GGI IMPACT: China Caught Smuggling Equipment For Pakistan’s Nukes

As a direct impact of GreatGameIndia reporting, China has been caught smuggling equipment for Pakistan’s nukes. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has confirmed that the autoclave seized from the Chinese ship Dai Cui Yun was meant for Pakistan’s Shaheen II Nuclear Missile. The autoclave was being imported by the Islamabad-based United Construction Company and Hong Kong-based General Technology had booked the consignment.

China Caught Smuggling Equipment For Pakistans Nukes
GGI IMPACT: China Caught Smuggling Equipment For Pakistans Nukes

DRDO experts teams flown-in to examine the cargo told the Hindustan Times that the industrial autoclave misdeclared as an industrial dryer could be used for the manufacture of very long-range ballistic missiles or satellite launch rockets. DRDO confirmation has exposed the China-Pakistan Nuclear Nexus.

According to the officials, it is now up to India’s national security planners to invoke the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Act 2005 as well as inform the UN under the WMD Convention to expose the nuclear proliferation nexus between Beijing and Islamabad. Under Indian law, any contravention of the above law attracts a punishment of not less than five years’ imprisonment which may be extended to imprisonment for life with an added fine. 


On February 12, 2020, GreatGameIndia issued an alert regarding a suspicious shipment off the western coast of India. The ship belonged to a Chinese shipping company blacklisted by the Americans last year and was destined to Pakistan. Further investigation revealed the seized shipment carried launching gear for missiles and that China was secretly shipping nuclear arms to Pakistan. Sources in Coastal intelligence told GreatGameIndia the intercept was based on a tip-off from the Americans who were monitoring the entire fleet of the shipping line COSCO believed to be a front of Chinese intelligence.

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