Maharashtra: 35-Year-Old Man Dies After Garba, Shock Kills Dad

A 35-year-old man died after garba and the shock of it killed the dad. Around 11.35 p.m. on Saturday, Manishkumar and his father Narpath were rushed to the casualty department and proclaimed dead before admission.

Maharashtra 35-Year-Old Dies After Garba Shock Kills Dad

A 35-year-old Virar jeweller who was carried to hospital in an autorickshaw by his father and brother after feeling uncomfortable whilst performing garba in their housing society on Saturday night collapsed and passed away on the hospital grounds. His 65-year-old father, who attempted to revive him, went into cardiac arrest and died on the scene, reports The Times of India.

Manishkumar Jain, who married three months ago, had gone down to his Evershine Avenue complex in Global City, Virar (West) at 8 p.m. to play garba. The garba was scheduled to last till midnight. He felt uneasy at 11 p.m. and returned to his apartment, where he vomited. His father, Narpath, and elder brother, Rahul, placed him in an auto and drove him to Sanjeevani hospital, a 10-minute trip from their home.

Maharashtra 35-Year-Old Dies After Garba Shock Kills Dad 2

When the auto arrived at the casualty section, the three got out and took a few steps before Manishkumar slumped. Narpath noticed his son was unresponsive and attempted to resuscitate him. He then collapsed as well.

‘Virar man who passed away after garba didn’t have any health issues’

Manishkumar Jain, a 35-year-old jeweler from Virar, was on the heavier side but had no ailments, according to a relative. He collapsed and passed away after feeling uncomfortable while playing garba.

He was remembered by his family as a jovial individual who maintained contact with every member of his family.

Around 11.35 p.m. on Saturday, Manishkumar and his father Narpath were rushed to the casualty department and proclaimed dead before admission. Narpath had slumped while trying to save his son within the hospital. The specific cause of deaths will be determined by the police after reviewing the autopsy reports.

Manishkumar, who recently married, was a staple at the Navratri celebrations. According to a relative, his wife Rakhi, a housewife, had also stepped down to play garba. The family moved from Bhayander to the Virar apartment approximately four years ago. While Narpath was retired, he assisted Manishkumar with his business.

The family was taken aback by the untimely deaths.

On Sunday, the bodies were transported in an ambulance. Sunday night saw the performance of the last rites. Following the double tragedies, garba celebrations were suspended within the building.

A relative said, “In our entire family, there has never been such a tragedy. It is shocking, especially since both Manishkumar and his father did not have any major ailments.” Narpath was involved in housing and social matters. He and Manishkumar were both involved in the building’s Navratri festival preparations.

According to a relative, Manishkumar’s uncle died around two weeks ago, and the family had been in grief.

On Monday, a substantial number of family and friends attended a condolence meeting in Virar.

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