Spike Protein From Vaccines Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases, Finds New Study

Numerous studies conducted on COVID-19 and its vaccinations have revealed that spike protein from vaccines is contributing to autoimmune diseases.

Spike Protein From Vaccines Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases, Finds New Study 1

Debbie Botzum-Pearman, a 66-year-old strong, healthy lady, awoke on the morning of January 15, 2022, paralysed from the chest down.

Nearly nine months later, on September 13, 2022, she was able to stand unaided for 10 seconds. She has since continued to improve. She has taken her first steps with a walker and has regained feeling in her thighs. But she still has a long trip ahead of her.

Less than a month after receiving her first Pfizer COVID-19 booster dose, Debbie started experiencing symptoms. She had received the injection in the middle of December and felt the same as she had with her prior COVID-19 injections.

Debbie recognised after the fact that she had been feeling her bra become too tight before she suddenly became paralysed. Some people might feel these symptoms without having multiple sclerosis, and this sensation is also known as an MS hug.

The initial domino fell on January 14. She had just finished painting at her friend’s house when she noticed she had the urge to urinate but was unable to.

She said, “I was drinking water … could not pee, just could not pee.”

On the way up the stairs after arriving at her house that day, her left leg gave way, causing her to pee on herself.

After going to sleep, Debbie woke up the next morning paralysed from the chest down and was taken to the emergency room.

“I probably had 15 MRIs and a spinal tap [at the hospital] … they came back [a few days later] with neuromyelitis [optica],” Debbie said.

“[Neuromyelitis] ate away, I don’t know, four or five inches [of my spinal cord on the MRI], which is repairing itself now.”

Spike Protein From Vaccines Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases, Finds New Study 2
The coronavirus spike protein (red) mediates the virus entry into host cells. It binds to the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (blue) and fuses viral and host membranes.

Spike Protein and Autoimmunity

Debbie is by no means an outlier. Reports of neuromyelitis, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, lupus, diabetes, and many other autoimmune conditions have either abruptly manifested or relapsed, frequently with exacerbated symptoms, since the introduction of the COVID-19 mRNA and DNA injections.

In the case of autoimmune disease, the immune system of the body assaults its own tissues because it is unable to distinguish between self and non-self.

Numerous studies conducted on COVID-19 and its vaccinations since the beginning of the pandemic have revealed that the spike protein is structurally and chemistically similar to human proteins.

This implies that the mRNA and DNA vaccines, which cause the body to produce high amounts of spike protein, would have the same effect as the spike protein in terms of raising the likelihood of developing autoimmunity.

“If the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 contribute to autoimmunity, then why not spike protein from the vaccine? It seems that somehow when we get to that point, the scientists and many people try to keep their distance,” said Dr. Aristo Vojdani, head of Immunosciences Lab and a pioneer in the field of clinical immunology.

Cross Reactivity Hypothesis

This is possible, according to a recent study (pdf below) from Florida International University that compared the sequences of the COVID-19 spike protein to the structures of both human and animal proteins.

With 627 areas in common, the authors discovered that human proteins shared the most sequence sets with spike proteins.

1,273 amino acids make up a spike protein. The fact that the protein has 600 regions that are built of sequences made up of sets of at least five amino acids in common suggests that the spike protein has numerous similarities with hot spots that overlap.

Additionally, there are 20 locations where the spike protein has the same structure in addition to having similar amino acid sequences.

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and co-author of Courage to Face the Virus, the study explains the phenomena witnessed in those who have been immunised and infected.

Spike Protein From Vaccines Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases, Finds New Study 3
Peter McCullough, cardiologist, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, on Aug. 5, 2022. 

“One is the actin-binding protein IPP that would influence heart muscle. So the auto-attack against this actin binding muscle could be part of the pathogenesis of myocarditis. The same is true for the tropomyosin alpha 3 chain [found in smooth muscles]. So some of these 3d targets are explaining some of these post respiratory illnesses in post vaccine syndromes that we’re seeing.”

Two sequences with a lot of similarity were the focus of the study’s authors’ attention. The first is the TQLPP sequence, which is present on the human protein thrombopoietin, which is responsible for drawing platelets to halt bleeding. The PRKG1 protein also shares the ELDKY sequence, which is involved in calcium control and platelet activation, both of which are essential for blood clots.

The aforementioned tropomyosin is an additional protein. The authors also made the assumption that heart disorders may be associated with antibody cross-reacting to tropomyosin. They stated that known COVID-19 problems including blood-clotting disorders and heart illness, respectively, could be brought on by antibodies that cross-react with PRKG1 and tropomyosin.

He highlighted a study by Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld in which it was discovered that the amino acid sequences of 34 distinct human proteins and the spike protein are identical.

These consist of the proteins in the thyroid, brain, nose, ear, skin, muscles, heart, blood, nerves, joints, intestines, and many other organs and tissues.

According to Shoenfeld and his colleagues, the spike protein may cause a variety of conditions, including systemic lupus erythematosus, Kawasaki illness, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, immune thrombocytopenic purpura (bleeding), and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

“The goal of the vaccine is to produce exactly the same spike protein that is in the virus … Because after vaccination, individuals will produce neutralizing antibodies. So in reality when the real virus will get into the human body those antibodies made against spike protein through mRNA injection or vaccination notifies [the body there’s] the virus,” said Vojdani.

Therefore, if the spike protein in the virus increases the risk of autoimmunity, there is reason to believe the spike proteins produced from the injections should do the same.

Treatment Options

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea has shown success in treating individuals who acquired autoimmunity after receiving a vaccination. She also practises integrative and chelating medicine.

“This is tested with a blood test looking for anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA), in essence they are showing an attack of the immune system against their own DNA,” she wrote in an email.

According to Mihalcea, many people have used large doses of vitamin C and D (anti-inflammatory), several vitamins, N-Acetyl cysteine (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), and blood thinners to address autoimmunity linked to potential vaccine side effects.

It is also advised to take methylene blue (antimicrobial, antitoxin, anti-inflammatory), zinc (deficiencies associated with autoimmunity), dimethyl glycine (improves immune function), quercetin (anti-inflammatory, improves cell healing), ivermectin (anti-inflammatory, improves cell healing), and hydroxychloroquine (anti-inflammatory, common autoimmune drug) three times a week on a daily basis.

“In addition, I have done Vitamin C infusions and used the anti-aging peptides Epithalon which lengthens telomeres, repairs DNA, and age-reverses cells, and GHK Copper.”

According to studies, GHK copper can potentially reset cellular activity, including autoimmune activity, by resetting human DNA.

Spike Protein From Vaccines Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases, Finds New Study 4
Debbie standing up unassisted.

Debbie’s Journey Now

Jared said that the terrible restriction and mistreatment Debbie experienced during her recuperation was what he found hardest to comprehend.

“When Debbie stands there and says, ‘I got the 1 in a million card’ [and got an adverse effect from the vaccine], everyone says ‘no, you didn’t, and don’t even talk about it and be quiet, otherwise you’re gonna get me fired,’ that’s a really crazy thing to have to deal with when she’s also trying to just deal with making her body work again.”

Debbie entered remission following a week of hospital treatment; she was then placed in rehabilitation to regain mobility in her core and legs. During the two months of rehabilitation, she received little care and as a result, bed sores and deep venous blood clots developed from hours of immobility sitting and laying.

She started her at-home rehabilitation programme in April, and since then, her lower limbs have gradually become more mobile and perceptive. But she endured two months of agonising torment before regaining sensation.

“My feet felt like they were on fire and I would have shooting pain all the way up to my thighs, very, very, very painful. More painful than having a baby.”

Her doctors provided her with the odd explanation that pain was a positive sign because it indicated that the nerves were coming back online. Debbie persevered, but her legs’ sensation is still primarily abnormal.

“My legs, if I move them and I don’t have socks on, … feel like [they are being rubbed by] sandpaper. If I have a glass with condensation and it drips on my thigh, it hurts.”

On September 13, 2022, Debbie did it for the first time without assistance.

Debbie’s medical professionals have assured her that she will fully recover. Debbie estimates that she has completed between 50 and 60 percent of her journey.

Read the study given below:


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