaccines are killing more people than the virus itself. Have you gone to your local hospital to see the patients dying of the virus? Are there research studies supporting your claim? I’d rather trust reputable scientists than you or the unqualified writers on this site.

    “Young, unvaccinated people are continuing to enter Liverpool’s intensive care units, struggling to breathe as they battle Covid-19. Senior doctors at Liverpool’s main hospital trust have explained how once they are in the ICU and requiring machines to help them breathe, many want to change their mind and “wish they had got the vaccine.”

    Liverpool is still lagging way behind other areas in terms of its vaccine uptake, with just 62.5% of people over the age of 16 in the city having had both doses of a Covid jab. This means that nearly four in 10 eligible people in the city do not currently have the full protection of both jabs and doctors say they are sadly seeing younger, healthy but unvaccinated people coming in to the city’s ICUs. The positive news is that the overall number of Covid patients being looked after in Liverpool’s main hospitals has fallen – it currently stands at around 129, having peaked at 176 in mid September. But the number of patients who are so seriously unwell that they require intensive care treatment has mainly stayed around the same level for several months.

    One senior doctor at the trust said: “Since June, the number of patients with Covid in intensive care in Liverpool has remained somewhere between 15 and 20, therefore one quarter to one third of the ICU beds are occupied by patients with Covid, causing continuing pressure on ICU beds and effectively reducing our capacity. Most of the patients we see with Covid in ICU – 9 out of 10 – have not had both doses of the vaccine, which is having disastrous consequences for them and their families.

    “I have met women who are pregnant or recently pregnant who hadn’t got the vaccine, because unfortunately they were poorly advised by other healthcare professionals. I have met people who haven’t got round to getting both doses of the vaccine, who don’t easily access healthcare because they don’t speak much English, or they don’t trust the Government or authority figures. Some patients who are young and healthy have decided that they don’t need the vaccine as they thought that the risk of getting seriously unwell with Covid is low.”

    The doctor added: “Obviously once they are in ICU and needing help with their breathing, they often want to change their mind and wish they had got the vaccine. Although if they are young and fit, they will probably get better, we cannot guarantee that they will survive, and then it is too late.””


  15. I have a list of links related to covid, vaccines, masks, distancing, HCQ, Ivermectin, Adverse Effects, etc. etc. a mile long and while I would enjoy nothing more than to fish out the url’s to specific PDF files, it would take far too much of my valuable research time to accomodate your ignorance. Some of the PDF files I didn’t even save the URL’s to, because I had no intention of rubbing them in the nore of dolts. But here, sift through 79,000 odd pages of VAERS reports to just begin to get a clue to how badly you have been rubed.


  16. Really, you need to give up. You’re merely spreading the usual comprehensively-debunked misinformation from notorious anti-vaxxers whose lack of credibility merely embarrasses you. I’ve had enough. I’ve given you the information. I’ve had my two vaccines and I’m healthy. Time you had yours.

  17. John Smith:

    Makia Freeman has recently written a series of articles detailing discoveries of what doctors and scientists around the world are finding in these vaccines. Warning: This information is horrific.

    COVID Vax Creatures: Live, Self-Aware Critters Found Under Microscope (Oct 3)
    thefreedomarticles DOT com/covid-vax-creatures-live-self-aware-critters-found-microscope/

    COVID Vax Contents: 2 More Docs Reveal Their Findings With Microscopy Images (Oct 7)
    thefreedomarticles DOT com/covid-vax-contents-2-more-docs-reveal-creepy-microscopy-images/

    COVID Vaccine Life Form: Polish Doc Finds “The Thing” in Pfizer Comirnaty Shot (Oct 12)
    thefreedomarticles DOT com/covid-vaccine-life-form-aluminum-carbon-pfizer-comirnaty-shot/

    Also, I found this 56 minute video fascinating. A must watch for understanding sickness.
    bit chute DOT com/video/WSh9KOiRWGPo/

    Any intelligent person reviewing this information may develop second thoughts on being injected for purposes of “health”. If that is your choice, great. Go for it. But don’t you consider it presumptuous to insist other people undergo a controversial medical procedure?

    As some people are saying, perhaps you believe, “The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that doesn’t protect the protected.”

  18. @John Smith Ah, yes, debunked via the reputable folks at MSN as seen in your earlier comments. What a pathetic joke that is, using MSN fact-checkers as “Reputable Sources” for , well, anything !! I knew you wouldn’t actually invest ANY time in reading anything anyone has posted for you to read. You didn’t have the time to do so before responding with your ignorant troll-like rhetoric in a lame attempt to convince people of your lackluster sense of superiority.
    I stand by my original analysis, … that you are either a purely ignorant sheep, hopelessly attached to the lies of MSM, … or a paid, troll, hack !!
    Done wasting my time with dolts, dullards, dimwits and dopes. Good day !!
    P.S. Alo, you’ve had your two pokes with the quaxxine, … well apparently you didn’t get the memo, … Your Green Pass has expired and you are overdue for your third round, like I said before, … Please, Go Get Boosted.

  19. “The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that doesn’t protect the protected.”

    Explains it fairly thoroughly, .. yes ?? lmao

  20. an Oxford study of a Vietnamese hospital has shown that a fully vaccinated employee was 251 times more infectious than non-vaccinated people. This ratio has been confirmed since then. So make sure your assumptions are backed up by science and valid studies.

  21. @john Smith. Sir, are you realizing how ridiculous your statement is? you say “Given the lack of evidence of anyone at all in the world dying as a result of being administered Covid-19 vaccine”
    The jabs have been served billions times and there is no death ? Who are you kidding ? Even a 5th grader knows that ALL VACCINES kill people, some more than others. Are you trying to spread disinformation on this site? If so, shame on you !

  22. Not forgetting they are giving out curative Ivermectin, so what need for aclotter jab? The next point is.. India has Covishield.. so why would they be Pfizering etc. Paid off quacks?

  23. @smarty “Oxford study of a Vietnamese hospital has shown that a fully vaccinated employee was 251 times more infectious than non-vaccinated people.”

    You wouldn’t happen to have a handy link to a pdf on that would you ?? I would sure like to get hold of that one.

  24. @Tommaso Turek “Not forgetting they are giving out curative Ivermectin”

    09/06/2021: Pfizer’s new ‘daily pill’ to fight Covid utilizes a protease inhibitor… Ivermectin is also a
    protease inhibitor… : Uses the SAME active ingredient as “Out-Of-Patent” Ivermectin, but costs $12 to make a 5 day supply, … Charging $712.00 to the Government for it. Hmmmmm.


    Horse Paste It IS !! lol What they always fail to explain, (Such as the hacks at CNN) when they call it “Horse Dewormer” is that in the Pharma industry, if a medication is even slightly different, it NEEDS to have a different name, … as in Hydrocodone (Vicodin WITH Tylenol) and Oxycodone (Vicodin WITHOUT Tylenol) etc. etc. And oddly, just like Doggy Vitamin C, … the “People” vitamin C is also called “Vitamin C”, … which means It IS what It Says It IS. Same as Ivermectin for Animals and Ivermectin for people, …. Same exact thing. Same molecule. That same active ingredient being IN the New and Improved “Daily” pill being created, that is supposed to be taken “Along Side” the quaxxine, … means it should be called “The Same In-Greeed-ient” lmao

  25. Pls Get out of this website ,
    dont come here after go n suck jew illuminatis , they will give you some pennys for this silly works you are doing here .

  26. It doesn’t matter whether the mRNA injections are safe or not.
    It is a basic human right to refuse to be forced to take them.
    These injections don’t stop transmission, so we are NOT “in this all together”..
    If you want the injection flowing throughout your body, go for it.
    If I choose not to, that’s OK as well.

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