200 Indian Villagers Jump Into Saryu River To Avoid Forceful COVID-19 Vaccination

When the Health Department team arrived at the Sisoda village in Uttar Pradesh to vaccinate them, the villagers ran to the shore. When the team surrounded them at the shore almost 200 villagers jumped into the river Saryu to escape forceful COVID-19 vaccination.

200 Indian Villagers Jump Into Saryu River To Avoid Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Sisauda is a village with a population of 1500 people located in the Terai, 70 km from the district headquarters of Barabanki.

There is so much awareness about the adverse events from vaccine and post-vaccination deaths in this village that when the Health Department team arrived here for vaccination, about 200 villagers ran away and reached the shore of river Saryu.

When the Health Department team got information that the villagers were out of the village towards the river, they went to convince them.

Seeing the team coming towards them, the villagers could not find a way to escape and jumped into the Saryu river to avoid getting vaccinated forcefully.

Seeing the villagers leap into the river, the Health Department team requested the villagers to come out but the villagers were not ready to move out.

Later, Ramnagar SDM Rajiv Shukla and Nodal Officer Rahul Tripathi reached the spot and told the villagers that would not be vaccinated, only after which they came out of the river.

Regional Indian media is full of such incidents. There is a very high level of vaccine hesitancy mostly in rural India.

There are also cases where the Vaccination Team is not even allowed to enter the village. On the other hand in many villages the Health Team members were beaten up with sticks and stones.

In a village in Gujarat, the entire vaccination drive had to be stopped after the villagers demanded that the government take responsibility if anything happens to them after being vaccinated.

The Indian government advertises its policy to contain COVID-19 as the world’s largest vaccination drive. However, it keeps the data on adverse events and deaths after vaccination a top secret. Moreover, there is no online registry to report post-vaccination deaths or adverse effects in India.

Meanwhile, a former member of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to make public the clinical trials data and post vaccination adverse events data which is being kept secret by the government.

The petition states that in other countries, this type of observation has helped identify the occurrence of blood clots and strokes in vaccine recipients.

To counter media reports on vaccine hesitancy in India, the government has engaged Ogilvy, a PR, advertisement firm, to plant stories on the ‘perfect implementation’ of Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Ogilvy was also hired by the current government for an image makeover to win 2014 election. Our long time readers would remember the origins of Ogilvy come from British Intelligence and specifically the psychological warfare techniques they employed during World War 2.

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  1. I guarantee this will never see the light of day on the main news networks. Great for these 200 Villagers should have been the entire Village in the river. Even if one person received the Bioweapon shot they can easily wipe out the entire Village and any Villagers go to any other Village can wipe out another Village.
    Watch the series the Last Ship its on Stan Network the Experimental Gene Therapy Injections looks like going to head in that direction.

    Anyone done research on the Toxic Spike Protein that’s a Bioweapon which is causing Blood Clots for those who have comorbilties will end up with Blood Clots which will only get worse until they die. Those who are healthy could take months or a couple of years until they start getting the Blood Clots. There is a phrase going around the Walking Dead when you include cities that switch on 5G then got a Perfect Storm for sea full of deaths just on land.

  2. The Nuremberg Codes should have protected them, but Saryu River did the work. Incredible that the entire world is disregarding the Codes that were drawn up after this very kind of criminal/savage experimental drug usage was condemned. Refusing to learn from history, the big pharma is repeating it, and forcing us to relive it.

  3. A lot of good stories come via this website. I often put them on my ‘MeWe’ social media page. This one I have compared to the state-run mass sterilisation campaign in India. History is repeating itself.

  4. its a shame that all militaries in the world dont help their people against
    jew COVID FRAUD- NWO-WEF. specialy their hindu people whiich
    already have enough experiences of BILL GATES. Where are the
    rebellious militaries once in southasia + latin america taking over the
    state and send all political perpetrators into jail or in front of a
    shooting squad ? ? ? WHERE ARE THEY ?

  5. The Sisoda Villagers have a billion times more sense than most of the Lethal Injection-pushing doctors in the United States. I have such admiration and respect for these 200 people. I wish this story would be covered by the lame-stream media, but they won’t cover it, sadly.

  6. After watching this interview , I am convinced that the sarsCov2 and its vaccines are part of the Globalism that is to be brought about by interdependence of trade ( in this case Medicine).

    Watch the interview to get a better grasp of how British informal and formal dependence works. He mentions the farmers in India not wanting to privatize the food supply which would be genocide to the independent farmers who would go to foreign investors. It reminds me of Soloman Rothschild and his tea plantations and the east India company where Britian the aristocrats ruled over the surfs servants of the plantations.

    Self sufficiency is the antidote to the vaccine and farmers. Dont go back into feudalism the British way. Jump into the river of life if you have to….Soft control is still control.

    https: //youtu. be/jrC5M_DnORI

    Doctrine of interference through trade.

  7. Academic education isn’t the only education there is…life education teaches survival….the best kind of education there is….common sense is the result….

  8. Do you know of anyone has used these Vaccination Exception Cards and they have worked? Or will they just be ignored like everything that does not fit in the Covid 19 Narrative.

  9. If The Saryu River is a salt water one, then the best thing those villagers can do, is go down there and sniff or snort the salt water into their heads, to kill any Coronavirus, unless the River is polluted, then do my simple salt water cure which I have posted here, I am sure and never get Coronavirus, because if you don’t catch Coronavirus, you can’t catch Covid either.
    Anyone want details of my free salt water cure, I will post it here, just ask.
    Salt water is the Achilles Heel in Coronavirus and thus Covid, so if you never get either, you don’t need to get Test Vaccines” either – 26.5 years, never ill – why not you too?


  10. That may work for COVID, but for those inoculated with the Lethal Injection, THERE IS NO CURE FOR MITOCHONDRIAL CANCER caused by cytokine storms of spike proteins. When I had COVID on June 26, 2020, my doctor gave me Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Chlorella, Collagen, Astralagus and Damiana Leaf Extract and I was fine in less than 24 hours, and tested negative ever since. This entire plandemic could have been avoided if doctors were not whores of big pharma and Bill Gates. 99.9% would have lived if they were given what I was given.

  11. IF that treatment had been allowed, the virus would have been an inconvenience instead of a pandemic that killed millions of people and gave governments too much power.

  12. Greebo, no one stopped my doctor from giving me Hydrochloroquine. He has always said that he does not trust any government to practice medicine. In January he warned me not to DARE take the “vaccine” and to start doing my research on global genocide. Had I not listened to Dr. Amelmahaye, I would be part of the Walking Dead by now. So to say “if that treatment had been allowed” is incorrect. Better to say, “Had my doctor had enough courage to tell me the truth,” then indeed the virus would have been an inconvenience instead of a PLANDEMIC.

    an old edjucated free dissident german now fugitiv in an other land confirmed that his most former intelectual acquaintances
    are strict believers in MSM and follwers of the vaccination craziness . i bless the simple people who still have kept their
    senses . but i will not exult over our knowledge because we still dont know what insidiousnesses the global mafia will
    prepare .

  14. this reminds me about Rothschilds/SASSONS OPIUM dealing business between india + china and even when today israel sucked out
    the USA and goes now more + more with china (MAO was a rothschild man) THE CHINESE WILL NEVER FORGET BRITISH-ROTHSCHILD
    EASTINDIA POLITIC. is it jewish to make others dependent to suck them out ? MONSANTO dont answer .

  15. Ogilvy selling toxic shots and you will like it….

    His quote :The customer is not a moron she is your wife [ he was selling stoves].
    So now you are his ” family …to protect your family by taking it or do it for others if not yourself…lol

    He worked at the British embassy in washington DC in 1939…selling the war to americans. One big oversight though….Prescott Bush was supplying Hitler with money and later accused of ” trading with the enemy” but that didnt matter because his two family members GHW Bush and GW Bush became Presidents and sold us on other wars…including the one we are all in now. The global genocide of the world…depopulation through vaccinations.

    Remember it was the Brits who invented concentration camps in the second boar war…not Hitler …he just followed suite ( he didnt have the brains to tie his shoes…

    “During the Second Anglo-Boer War which lasted from 1899–1902, the British operated concentration camps in South Africa: the term “concentration camp” grew in prominence during that period. Wikipedia

    We are at war now too…pick sides and be your own propaganda to your family and friends….its an up Hill battle these psychological warfare people have been at it longer then we have and they know exactly which buttons to push…” she is your mother, sister, wife”……

  16. This is nothing short of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The people of India must continue literally fighting these c**ksuckers – beat them down en masse if you must and kill them before they kill you! It’s time to dismantle the genocidal and dictatorial haven that is the United Nations. Time to burn down the castles of the Rockefellers and Gates and hold public executions for their genocidal actions. Scumbags! Humanity will prevail!

  17. Actually, I know lots of highly educated people who have hundred times less common sense that this lady who do not want to accept the jab. I hope that villagers will not get vaccinated.

  18. They know. They all know.
    A shot in the arm or a shot in the head.
    Either way you end up dead.

  19. A friend in America was wailing about systemic racism this evening. I am tempted to show her this.

  20. Yes this death shot, is a slow death, maybe 2 years or so, but by looking a what happens to your blood, and how it changes it from normal symmetrical shape to one with nano dots in them, and a weird bumps in the blood cells that deform them, yes you will die. That’s why all the blood clots also starting up right away in people.
    As in the times of Noah all the blood was corrupted from the fallen angels, and there off spring, with the exception of Noah and his family, that;s why the great flood. They became NON-Human, today its with a needle in the arm, Think Depopulation !

  21. Not a good strategy to demand the gov’t take care of you if there’s a adverse reaction. The gov’t will tell you anything to get you to take the shot. Once you’ve gotten the jab, it’s all over

  22. Wrong. Hitler was a brilliant strategist. His downfall was a freakishly cold winter in Russia, the worst in 50 years, AND America and Britain supplying Russia with arms and materiel, at the expense of our troops in the South Pacific.

  23. Right!
    Archives are available, open and free to search… to learn the truth, but people are too lazy and brainwashed to get it.

  24. Keep it up chief. India knows the crimes of the vaxxers. Don’t back down. Club them with sticks if they come near you.

  25. Why use a created bias word in an article to info instead of the proper word?
    “There is a very high level of vaccine hesitancy mostly in rural India.”
    There is a very high level of “vaccine” rejection mostly in rural India.
    They did not hesitate to enter the water, they were obviously REJECTING the shot, which is also not a true vaccine.
    The about, notwithstanding, thanks for an informative article.

  26. Nice post Steven. While I don’t disagree with what you are suggesting, I think you may have incorrectly listed what your doctor prescribed. HCQ would not be appropriate in the same protocol along with vitamin D3 (as per the medical texts). Perhaps you may recall that even President Trump’s doctors turned down his request for HCQ and prescribed vitamin D instead. Either can be beneficial if they are not combined.
    FYI, when a patient dies from any viral infection while under a doctor’s care, you would be pretty save in assuming that the patient had an incompetent doctor. It would be hard to imagine a pathogen that could be easier to control, prevent or cure than a virus.

  27. You said it yourself: “plandemic”. This has been in the works for a very long time. It would have never ended up just being an “inconvenience” because that wasn’t and isn’t the plan. I agree more doctors need to nut up and stop going along with this for $. That said, most of the ones that are, won’t be around much longer so we won’t have to worry about them anymore.

  28. Village people live more with nature and natural law than us city folks..They know the lies and deceit of the government and their stakeholders. We in the city must become simple again and move out of the mega cities back to.country villages. The so called civilize society is really highly barbaric grotesquely disgusting. I was surprised when I learned The meaning of civilized – it means going away from nature…our own sense of natural instincts as well. Stay strong be diligent against evil.

  29. In a village in Gujarat, the entire vaccination drive had to be stopped after the villagers demanded that the government take responsibility if anything happens to them after being vaccinated. Okay, so, the vaccine is essential unless the government is to be held accountable for the vaccine injuries….in other words it is not essential at all.

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