China Using LinkedIn To Gather State Secrets And Steal Technology

According to a new report, China is using social networking sites like LinkedIn to gather State Secrets and steal technology.

China Using LinkedIn To Gather State Secrets

Spies are creating fake business profiles on the professional networking site so that they can identify targets and obtain classified information.

Sources warn that they have offered lucrative business opportunities and enticing sums of money to lure present and former government and private sector workers with access to classified information or commercially sensitive technology.

The story by The Times highlights the experience of 56-year-old Phillip Ingram, a former colonel specializing in cyberintelligence work and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, conversing with an account under the name of “Robin”.

Ingram said: “There was nothing on his profile that suggested which company he worked for, just generics. That seemed odd.” As the conversation continued Robin’s requests became more concerning. He said that “we would want to get inside information that isn’t easily accessible to anyone”. When Ingram pushed for more detail Robin said: “You can guess the sort of stuff I’m after.”

Ingram had already guessed that the profile had been faked by a Chinese intelligence officer before Robin said that Ingram would be required to travel to China to present his report. “I said I’d rather meet in London but he refused,” Ingram said.

His suspicions were confirmed when Robin suggested that they switch to an encrypted email service that could not be accessed inside China except by intelligence services. Robin emailed him on it within ten minutes.

“At that stage I was 99.99 percent sure it was someone linked to the Chinese government,” Ingram said. “It was classic recruitment. If I’d decided to go to China they’d have sent me back to get other bits and pieces. They’d have effectively recruited an agent. If I went and I wasn’t co-operative, or they weren’t certain I was in their back pocket, they would have engineered activities to gather compromising material for blackmail.”

An intelligence report published by GreatGameIndia last year, exposed in depth how the Chinese intelligence cultivated the Biden family

As a direct result of the elaborate influence operation China managed to steal America’s nuclear secrets.

As part of the operation, Joe Biden also blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

Recently, White House revealed the existence of a strong connection between the Chines Communist Part (CCP) and Bidens Adviser Team and how China used Harvard University as Joe Biden’s honeypot.

Even William Burns, the new CIA Director has close links to Chinese intelligence.

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  1. The White House has a long history with ties to China.
    1-Kissinger ( sitting on board of China development bank)

    2-Diane Fienstein-Chinese chauffer sat in for her at meetings

    3-Hunter Biden gave access to VP Biden and business deals

    4-Chuck Schumer/ Lindsey Graham-“Schumer called the bill a “blunt instrument that pushed the Chinese to move,” and noted small increases in the value of China’s currency.

    “It’s now time to try, instead of using a blunt instrument, to refine our instrument and pass some legislation that will force the Chinese to go the rest of the way,” Schumer said.

    The senators have expressed hope that Paulson’s personal connections in China can resolve a three-year-old impasse that his predecessors at the Treasury Department could not fix. Paulson made some 70 trips to China while at Goldman Sachs to drum up business for the investment firm.

    Paulson-Treasurer-Paulson’s personal connections in China

    The list goes on and on….china was the new manifest destiny for the West….one problem….they are communist capitalists….you join them …not the other way around….democracy dies and our Ehite House is currently surrounded by wall of fence and barbed wire ….cut off from we the people….

    Americans can be bought by shiny silver pieces…Et tu, Brute?

  2. By far the worst thing in the US right now is mainstream media and the radioactive black hole where it’s heart used to be. The only reason they still exist is because they’ve established a feedback loop by taking control of the left wing info sources that formerly had a good reputation. Unscrupulous lies, defamation and despicable hatred are the language that they’re infecting people with , just to exploit what is already an unfair advantage acquired through corrupt action.

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