Billionaire Plans To Auction “Unvaccinated Sperm” Online

Guo Wengui, a billionaire exiled in the United States, plans to auction “unvaccinated sperm” online on Gettr.

A fugitive Chinese billionaire plans to auction “unvaccinated sperm” on an online platform rife with misinformation — a sale that vaccine skeptics bill optimistically as a chance to buy the “next Bitcoin.”

The sales pitch that sperm from uninoculated men will be in high demand — and therefore fetch top dollar — stems from the widely debunked conspiracy theory that Covid-19 jabs cause mass infertility.

Guo Wengui, a tycoon exiled in the United States who was recently arrested for alleged fraud, is putting that pitch to the test with his much-hyped auction slated for June on the fringe platform Gettr.

“Sperm and eggs from our fellow fighters will be auctioned on our Gettr platform between June 1 and June 6,” Guo said in a livestream in February.

The tycoon, a cult-like figure who is wanted in China and closely tied to Donald Trump’s former political advisor Steve Bannon, claimed to have already stored nearly 6,000 eggs and a “few million sperm” from unvaccinated supporters.

“We will auction off the best sperm and eggs, including of course my own sperm,” he said, adding that trading will be allowed in digital currencies and be open to all races and ethnicities.

It remains unclear whether the auction will go ahead following the arrest earlier this month of Guo, who faces federal charges that he defrauded thousands of online followers of some $1 billion.

But the planned sale has generated buzz on Gettr, where the tycoon’s supporters have hailed it as a “new era for humanity.”

“Giving unvaccinated sperms or eggs not only is an honorable way to gain wealth, but also will save the future of humanity,” said a Gettr post that endorsed Guo.

The post featured a photo with a hand-scrawled message: “Unvaxxed sperm is the next Bitcoin.”

According to former employees, indicted Chinese exile Guo Wengui controls the Gettr social media site and uses it to promote cryptocurrencies and propaganda.

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