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Read our exclusive investigation Coronavirus Bioweapon – on how China smuggled Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it in Wuhan’s P4 lab. The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations. The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

India’s top health expert has disclosed that the much sought after Remdesivir is not a wonder drug nor it is given either to mild or severe Covid-19 patients. Director of AIIMS, Dr P K Singh disclosed it before Patna High Court and submitted that this drug or injection was not meant for Covid-19 patients.
According to projections by UK's top modelling agency the thrid wave of COVID-19 spike will hospitalize and kill 60 to 70% of those people who took  oth the vaccine doses. The paper suggests that the resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths will dominated by those who have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively.
Two women, one at Nashville and another at Pittsburgh in the USA were paralyzed hours after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, people all across the globe have started using facemasks to prevent the spread of infection from one person to the other. Also the government and health ministries of several countries are encouraging people to wear facemasks whenever they step outside their home. But till date the efficacy of the facemasks in controlling the spread is not determined. So how effective are facemasks against COVID?
German scientists have found the exact 2 step process how the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine causes blood clots in recipients. They describe a series of events that has to happen in the body before the vaccines create these large clots.
A news biased study falsely accuses GreatGameIndia of spreading misinformation for tweeting on the AstraZeneca controversy. The study found that the spread of our tweets after the controversy began increased significantly.
History tells us that the Spanish Flu in 1918 killed between 50-100 million people. It was considered as the most horrifying disease by medical and pharmaceutical sources. It is a wartime myth still being perpetuated to coverup the experimental military vaccines which killed millions during the Spanish Flu.
Researchers from Carmel Medical Center in Haifa and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center found that risk of developing herpes zoster (HZ) infection increases following a COVID-19 vaccination in people with mild autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases (AIIRD). This condition is characterised by red and small rash developing on the skin. It can further cause pain, nerve damage and prolonged itching on the skin.
Activist American judges have seized on mask violations as a flimsy justification for denying parents custody of their children.
As per reports women are experiencing irregular menstruation after getting vaccinated against COVID with more heavier and painful periods.