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The Swiss organization Safe Blood Donation tries to connect un-jabbed donors with individuals who are worried about how mRNA vaccinations could affect blood transfusions. The International blood donation center opened for those who want transfusions exclusively from unvaxxed people.
Cornelia Hertzler stated that doctors noticed a blood clot in her infant boy "within a few hours after" a general blood bank transfusion. The baby died of large blood clot after doctor ignored the parents’ request for an unvaxxed transfusion.
If you refused to buy into the official narrative about the COVID shots, you likely found yourself on the receiving end of hateful attacks and rejection. Some of those zealots may now realize they were wrong, but few want to talk about it. How are you choosing to move forward?
Guo Wengui, a billionaire exiled in the United States, plans to auction "unvaccinated sperm" online on Gettr.
Isn’t it a shame that none of the world’s governments make the vaccination-death records publicly available? My claim is that if they did that, it would end the debate instantly and prove to the world that the vaccines are unsafe. So that’s why they keep it locked up.
Currently, it is nearly impossible to request unvaccinated blood from hospitals. Texas and certain regions of Africa are the only areas that seem open to this idea currently.
I dabble in street art. I do paintings on large pieces of plywood that I scavenge from construction-site dumpsters. I display some of these at the community gardens I manage in New Brunswick, NJ. Using long, star-bit screws to make them hard to remove, I fasten others to abandoned buildings in the city. Sometimes other males spray paint over, or find ways to dislodge, these. But some works have long remained, undamaged, where I posted them. One has been plainly visible alongside a busy intersection for five years. By now, tens of thousands of people must have seen it. Unless you’re texting while you wait at the traffic light, it’s hard to miss.
According to a new law, it is now a criminal offense in Israel to pay more than $1,700 in cash. Penalties for violators amount to 25% of the transaction for individuals and 30% of the transaction for businesses.
It came from the East and was given several names from the “Wuhan Virus” to “Covid 19” until officially they settled upon “Sars CoV2”, but many simply refer to it as the “Kung-Flu”, because it kicked the living daylights out of so many we knew.
Now in order to combat the latest outbreak of the pandemic UAE wants to keep the unvaccinated hostage by banning them from leaving the country. January 10 would witness the closure of the borders of the Emirates which in turn implies that those individuals who remain unvaccinated would no longer be able to travel from the country.