The Real Anthony Fauci Might Be Most Important Book Of Our Times

More than one million people have purchased Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci, which quickly became the top-selling non-fiction book in the world. Given that almost all major mainstream news organizations refused to review the book, this sales figure is remarkable.

The Real Anthony Fauci Might Be Most Important Book Of Our Times

Why would the corporate/legacy media impose a virtual blackout on a book so many people have purchased and recommended to others, a book where every chapter suggests multiple scandals that cry out for genuine investigations by Congress, prosecutors and investigative journalists?

The “gatekeepers of the news” (aka censors) avow the book is replete with dangerous misinformation. However, it’s far more likely the book’s 480 pages are replete with accurate information, information that, if seriously considered by enough people, might flip every “authorized” narrative of Covid-19 and, more importantly, thwart the unfinished agendas of a ruling class Kennedy asserts despise Constitutional democracy and clearly covet even more authoritarian control.

It’s impossible to know the future, but if it unfolds the way some of us hope, The Real Anthony Fauci might one day be viewed as the most important book of our times.

For example, a historically significant book has the potential to change the way vast numbers of people view important topics. For readers, many narratives they’d previously accepted as “conventional wisdom” or as “settled science” might come to be viewed as lies …. or at least unsettled science.

Such a book might recast people and institutions widely viewed as altruistic and trustworthy as villains and frauds, even perpetrators of “crimes against humanity.”

A genuinely important book might also correct myriad erroneous “narratives,” a prerequisite if history is going to belatedly get its story right.

Fourth, truly important books don’t regurgitate the ubiquitous tripe of the world’s narrative-controllers. Instead they present page-after-page of contrarian data, and are replete with arguments a corrupt ruling class would never want large swaths of the population to read, share or ponder.

The Real Anthony Fauci takes readers down a dark trail which reveals how “public health” agencies became captured by vaccine-producing Big Pharma companies. Somewhere along this path, the U.S. Constitution was discarded like a bag of empty chips. Real Science, barely managing a whimper, expired in a ditch somewhere. The Fourth Estate, an AWOL “watchdog,” fiddled as the novel germs of Dystopia spread. Sunlight yielded to shadows as the kudzu vine of censorship engulfed the globe.

For their part, most citizens – literally scared out of their wits by daily inoculations of Internet fear – cowered in an obedient stupor.

Above all else, most people in the “land of the free” hung on every sentence of “guidance” issued by “America’s doctor” Anthony Fauci, one of the “most admired” people in the country and a man viewed by many as the lone “adult in the room.”

But opinions can change, and Kennedy has no doubt moved the needle when it comes to the Q Score of Dr. Fauci.

The ‘real’ Antony Fauci is ….

An accomplished litigator, Kennedy seeks to persuade jurors who purchased his book that the “real” Anthony Fauci is a “serial liar,” a “corrupt,” “vindictive” and “disingenuous” “fraud,” who ingratiated himself to a “servile” press as well as all seven presidents who took his public health advice. According to Kennedy, Anthony Fauci remains the undisputed “ringmaster” presiding over a “Ministry of Fear” whose “tentacles” now reach into almost every powerful organization in the world.

The book builds a compelling case that every Covid public health response championed by Fauci made things far worse than the alternative of doing nothing (“first do no harm”) and/or that the intelligent measures that should have been implemented were never even considered.

The author saves his most important point for last. In his Afterword, Kennedy tells readers that “Covid is not the problem … The problem is endemic corruption in the medical-industrial complex, currently supported at every turn by mass-media companies … Along with its captured regulators, the cartel has ushered in the global war on freedom and democracy.”

The Introduction and first chapters of The Real Anthony Fauci harpoon the bogus arguments for lockdowns, masks and “toxic” treatment protocols. The book also chronicles how proven medications and treatment protocols were intentionally discredited by Fauci and his acolytes.

Writes Kennedy: “Peer-reviewed science offered anemic if any support for masking, quarantines, and social distancing, and Dr. Fauci offered no citations or justifications to support his diktats. Both common sense and the weight of scientific evidence suggest that all these strategies, and unquestionably shutting down the global economy, caused far more injuries and deaths than they averted.”

By themselves, faulty treatment protocols may have resulted in 500,000 unnecessary deaths, according to experts cited by Kennedy.

The book shows that the ultimate cure-all, “vaccines,” were neither “safe” nor “effective.” In fact, they are ineffective and dangerous, something the booster boosters should have known, and perhaps did know all along, Kennedy writes.

Kennedy backs up his claims with more than 2,200 footnotes. The fact the book includes approximately 40 pages of supporting footnotes might further explain why critics are unwilling to engage in debate or dialogue with the book’s author.

Until Kennedy turns his attention to Fauci’s “partner” Bill Gates, virtually every page presents a scathing indictment of the now 81-year-old who was named director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984.

How AIDS elevated Fauci and changed ‘science’ …

Several chapters chronicle the career of Dr. Fauci in the decades before COVID. Prominent in this discussion (in the assessment of Kennedy) is Fauci’s nonsensical and obsessive pursuit to develop an HIV vaccine.

Kennedy makes clear that the pursuit of eradicating AIDS (or HIV, the virus that allegedly causes this disease) is a scandal almost as large as the Covid scandals ignored by Fauci’s “stenographers” in the mainstream press. According to Kennedy, the non-stop, scientifically-dubious promotion of the drug AZT should have been enough to scuttle the career of Dr. Fauci. However, for surreal reasons documented in the book, “Teflon Tony” somehow emerged more powerful than ever.

According to Kennedy, as much as $1 trillion in tax-payer money has been spent world-wide fighting AIDS/HIV, with no vaccine produced in four decades of trying. According to Kennedy and other sources, many of the treatments and “experiments” to find a cure (including those on largely African-American orphans and countless citizens of African nations) killed shocking numbers of people and rarely if ever delayed the onset of symptoms or prevented severe outcomes. Instead, many of the “treatments” caused numerous deaths (foreshadowing a repeat of history in Covid times).

The hyper focus on AIDS/HIV did massively increase the budget and influence of Fauci’s NIAID. When Fauci took control of the agency in 1984, the NIAID was largely irrelevant and might have been slated for abolishment, writes Kennedy. Skip forward four decades and the same agency was authoring the narratives that control the lives of virtually every person on the planet.

Kennedy also documents numerous other heavily-hyped pandemics (Swine flu, bird flu, Zika, Ebola, Mad Cow disease, etc.) that proved to be colossally-exaggerated epidemiological flops.

While reading the book, I kept asking myself if Kennedy was going to provide yet another example of Fauci’s malfeasance; of even more “rigged” trials; of more corruption up and down the medical/science organizational charts; even more examples of greatly exaggerated pandemics, epidemics apparently hyped to increase the power and budgets of unelected bureaucrats … as well as swelling the wealth of the giant pharmaceutical firms that now run “science” (with Fauci’s guidance).

But this seemingly never-ending list of infuriating examples support the author’s larger point that the “public health” establishment and virtually every branch of the scientific community repeatedly failed “the public” … for decades. Kennedy quotes contrarian journalist Celia Farber who claims true “science” effectively died in Fauci’s reign.

Kennedy argues that the hundreds of billions of dollars “squandered” under the guise of preventing or alleviating scary virus outbreaks could have been better spent on solutions that do alleviate suffering – such as better sanitation, cleaner water, better nutrition, cheaper and proven “off-patent” medications, as well as reforms that might reduce poverty, the world’s real biggest killer.

That is, we’ll never know how many lives could have been saved, or how much misery alleviated, if measures that do improve “public health” had been more-widely pursued by our leaders.

Indeed, Kennedy cites a plethora of metrics that strongly suggest that “public health” has become notably worse in the four decades Fauci has served as “America’s (‘trusted’) doctor.”

Conspiracy theories or conspiracy facts?

Some of Kennedy’s critics have labelled him a “conspiracy theorist.” But Kennedy cites copious examples that prompted him to consider the validity of such claims.

The Real Anthony Fauci documents that it was the usual conspiracy suspects who lined up in unison (with not one high-profile dissenting voice) to zealously promote all the draconian responses to Covid.

The Real Anthony Fauci tells the story of how one obscure bureaucratic agency, led by a person few people could once name, somehow eventually formed a diabolical alliance with the military, intelligence agencies, virtually every institution doing “scientific research,” all the leaders of the medical world, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, all the public health agencies, at least two massively-influential global foundations, and all or many of the major multi-national corporations.

Furthermore, Kennedy points out that any coming “Great Reset” has not been completely camouflaged, as he cites numerous published quotes from participants at germ “war games” and World Economic Forum events, stating exactly what must occur if the world is going to be saved.

Invariably these pronouncements have little or nothing to do with improving public health and everything to do with eradicating civil rights, suppressing dissent, normalizing censorship and increasing the control of the authorized saviors of civilization. The fact these “safety measures” make a lot of people and corporations billions of additional dollars is also worth noting, Kennedy writes.

Central to this alleged plan is the necessity that virtually every inhabitant of the planet be vaccinated to “protect” them from existing pathogenic “threats” as well as microbes sure to emerge.

For said plan to be implemented, it’s essential the masses not be “vaccine hesitant” and that the requisite levels of fear remain heightened. Largely unstated but understood is that average citizens should willingly and enthusiastically comply with the edicts of their trusted leaders.

Until perhaps recently, the resistance to this sinister program has been splintered and effectively muted via censorship, indoctrination, appeals to authority (Fauci), groupthink and peer pressure.

But in The Real Anthony Fauci, Kennedy has armed the “resistance” with a repository of facts and arguments that debunks every false narrative of the last 30 months. If nothing else, defenders of freedom will have a much greater appreciation of the forces aligned against them.

As Kennedy writes in his Afterword, the ball is now in the court of “We The People.”

“What I have described in the preceding chapters can seem overwhelming and dispiriting,” he writes.

“We can bow down and comply – take the jabs, wear the face coverings, show the digital passports on demand, submit to the tests, and salute our minders in the surveillance State.

“Or we can say NO. We have a choice, and it’s not too late.”

Underdog or not, Kennedy is wagering that “the people” and “the truth” will ultimately prevail in this existential battle. If this turns out to be the case, future generations will thank Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for writing one of the most important books of our precarious times.

Bill Rice, Jr. is a freelance journalist from Troy, Alabama. His articles and commentary explore the theme that conventional wisdom (aka The Narrative) is often wrong. This article was originally published on Bill Rice Jr.’s Newsletter.

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