The driving forced behind the Burkina Faso coup currently taking place within West Africa is yet another individual who is from a quite long line of US trainees. The latest turn of events have seen the removal of an elected president.
It should really come as no surprise to anyone that China is using lawfare to expand it's own territory. While doing so, they are also hoping to circumnavigate valid criticism against their nine-dash line policy.
The report that a US-funded 'military biological laboratory' was seized by rioters in the recent unrest, which has seen at least 160 dead since the violence broke out just one week ago, is being denied by the Kazakh officials.
The recent times have witnessed China inventing fictional names for Arunachal Pradesh that simply did not exist before. A total of 15 provinces in the state have been given new names by China which led some to take a deep look into the matter. The names pertain to eight residential districts, four mountain summits, two rivers, and one mountain pass.
The “essential” aspects of Indian urban planning are always the subject of public debate whenever our city is faced with a major crisis, such as the urban flooding we experienced recently in Chennai. As urban planning and its modern applications are painted as India's culprit for "dysfunctional" cities, it is important to examine the roots that affect India's current urban plan. We need to ask ourselves some important questions about the foundations of urban planning in India. Who has the right to plan the city? Why are India's planning laws and procedures designed around them? Here is how Colonial Masterplans are still followed to develop Indian cities.
In DC's new animated movie Injustice, Superman is shown destroying Indian military equipment in Kashmir. This meddling in the internal affairs of India is in-line with the stated Anglo-American policy of establishing a UN administered Air Force base in Kashmir.
"Clear Differences Remain Between France and the U.S, French Minister Says," is the headline to a remarkable piece appearing in the New York Times today. The Minister, Bruno Le Maire, is brutally frank on the nature of the differences as the quotations below Illustrate. In fact, they amount to a Declaration of Independence of France and EU from the US.
The US government spent $85 billion on the Afghan military, only to see it surrender to the Taliban without a fight. Now the son of a former defense minister is spending millions to buy a luxury mansion with a view of Los Angeles.
Israel, Iran, the US and Russia are engaged in secret talks for Israel’s acceptance of Iran as a nuclear threshold power in return for a US-Russian guarantee that Tehran will not cross the threshold to make a nuclear bomb.
Here is how the secret AUKUS Deal to share Nuclear Submarine technology with Australia was hatched.