International Blood Donation Center Opens For Those Who Want Transfusions From Unvaxxed People

The Swiss organization Safe Blood Donation tries to connect un-jabbed donors with individuals who are worried about how mRNA vaccinations could affect blood transfusions. The International blood donation center opened for those who want transfusions exclusively from unvaxxed people.

International Blood Donation Center Opens For Those Who Want Transfusions From Unvaxxed People

In order to match patients with blood that has not been impacted by mRNA vaccinations, a newly established international blood donation center based in Switzerland has established.

A global organization called Safe Blood Donation, founded by Swiss naturopath George Della Pietra, is “working to ensure that our members can obtain unvaccinated blood” by putting members in touch with healthcare providers who will accept donations and give blood to patients who are reluctant to receive vaccinated blood.

Even though both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can become members to obtain blood if necessary, the organisation only welcomes donors who have not undergone COVID-19 vaccinations.

“A large number of people have made a conscious decision not to be vaccinated at all against Sars-Cov-2 [COVID-19] and will also refuse the upcoming mRNA-based vaccines—for whatever reason,” the organization’s website states. “They also have reservations about having blood transfused from vaccinated people. Be it an emergency, a scheduled operation or because you need regular transfusions for other medical reasons. This is where Safe Blood Donation comes into play as an intermediary.”

The group added that the “main goal is not to run our own blood bank … but to match blood donors and recipients, which we bring together in a clinic (medical partner) that allows the choice of blood donor.”

“Blood transfusions are carried out using blood preserves, which go through a complex process after the blood donation in which they are largely cleaned of foreign bodies,” the website explains. “With the advent of the completely new mRNA vaccinations … we have completely new challenges here, since not only the so-called spike proteins are neutralized to an unknown extent only.”

“According to the current state of science, a large number of undeclared non-organic additives in these vaccinations are only partially eliminated by the known cleaning methods. Dark field microscopy shows the presence of these particles in the blood even after at least 6 months—some of them can never be broken down at all.”

However, the organization is facing opposition from medical facilities, hundreds of which “refuse to allow the human right of free blood choice,” particularly in Europe. According to Safe Blood, the groups that have not chosen to collaborate with the new organization “at least do not want to be mentioned, because otherwise they fear reprisals.”

Although “there is no blood bank with mRNA-free blood yet,” Safe Blood declared “that we will not give up until we can offer a worldwide network of such clinics. Good to know, there are parts of the world where at least the choice of donor is still possible, like most African countries and most states in the USA.”

Despite the difficulties in finding medical partners, the website stated that “we are already represented in 18 Western European countries, in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and various African countries.” There are members in “more than 80 states worldwide, 41 of them in the USA alone.”

“As soon as we have enough medical partners (for application, collection and processing of the blood), we will start with the mediation. You can already find an (anonymous) database of our blood donors on this website and search for a compatible donor here—as a member also by region, and search for a medical partner with a list of all hospitals we have asked to partner with us, listed there whether they replied to us or not.”

Since the distribution of the mRNA COVID vaccinations, disagreements over blood treatments that have not been contaminated by the experimental technology have occurred on a regular basis, frequently resulting in disastrous responses from national and medical authorities. The New Zealand government took custody of a four-month-old boy earlier this month after his parents opposed the use of COVID jab-tainted blood to be utilized during surgery to fix their son’s heart condition.

Cornelia Hertzler stated that doctors noticed a blood clot in her infant boy “within a few hours after” a general blood bank transfusion. The baby died of large blood clot after doctor ignored the parents’ request for an unvaxxed transfusion.

Similarly, a newborn born with a cardiac issue in Washington state died from a blood clot after undergoing a general blood transfusion, despite his parents’ insistence that he be provided blood from an unvaccinated donor.

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  1. Since places like the Red Cross sell hospitals donated blood for abt. $150, I’ll gladly sell my Pureblood to Safe Blood for $100/pt.

  2. Me too; only “vaccination” I’ve had was the oral polio “vaccine” administered to all the elementary school kids (without parental authorization) in 1959.

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